Monday, March 22, 2010

Out and About

The weather this weekend was perfect for the most part, which meant we spent little time at home. Saturday, we went to the Spring Garden Festival at the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens in Savannah. We browsed through all the plant vendors and arts & crafts stands.
We also remembered to look around us for some of the beautiful scenery on this property.
When we first moved here, we visited to find out about gardening in coastal Georgia, which was very helpful! We'll have to try to visit again later this summer when their lotus patches are in full bloom - just stunning!
We didn't come away with plants, but rather with two beautiful pottery mugs, something we have collected since we first met 25 years ago.
Later that evening, we decided to go to our favorite restaurant on the beach, since we found it closed the other evening. It was warm and the atmosphere was much like early summer. We realized that our winter had been so cold that the last time we had eaten there was in early December with my dad!
Flash, our trusty friend was keeping us company while we ate...
And afterwards a short walk on the beach. The sand still felt cold on our bare feet,
and the water still colder, but there were a few brave souls (children mostly), who played in the ocean.
And now a few photos from around our neighborhood, where things are finally starting to bloom.

Our ornamental pear tree is more beautiful this year than we've ever seen it. I think it loved the longer and colder winter. Can you see our tiny little kumquat tree in the foreground?
My good friend, Jennefer, who lives across the street from us, has taken a few pictures of the birds at our bird feeders in the pear tree. Aren't they beautiful?!

And this photo of a different kind of bird heading into the sunset... Thank you for sharing these, Jennefer!!
Wishing you all a great start to the week. I'll be visiting your blogs and also getting back to my art! Can't wait!!


  1. Hallo Silke, was für ein schönes und frühlingshaftes Wochenende in Georgia. Bei uns waren es leider graue und regnerische Tage. Ich liebe deine Fotos vom Meer und kann es kaum abwarten, dass auch ich wieder meine Füße in das Meer tauchen kann. Das dauert aber noch einige Monate. Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag, Inge

  2. Such beautiful photos and the mugs are so earthy and warm, I can totally understand why you collect them. Beautiful colours.

    Hope the sunny weather keeps for you.



  3. So lovely to see your trees in blossom, I have a beautiful tree on out front garden that always blossoms in time for Tess birthday in April. Unfortunately we are having a late spring this year - I'm praying for the blossom to arrive in time!! It just seems such a tradition for me.

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend, hope you continue to feel better too. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too xxx

    Love Sarah xx

  4. Silke, die Fotos sind wunderschön und entspannend ... traumhaft!
    Liebe Grüße, Verena

  5. Wunderschöne Frühlingshafte Bilder,
    Wie alles schon so schön blüht!

  6. Beautiful Silke! I'm ready to move to a part of the country that has earlier Spring weather! Your photos make me even antsier than I was for warmth and color and flowers! (which also means I need to be in working shape to tackle the flowerbeds, ignored for a year...YIKES!)
    lovely post!!!


  7. oh that shadow shot. i love shots like that.

    spring in savannah. what could be more beautiful?

    i love that aqua mug, silke. i would drink my morning coffee in it and feel content with everything around me.

    i'm glad you're feeling better. i'm betting the paint brush gets picked up today...


  8. Wonderful account of a wonderful weekend. Thank you for sharing it here.

    Big hugs, glad you're on the mend.

    Happy painting
    Eleonora xx

  9. How delightful! Your trees are beyond beautiful...stunning. Love the shots of the birds and you and Daniel's shadows on the beach. Silke, you really should be a model.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  10. I love going to garden shops and garden shows - haven't gone yet this year...but very soon. We enjoyed our walk along the beach a few weeks ago. It's so relaxing to go this time of year. I love the shadow silhouette photo in the sand...beautiful. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Theresa

  11. Thanks for sharing your spring with us! It won't be long til spring heads our way too! It's been very sunny and some days has been in the 60's but then we go back to the 20's. Quite a roller coaster ride! But birds are returning and spring is definitely in the air! xo

  12. Oh Silke, what a lovely weekend you and Daniel had! Awesome pictures...thank you so much for sharing them! I hope that you have a beautiful new week!
    Hugs and much love...

  13. What a lovely out and about, thank you for taking us along! the mugs are beautiful, i have some very similar. I love that you have a collection for all those years!
    i am the opposite from you though, since i work full time i love to stay home on the weekend (still it seems like we do alot of out and abouting ourselves!)
    enjoy your week, off to work i go :)

  14. Spring is in full swing where you are! Love the photos! Have a wonderful week! xo

  15. I agree about the ornamental pear trees blooming most vigorously this year. I can't stop looking at them - and the bees, my gosh, there's so many bees in there - it's just amazing. I love spring blossoms so much. Reminds me of growing up in Germany with all the fruit trees on our property in full bloom all at once! Georgia is pretty, but when summer comes, you won't find me outside. The bugs just eat me alive...yikes!

    Es war schoen Sie wieder zu besuchen und ich wuensche Ihnen noch eine schoene Woche.

  16. My favorite photo is that last one of the plane flying off into the sunset. Wish I could hope a plane and fly away to somewhere warm & sunny. ☺

  17. What a beautiful way to start the spring. Your pictures are so gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful and warm week too!!!
    Love and hugs Silke!

  18. Ich liebe deine Frühlingshaften Fotos, ich kann es kaum erwarten, endlich wieder draußen sitzen zu können.

  19. Love the mugs! So glad you were able to go to the beach!

    xox, Catherine

  20. I really love this. This post speaks to me. I can feel the love it conveys. Oh Silke, you are fantastic! Have a wonderful day dearest Silke.

  21. Hi Silke. Great post. You look beautiful sitting there with that big smile. The photos are great. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  22. we had a beautiful saturday here, too!!! SO glad you had a chance to get out and put your feet in the sand!! your trees look gorgeous! :))

  23. Mmmmmm....bear claw.

    Oh, I'm so jelly-ass! I miss my ornamental pear. :( So beautiful and reliable they are. And OH OH OH! You have magnolias. I LOVE pink magnolias! Aaaaah, you are so lucky.

  24. Hi dear Silke, I love the all the photos of your post, I have save them in my computer. I am glad that you are better of your cold and that you had a good time at the beach.

  25. Looks like your spring is under way. I love ornamental pears. I want to plant them in front of our house they are so pretty in the spring.

  26. Hi Silke, I just wanted to stop in really quick to say:
    You've been tagged...Tag you're it!
    Hugs and much love...

  27. I love coming here and reading about your days and seeing those beautiful Spring pics...
    Thanks for always sharing...such a sweet thing to collect mugs together.

  28. Such pretty pics! Love the beach shadow picture.
    I'm a very new knitter, and plan to try crocheting, so I'm off to check out your etsy shop for a little inspiration!

  29. I have a predictable temperature gauge for telling how cold or warm the water is. Young boys, young girls, older boys older girls, men, women! ;)