Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Year!

Today is my one-year anniversary of blogging and painting!

The two go hand-in-hand for me and have changed my life in ways I find hard to put into words. My blogging started last year with this post and my first four encouraging comments that sent me on my way...

But there are not many people who know the story of how I suddenly started making art and today I want to share it with you all. I've been living with Daniel, a brilliant artist, for 25 years and while I sometimes wanted to be more creative, I never thought I wanted to paint.

In March of 2009, I was talking with an art professor at Daniel's school, who asked me if I was also an artist. I replied: "Oh, no, I'm not." The moment the words were out of my mouth, I knew they were not true for me anymore. It was that sudden and it totally surprised me. The very next day, I raided Daniel's art supply closet and started painting my blog banner, which was my very first painting.

At the same time this sudden urge to paint and create was born, I also KNEW that I had to write about it and to do so publicly. I wanted to start a blog to document my creative journey. I was as surprised by this as my friends and family must have been. In fact, I was sure some of them would think I'd lost my mind, which is why I didn't tell most of them about my blog until it was well under way and had a little bit of momentum.

I thought I'd blog to simply record my journey. Here is what I didn't expect:

❧ that my blog would become an integral part of my day
❧ that I'd forge deep and lasting friendships through my blog
❧ that I'd find such an incredible community of mutual support, love, and encouragement
❧ that I am able to write in a way that people like to read
❧ that my dad would become my No. 1 fan (aside from Daniel, of course)
❧ that some people dear to me hardly ever read my blog and others I never thought would be interested, check it every day
❧ that I'd start looking at everything differently, always wondering if it would make a good picture to share with you all or an interesting subject to post about
❧ that you are always on my mind, that I'd care so deeply about your lives, and that I'd happily share in your joys and keenly feel your pain
❧ that I'd be so affected by the death of one of our dear blogging friends
❧ that I'd learn so much and find so much inspiration from all my new friends around the world
❧ that our house would slowly start getting filled with not just our art, but also yours
❧ that I'd inspire others to start their creative journeys or to start blogging
❧ that I'd have so much fun both with my art and blogging and that the two will be forever inextricably linked

To say I am grateful to you would not fully describe how I feel about this year. I am humbled and deeply touched by your friendship, your love and the support you have given me in the over 5,000 comments you have left, the e-mails you have sent, the notes you have mailed and the gifts you have bestowed on me. I feel immense love for all of you!

Since my blogging and my art are so firmly connected, just a little bit about my art this last year. Since I started painting one year ago, I have created 83 pieces of art. Of those 83, all have of have been extremely fun to make, but the following seven paintings changed the way I view myself.
They seemed to paint themselves ...
and my soul in the process.
With each one of them -
I am showing them here from the most recent to the earliest -
I started considering the possibility that I might have a talent.
Now, when someone asks me what I do, I don't hesitate when I tell them that I am an artist.
Thank you for your constant encouragement, support and love. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey! And thank you for allowing me to accompany you on yours!


  1. Oh Silke... I have tears in my eyes, I am so proud of you and look forward to reading your posts each and everyday.

  2. My beautiful blog friend! Such touching words. I have tears in my eyes too. I am so glad you found me. You where the first one to comment on my blog and I am so grateful for that. It is almost a year since I started blogging too. Thank you for being part of my life Silke. Love, Annika :)

  3. Oh Silke, I LOVE that second painting - the PINK one - STUNNING.

    CONGRATS on you one year Bloggerversary! You and I must have started blogging around the same time because, from what I recall, I joined Blogger in March 2009.

    You have had an amazing journey and your artwork has just grown in bounds and leaps - you have your own unique style and I can always pick out your paintings - I always say "This is a Silkey" :D

    I hope you have many many many years of Blogging and art fun to come - hugz Val xo

  4. Such a wonderful post, because it comes straight from the heart. Your journey is such a positive and inspiring one. It's great that you are sharing it with all of us! The progress you have made in your art this past year is remarkable. I am glad you feel confident calling yourself an artist now. That is a big step.
    Thank you for the beauty you bring into the world!
    Love, Dawn

  5. Hallo Silke - Congratulation to your first anniversary! I love your blog and when ever I have time, I check it out. It is inspiring and always a pleasure to take part of your creative journey! Have a good time. Hugs...Inge

  6. Congratulations, Silke!
    Thank you for being such a true-hearted ARTIST and blogger.
    I´m always looking forward to reading your posts. And this last one is so honest and touching. As a blogger on an art journey I can agree with most of your thoughts here. The Blogosphere is a wonderful world.:)
    Thank you,

  7. Congratulations dearest Silke. I am glad you have only positive experience in blogging. The relationships you forge are important especially in the way they make you feel. Here's wishing you the best. I cannot say the same thing. While I am the happiest now, there was a time when I had the most horrible time in my life and it happened through blogging. In the absence of physical clues, there is a tendency to misconstrue our words and some people think that getting published or getting known is an achievement without thinking it violates a person. If there is one thing I have learned in blogging, it is to listen to my gut feeling. You will have a sense of it with every blog relationship you forge. Listen to it. The negative vibes may come from the most unlikely places and people. I wish you nothing but happiness. God bless you my dearest Silke.

  8. What a lovely post Silke. I love hearing how you realized that you are an artist and how you've come out of the shadows into your full being...and how you will continue to grow and change as an artist...as we do as the people that we are. You inspire me!! xoxox

  9. Congratulations, dear friend! What a wonderful story of your journey.

    Frohe Ostern!

    Bis bald,

  10. Congratulations on a blog well done. I/we have enjoyed every post and painting. I really like your new profile picture.:)

  11. OOOOOh! Congratulations, sweetheart!!! I hope you'll be with us thousand years more!! :-D

    I send you a great hug since the far Spain :-)

  12. Silke...Congrats on your One Year Anniversary of Creating MAGIC and sharing it with the Universe!

    You are a wonderfully inspiring being..and I am happy to have found your blog! I so enjoyed reading about your journey..and I am happy you celebrate the artist within you...and honor that knowing about your talented spirit...empowering and awesome!

    Your work is beautiful like your shining heart..it is always a joy to visit here..and I feel a kindredness with you. Beautiful post!

    Thank you for sharing your magic with the world!

  13. Thank goodness! Thank goodness you do and I have tears when I say this, I am blessed to know your art, your blog and to have your painting in my home. It is a blessing to rise and know your light and the world of blogging. You chose such lovely paintings to represent your feelings, as well. Off to get tissues. Love and light to you.

  14. happy bloganniversary! I am too, surprised by the blogging community and how surprising sweet they can be

    I find your work to be full of hope, beautiful thoughts and just a plain love for humanity and the joy of creating. Not many people can say they're an artist and truly means it. And I think you do.

    anyway, I hope you continue on your wonderful journey and always try to enjoy the process of creating

  15. **clapping of many hands** Isn't that just the best thing ever, to own who you truly are! That in itself is quite an accomplishment, but then to accomplish ALL the art that you have...**head spins and pops off** You are a prolific artist and it has been my honor and pleasure to watch you blossom so brilliantly! OOooooo let's not forget that you are also a genius with the knitting needles and crochet hooks. Those are also works of art. **happy happy smiles** Deb

  16. Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy reading your blog, seeing your art and reading about your process...hope Year #2 is just as fruitful!

  17. Congratulations on your 1 year!! I see such a progression in your paintings, but it sounds like you have gotten so much more out of your journey.


  18. So many congratulations, Silke and it's been wonderful to meet you through blogging &, with this post, to find out more about your 'incredible journey'! I love your special artworks...especially the last one, which has really touched me with it's ghostly photographic image....just gorgeous. Enjoy your anniversary & here's to many many more! xoxo Rachel

  19. Happy One Year !! Can't wait to see what the next year brings.

  20. Hi Silke! Congratulations on your one year anniversary! How happy I am for you that your blogging time has been heartfelt. You keep us interested and looking forward to the next read and what is happening in your life. I'm happy that I know you and enjoy all your artistic talents, especially that cake your made the other day. Tee Hee:DD Congrats again! Onward and forward! Have a great day.

  21. Many congratulations on your year of painting and blogging, may there be many more to come! :o)xx

  22. Congratulations, liebe Silke! For putting yourself out there - it is an act that requires courage. I applaud you for that. And I thank you for being such a sweet and supportive friend!!! May your life journey and artistic journey continue to help you grow into your true self. Much love; Renate

  23. dearest silke, your blog is the most charming place to be, it's no wonder so much love and joy has come to you through it!
    i can completly identify with you in regards to what you call yourself, an artist. i have felt this same thing, and i am so happy for you that you've found your focus and passion.
    happy one year anniversay sweet friend, i am so looking forward to many more!
    xoxo lori
    p.s. i love the photo of you and winslow, SO cute!

  24. Happy Blogoversary!!! wow...time sure flies when we are enjoying your artwork!!!!

    Have a wonderful celebration!!!


  25. SO happy Silke that I have been able to share in your journey! You are a blessing to me!

    Love, Catherine

  26. Congratulations, Silke, and judging from the number of your followers, you are very successful at both :-) I love your new avatar! You and Winston make a handsome couple :-)
    Happy Easter!

  27. Congrats to you, Silke! What a beautiful post and yes.... you are a wonderful artist!!
    Btw.... love the new profile pic!! You are so sweet together!!

  28. Congratulations on your blogiversary! What an inspiring story! :-)
    Becky x

  29. This is a delightful post Silke! You were absolutely meant for blogging, and creativity---it is wonderful ti see what you have accomplished in your year here in blogland!
    I am delighted that I found you and your work and have the opportunity to *pop in* and chat!
    Don't ever let anyone stop you or discourage you with what you have accomplished and the direction I see your work going----it is, indeed, a metamorphosis.....to full life!


  30. Oh Silke! congratulations on you blog anniversary and for embracing your creative soul! the encouragement from fellow bloggers is so powerful as is witnessed by your body of work. I can tell you that witnessing your bravery in sharing your art has had a huge impact on my own little blog and my recent willingness to share my work. thank you :)

  31. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Silke!! Danke, dass du mich durch deinen Blog inspiriert hast, selber einen Blog zu schreiben.
    Alles Gute, Verena

  32. Congratulations, Silke, and WOW! I thought that you'd been an artist for years because your work is so amazing. What a journey and what an inspiration you are. You have such a shining presence and it is a joy to be sharing the journey with you. Love & bright wishes. xx

  33. Silke sweet friend, congratulations, with your anniversary, and with your wonderfull art. I so love visiting you ,seeing your vibrant paintings, and experiense your travel here on earth.
    I fellt so touched reading your : not expected ..... because I can relate to many of them, -it is realy a gift being here, talking,sharing,and feeling loved.
    Dear Silke ,you are among the beautifull friends I have met ,and whom I love.
    Blessings to you,
    Hugs and love from Bornholm und ich.

  34. what a wonderfully beautiful, touching post....you are such an inspiration Silke!

    i LOVE coming by to visit you and looking at all of your beautiful creations...and...


    sending lots of love

  35. Thank you, all for your very heartfelt comments! And this is exactly why I love to blog every day!! Connecting with you all... Much love, Silke

  36. i LOVE that my comment is following kolleens because it is of HER that i found YOU!
    perfectly fitting.
    congratulations silke.
    i love the story of your journey and i love seeing the journey of your painting.
    i can.t tell you how many things rang TOTALLY true for me as i read your post...from having very close, dear ones that NEVER read my blog to complete strangers who have become "close, dear ones."
    also that blogging makes you look at life in a different life...i am ALWAYS thinking now..."hmm, that would be so cool to share with my blog friends...."
    i want to end by telling you that i know of NO ONE that give better comments and more consistent comments than you.
    i ALWAYS see your dear face on other blogs...encouraging and lifting others.
    you are a dear.
    happy anniversary to you.

  37. What a wonderful post. So touching and so honest. It's amazing what blogging does for your life and it's unreal when you find what it is you are meant to do isn't it?

  38. Awwwww, shout it out, girlfriend! I AM AN ARTIST!!!! Happy one year blogaversary! Wow, look at that evolution. Here's to many more years to come!

  39. In incredible post Silke and I especially loved your very first post. You are so lucky to have found yourself. Keep that "self" alive - let it nourish your soul as it does ours!
    Thank you Silke, and Happy Anniversary!

  40. Oh Silke, you brought tears to my eyes. CONGRATULATIONS!!And to think you once said..."No, I'm not an artist." Your paintings just get better & better...so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with all of us. Believe me, I can feel your deep appreciation in your post for all your blogging friends. xoxo Diane

  41. First of all thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog, you are always welcome there. Then, time is moving a bit fast for me. A year? goodness me! So much has happened in a year but nothing can compare with becoming a butterfly after learning that your wings are made for flying, right? It is a wonderful feeling to find out that inside you is a talented artist, that you can bring forth the language of your spirit and share it with others. I truly believe we harvest what we sow and your kind and gentle ways are the reason you elicit the responses you have. Friendship when honest and respectful is a gift and can only be understood by those who practice it. You do and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.

    Here is to the next 100 years filled with sunshine, art and lovely friends. And a heartfelt hug in friendship.

  42. You have opened your lovely heart to the world via your blog and your art -- and you have received, and are receiving, all the love and joy and positive energy that perfectly matches who you are!! You are radiating love and getting love in return. Here's to many more happy years of your producing art and sharing your life with us via your blog! I am very proud of you, my friend!

  43. Congratulations on your one year anniversary I hope you went to dinner and celebrated or something. Thank you for letting me be part of your growing for I have seen you grow into even more of the loving caring creative person you were when you started this blog. The best is yet to come.

  44. Congratulations, Silke! I went back and read your first ever post - what a wonderful introduction. It is no wonder that many people connect with you - you are giving and generous and very talented. :) I am so very happy to have met you and be able to call you "friend." Here's to another wonderful year of sharing your beautiful blog, art and gift for connecting with so many people on so many different levels! xoxo Theresa

  45. Lovely to get to know more of you.

    I arrived here via Lori only a short time ago and I'm pleased I made the effort.

    There's nothing like creativity to make the heart sing and to connect yourself to the real you.

    best wishes and congratulaitons on your blogging anniversary.

    Robyn ;)

  46. Dear Silke,
    I feel very much the same about blogging and how it changed my life.
    Isn´t is amazing.
    I wish you abd your family a happy easter

  47. Hi Silke, oh my goodness I missed your 1 year anniversary. I'm so sorry and Congrats to you!
    Your words touched me the way they always do. I've been with you almost the full year and I have to thank you...you're the sweetest and kindest person...thank you Silke for everything you do! I love your paintings, your pictures, your writings and gosh, everything!
    I so remember your first paintings and how impressed and touched I was by them. They spoke to my heart and they still do! Besides being a fabulous person, you're a amazing, talented Artist! I'm very proud to say that you're my friend!
    I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening and a most precious and loving Easter!
    Hugs and much love...
    P.S. Thanks for checking up on me! You were right, not feeling so great but I'm hanging in there. If you have a chance call me sometime next week, I'd love to hear from you! My phone isn't working and I'm waiting for them to mail me another phone in the mail, I should have it by the beginning of the week.

  48. Silke! This is my first visit to your blog! I found you through Renate . . . I really love the very first painting in this post -your most recent, i think?? The colors and texture are gorgeous. I am another one whose art and blog/computer go hand in hand, so i understand... i hope you'll visit! : ) lenna