Monday, March 15, 2010

Cold Update...

Today, we were supposed to leave for a few exciting days in Everglades National Park, canoeing with the alligators and other wildlife (I was secretly hoping to see a Burmese Pythons - from far away), but instead I am heading to the doctor's office with a very stubborn sinus infection.

I was assured though that the Everglades will still be there for us to visit when I am feeling well. In the meantime, we'll enjoy Daniel's break right here in beautiful Savannah and along our coast. And when my nose is under control again, I'll be back to posting and visiting your blogs!


  1. Feel better fast!!!! hugs, Beth

  2. Oh dear.......I feel for you. I am the unlucky owner of cranky sinuses and usually have two rounds of infection per year.
    REST! YEs, the everglades will be there for you!
    Did I say Rest???? ;)


  3. Hi Silke...oh so sorry to hear about your sinus infection...I know you will do that trip once you are back to the meantime...get well and relax!!


  4. praying for your quick recovery....take good care of YOU!

    sending love

  5. I´m sorry that you dont feel healthy! Hope you will soon get rid of the infection!


  6. Oh so sorry. Feel better soon. You are missed. My boy used to have a ball python as a pet. In The House! YIKES! I actually grew to love her. **kisskiss** Deb

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I hate getting those darn sinus infection.....grrrr!
    Omg... I can't believe you were hoping to see a python...yikes. I would have had a heart attack at just the thought of one. lol

  8. feel better, silke. i've been sick too and on a tropical vacation no less! but it was actually a-ok to lounge and swim in the sun all day.

    i have some catching up to do on your emerging artistry. i'll be back to linger a bit.

    don't forget lots of soothing hot tea ♥

  9. Hi Silke, oh my goodness Sweetie I do hope that you get well soon! You're in my prayers! Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs and much love...

  10. Ooh, feel better soon Silke!

  11. Your new paintings are beautiful - wonderful expressive faces and color use! Hope you feel better soon and what fun you will have in the everglades! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  12. Ohhhh no no no no no. I had a nasty sinus infection once, and it was just awful. Awww, feel better, Silke.

    Just as well. I don't like the sound of you and Daniel canoeing with da gators. Yikes!

  13. Hope you feel better soon Silke. Just stopped by to say hello and I'm off to San Jose. I really loved your recent paintings. If I don't get to your blog for a few days, rest assured I shall return to leave comments when I get back. Get well soon, take care.

  14. Hi Silke, Lately I can not visit you so often as before, but I like to enter when I can...I love all your new paintings,they are very colorful!, and I am very sorry for your cold this days and for your infection, I hope you get well and that you recover your usual energy.

  15. Oh, poor SILKE...sending you all the BEST and WELL wishes.x.

  16. Hi Silke...feel Radiantly-well ..real soon..may you feel sparked with the new light on the horizon..

  17. so sorry the trip will have to be rescheduled. Take care and get well!

  18. i hope you're feeling better soon, silke! of course, i'd take a sinus infection over a burmese python any day....yikes!! :))

  19. i'm so glad your earrings cheered you up a bit but sure wish you were feeling better! have you tried that pot that people use to clean out your sinuses? some of my girlfriends swear by it!
    have a wonderful time with your hubby.

  20. Sorry you are feeling so poorly but the right antibiotics should set you straight. Take care of yourself.

  21. Burmese pythons have been known to swallow whole canoes, even a mattress, even a house! I am not kidding. It is the truth!

    They were lego sized houses, canoes and mattresses of course.

    Okay. I thought I'd make you laugh. Be well. You have been under the weather for a while.

  22. It's terrible when a nasty illness interferes with a planned getaway. But it's important to get well! Feel better soon - that IS an order! :) Theresa

  23. Hope you get better fast, sinus infections can sometimes make you feel like you have the flu. Glad that you had some sunshine for such pretty pictures.