Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garden Developments

This is the time of year we are constantly walking through the garden to see what's growing and what's starting to bloom. Here are yesterday's updates:
Our fig tree is growing new leaves and perfect little figs,
Our ornamental pear tree is growing leaves, but the flowers are still quite pretty,

our azaleas are finally getting ready to bloom, about two weeks behind schedule,
and our huge bushes of rosemary only have these few flowers. For some reason they grow like weeds and smell oh so good, but rarely bloom in our garden.
Now, here is the other side of our spring here in the South: falling leaves! We still aren't used to it looking like fall in our backyard when it's actually spring. But as soon as the live oaks start growing their new leaves, they lose their old ones. They are always green, but cycle through leaves nonetheless. So, come spring I still get confused. People will start burning leaves in their yards and I start dreaming of the coming winter and getting hungry for soup. I keep having to remind myself that we are heading for summer, not winter!
And now a little peek into our wren nest. Mama wren had flown off and I took a quick photo and discovered four perfect little eggs. How sweet is that?!
As I am writing this (yesterday afternoon), the cake is not yet completely done, so I'll show you the photos tomorrow. I've tasted a little of everything as I was making it and it's going to be delicious!

Thanks for all your visits and comments, which are, as usual, highlights of my day!


  1. Oh, I wish I could grow rosemary like that!!! Have you ever barbequed chuncks of chicken breast skewered on fresh rosemary??? If not, you need to try it!!! Our winters are much too cold for rosemary to survive. The wren's nest is sooo adorable.

  2. Ah....I feel like I have been on a walk through NOLA!!! ALl the beautiful lush foliage and flowers! Beautiful! Beautiful!
    And I am quite envious of the fig....QUITE!!!


  3. Figs! Oh, how I love are lucky to have them. :) Everything looks so beautiful and alive in your yard. I never knew that about oak trees - thanks for sharing that. And how perfect are those little wren eggs??? Sometimes birds build nests in our lilac bush that's directly outside our back door - I am hoping they do that again this year. Can't wait to find out about your cake. :) Theresa

  4. Ahh... those tender little leaves give me such joy. Blessings friend. This was a lovely time in your garden. Felt happy seeing it all.

  5. Leaves falling off the trees in the spring, that would be a little strange to me too. With our spring ahead of schedual and yours behind we just might share the same summer this year.:)

    I just love the rosemary, we have never been able to overwinter ours and have yet to see those lovely blue flowers. Maybe it survived this year...

  6. I've loved seeing your Spring update photos because I know it's coming this way (I'm in IL). And yep, I found out the same thing w/ the oaks. I was just burning leaves and the next day it snowed. Talk about confused emotions! Great photos Silke & yum cake.....(focus Elena focus)

  7. One of the most beautiful and wondrous sights in this world is the budding and leafing of new plants. The little leaves with their immature structures are so beautiful. Have you ever looked at them very closely? I think you have, they are so delicate yet each design, so perfect. They are like little babies growing. I love using my macro lenses and just crawling on the ground to photograph ants, aphids, bugs trying to live with them. I love the new leaves. I love leaves more than flowers, actually. Leaves never get the credit. The do so much work. I compare myself to a leaf sometimes, especially in corporate structures.

    Have a wonderful day Silke.

  8. Thank you Silke. Fire ants are nasty. I try to live with nature and accept the symbiosis and the balance, but fire ants, I see no use for them. Tey don't even clean the corpses and the ? Hahahah!wastes. They just pester and attack. Have a lovely day too. I will soon get off my derrier and spine and start the day with laundry and a new canvas. How's that for artistic pursuit? Laundry and oil painting

  9. Good grief, I sound like an inebriated woman typing!

  10. silke, you don't know me well enough yet to know that my heart somersaults looking at these buds and beauties. this is my favorite time of year. i love the notion of new growth, a new start, breaking through the ground with surprising strength.

    i am remembering my time in your city a couple of years ago. i remember thinking that if i lost everything and had to start fresh, i would head for savannah.

    i wonder when you will hear the first wren chirps. :)

  11. This is my time of year too, actually my hubbers and I share in this feeling of new growth. I have a lot of plants in my garden that are from family, and friends. I haven't gone out in back to see how my dad's fig tree is doing, but last year we got quite a few figs. I wish I could get rid of this cold because I've got lots of veggies to plant. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden, Winslow, and Ramses. Everything looks great.Have a great weekend.

  12. oh how I wish our climate here was warm enough for a fig tree...I just love fresh figs and have very fond memories of picking them from the trees on our family trips to Portugal as a young girl :) thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  13. We've been having such lovely weather here and I thoroughly enjoy the breeze we've been getting for the past two days - so perfect! Your photos look great, Silke! Fresh figs were one of my most favorites till I watched a PBS program and now I'm still not over it... I now decided that the persimmon is my new favorite sweetness of nature ;-) I know, I'm so fickle! Enjoy your garden and the Spring before the heat and humidity will be overbearing (at least here) and the bugs will be seeking me out to make me miserable and hide inside for the summer.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Silke. By the way: I love your dog's blue, blue eyes!
    Doris :-)

  14. Can you say....gazpacho? ;)

    What a beautiful garden, dear Silke! I love to run my hands over herbs and smell their fragrance. Thyme, rosemary, basil...mmmmmmm. My fingers immediately start to walk.

    I've been rather spoiled lately. There were always flowers in bloom year-round in Tokyo and here in CA. Still, here and there, I see a few trees yawning and stretching, and it always makes me want to inhale and wake-up, too.

    CAKE! Gimme CAKE!

  15. Wow that is absolutely beautiful!

  16. Fabulous photos again! OOoooo azaleas. My Mombie grew gigantic azaleas when we lived in New Jersey. Just the sight of them makes me feel happy and safe. **kisses** Deb

  17. Oh it looks so beautiful. Spring is finally here! Winslow looks pretty happy about that too. I can't believe the little tiny nest of eggs. Hope mama comes back.