Monday, March 12, 2012

Two paintings in progress...

Here are a couple of underpaintings I wanted to share with you. It seems that my girls are starting to accessorize. I like it!

Remember how I talked in this post about how my outside self doesn't quite reflect my inside artist self?  One the things I want to do more is be creative with accessories. It seems that is playing out in my art before it does in "real" life.
I sketched out a third painting, a little girl, and I'll show her to you when I have the underpainting done.

I hope you had a great start to your week! Here, it is a warm day and will be getting warmer every day this week. I need to make sure I take my camera around to show you a little of what is blooming right now.

Savannah in the springtime is breathtaking!


  1. oh wow Silke!!! these new paintings are amazing....I love them!!! wonderful work!!! We are having a wonderful week....March Break and all!!!!

  2. Oooo! The second girl above is sooo nice! I love her flower! :-) I sure wish I could see Savannah in bloom in person right about now! Enjoy!!

  3. They both look so lovely, Silke. Can't wait to see them finished. We had a lovely warm spring day, too. Flowers are blooming everywhere!

  4. wow these WIP's are terrific, x

  5. Semblable à Demoiselle Printemps votre créativité est prolifique... à notre plus grande joie. magnifique travail.
    gros bisous

  6. Hello Silke, your girls are just beautiful, I really love their eyes, the colours you use, their expressions.

  7. Liebe Silke,

    schön, wenn man so begabt ist.

    In Liebe


  8. accessorize? my gosh, silke, you can do fashion shows!!! :^)

    i have to admit that bridget still scares me...

    and grace: well, i wish i could watch her dance.

    in one year the depth of your girls is so totally wonderful