Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love through the Mail

When I was 12 years old, my family moved to Muenster in Northern Germany. I was a shy girl at that age and moving to a new town and new school was not easy. But after some time in Muenster, I made two wonderful friends who are still so dear to me today - Verena and Petra.

Verena had offered a while ago on her blog to send bookmarks made by her girls to anyone who'd like one. Just look at these beauties we got! Being avid readers, these will be used a lot! With it, she sent the prettiest heart made of birch bark and wrote a sweet note on the back of a sunny crocus picture. Vielen lieben Dank, Verena, Gerlinde, Charlotte und Constanze!
And then, yesterday, I received the loveliest care package from my friend Petra. She couldn't have planned it that way, but it arrived when I came back from the doctor's office. I am sipping a cup of the tea she sent as I am writing this and can't wait to explore everything else. Do you spy the little gummi bears? Petra is feeding my secret addiction.... Vielen Dank, Petra!! So eine Ueberraschung!!
And as if that wasn't enough to make me feel better immediately, I also received my beautiful peace earrings I had bought from Kelly last week. I'm wearing them already, Kelly, and love them!!
On the health front, with the doctor's help I should have my sinus infection cleared up in no time. I'm ready to be back to my usual energetic self! Thank you for all your well wishes! You are such good friends!


  1. What wonderful ways to brighten any day. What wonderful friends and those earrings are awesome!!

  2. Ach, wie schön! Es gibt kaum was schöneres als ein päckchen vor der tür. Viele Deutsche goodies! Was vermisst du am meisten?
    Tolle ohrringe!
    Umarme dich,

  3. Du hasst viele schöne Sachen bekommen Silke,
    von Gerlinde habe ich auch zwei Lesezeichen
    die sind einfach wunderschön.
    Viel spaß damit!

  4. how wonderful that your goodies arrived in a nick of time! friends are our lifeline aren't they? glad to hear your sinus infection is being treated, it took me two weeks on steroids and antibiotics to get rid of mine. They can be so physically draining!

  5. Silke, a beautiful mail day for you...and for me too. Guess what arrived with me late yesterday?!?! OMG...I love it. I have your beautiful work on the antique desk in my living room for all to see and thank you so much!!!

    As for the sinus infection...glad the doctor was able to help. They are the worst!!! xoxox

  6. Wow, what a day! I LOVE Kelly's earrings. I am crazy for peace signs. I will go right over & check out her stuff. I hope you're feeling better, Silke! Hugs, Diane

  7. What wonderful things to get in the mail. I LOVE gummi bears!! Glad you have stuff to get you on the mend, you've been sick much too long.

  8. Hi Silke,

    So glad you are feeling better and so happy you love the earrings. We all need a little peace in our lives!

    I might have to make a couple more pairs...just a little different to sell in my etsy shop! I have a pair and I LOVE them!

    Hugs to you pretty lady,

  9. how lovely that you returned home to find treasures to touch your heart and uplift your spirit.

  10. Glad you got some mail goodies to make your day and even more glad that you will be well again soon!

  11. Pretty packages in the mail with goodies and treats are always good things. I am happy to hear you are on the mend, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Miss you! Theresa

  12. Glad to hear you are on your way to recovery... what wonderful surprises in the mail.

  13. Oh Silke, I just returned and found that you are still not feeling yourself! and the everglades has to wait. so sorry! i do hope you'll be better soon.
    the packages you recieved were so much fun, i love all the pretty things.
    And your paintings! I really love them all, the colorplay one was my favorite, just so lovely.
    get well soon my friend!

  14. Hallo Silke, schön, dass es dir besser geht. Was für nette Geschenke. Das Duftset Winterglück habe ich auch...ich liebe es und habe es oft genutzt...Dir weiterhin gute Besserung...LG, Inge

  15. Such wonderful gifts, Silke, and just what you need to raise your spirits to help you beat the sinus infection. I hope that your energy is up to full strength soon. Love & healing wishes. xx

  16. OMG and look at you now.... Old friends still in your life and living in a entirely new country!!! Don't you just love looking back at the growth we make as humans

  17. That is wonderful Silke that you still have some of your friends from when you were young. Even better that they send you some treats! Have you been to Germandeli.com on the internet? Oh my goodness! We have bought so much, especially the senf which my hubby loves!, and I am able to purchase Wohnen & Garten! By the way, the gummi bears would never have made it into my photo!!!

  18. Awwwww, what perfect timing! Of course, the doctor will take the credit for curing you, but my heart says it's all the love you've been getting.