Friday, March 19, 2010


I just discovered that I lost all blogs starting with "D" through "Z" from my blog roll, except a couple I had recently added. This is without me doing anything to delete them.

Has this happened to anyone else?!? Is there a way to recover them?!? If not, I have a lot of work to do...


  1. Oh no, Silke! I had a little glitch this morning where Blogger claimed that I had NO blogs in my reader. I don't know of any way to reclaim them except for going through your followers list and Inspiring Blogs list and reconnecting that way. I checked my followers list, and you still appear there. So sorry!!! Sometimes computers are just plain frustrating!!! Hugs, Theresa

  2. Oh no. I wonder why that happens. It's awful losing what you've posted. I made the mistake of deleting posts from way back, at least 20/30 of them and I have regrets about that. I won't deleted any more because it is really my journal. I'm sorry. But you know what, sometimes Blogger has glitches and things show up or don't show up. Sometime it tells me that I am not following anyone, and later everything is normal. I think they are working on blogger right now. Hope you get them back. Have a great weekend.

  3. I think if you wait, they may come back. Once I lost all of my followers.

  4. Wait! That's not what I meant to say. Sorry, I was rushing. Once I lost all of the blogs I was following, but they showed up again later.

  5. How strange! I've never heard of this. I guess all the D's had to go? glad I'm an A ;)

  6. that's not good, hopefully you'll recover them...


  7. I've read about this happening to others - the blogs turned up again after days. Who knows what kind of glitches Blogger has?
    Hope yours turn up again soon.

  8. How very odd, I have never heard of this but it sounds like it has happened to others before... so I hope they turn up again soon for you.

  9. Silke, I agree with Beth, I had the same experience. Just try to wait...

  10. One of the other blogs I follow had the same thing happen; I don't knw if it was a Blogger glitch that was resolved or if it is info gone for good.
    I have had trouble trying to post or comment on and off for a couple of days; I am assuming Blogger is having *issues*.......
    And I am of NO help here.....


  11. maybe you should try to clear private data from your browser?
    hope that will help.

    have a nice weekend!

  12. Oh no! here i am Silke, i was worried something happened! i think you missed my recent desert post and i know how much you love it there.
    i'd wait a bit like everyone says, i've had similar problems and they were mostly always resolved.
    good luck!

  13. Then perhaps you did not cease to be my sisterfriend??? I had feared I had offended you somehow when you stopped visiting. One thing I did learn was to not depended on being e-mailed with comments to my blog, for it misses about half the comments, and I was missing visiting friend back. Ah technology...
    **blows kisses** Deb

  14. Hi! I recently have noticed that all blogs I am "supposed" to get updates of ..dont come through.( Some do and of course i visit and check out thier latest post!)but alot dont.!... because I often miss alot of is puzzling.

    I feel bad..but dont know how to fix it. so the blog world is fabulous but can be puzzling too. Hope yours gets fixed!

    Best Wishes!