Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

We took so many photos on our road trip, that I didn't quite know where to start showing you. So, I thought I'd begin with what was most stunning to me. The cherry blossoms!
I had heard about them, even seen pictures and have to admit, I didn't really see what the big deal was. However, seeing that many cherry trees in bloom at once, framing some of Washington's most beautiful scenery ~~ it was breathtaking! (Click here to read more about the history of Washington's cherry trees.)
Neither Daniel nor I had ever seen this before. Daniel's sister, Sue (whom we met up with in Washington), saw them many years ago and remembered them to be more pink. This time around, they were mostly white with just a tinge of pink.
This year was the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival and the path around the tidal basin was packed! Although not as much as I had thought since the cherries are blooming quite a bit earlier due to the warm spring we've had on the East Coast.
Of course, we did see and do much more and I have more to share with you. And not just in Washington. But all in due time...
Today, we have some good friends coming in from Ohio. They are on their way to Florida and are stopping for one evening here to see Savannah.
We are supposed to have storms and rain all afternoon, but I hope it'll let up enough for them to see our beautiful little town.
Tomorrow, I'll share some photos with you that will feed your imagination and creativity...

Wishing you a Happy Saturday!!


  1. Looks so beautiful over there. It also looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! I have never seen them in Washington, D.C. either but they are just as beautiful in my own front yard! These are great photos that you took there. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I have never seen trees so thick with blossoms! Incredible!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Oh Silke- these photos are unbelievable! I've always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in bloom-- like you, I just didn't quite get it-- but now I DO!! Your pictures are simply amazing-- I can't even imagine such scenery. Ok- now it's on my list--- I want to go there!


  5. Ooooo! I bet everything smelled delicious too!!...Sooooo pretty!!

  6. Hallo Silke, ich war heute auch in den Kirschblüten. Einfach traumhaft - war schon eine Weile nicht online - unglaublich was sich bei dir alles tut. Bin gespant, wie es weiter geht. Liebe Grüße aus old Germany:-) Inge

  7. Das ist ja so herrlich, liebe Silke.

    Ich wünsche ein wunderbare Frühlingswoche und grüße herzlich.


  8. Such lovely photos, Silke. It's so funny - a very good friend of mine was in DC at the same time you were. And he has lots of lovely cherry blossom photos too. Wouldn't it be funny if you were both in the same area at the same time? Small world!