Thursday, March 1, 2012

An integrated life...

I've been noticing something lately. I have really changed on the inside over the last few years by listening to my creative voice, by becoming an artist, by becoming a blogger and by becoming a sometime student again.
A delicious cupcake that brightened my day today...
I have noticed lately how my outside - the way I dress or accessorize, and even the way I decorate (or don't) - doesn't really reflect how I feel on the inside anymore. For example, the shirt I was wearing today is beautiful, but I got it probably seven years ago. There is nothing wrong with it, but today I felt like I was wearing a costume.
Wonderful earrings I bought from the amazing Diane Evans.
I love them!  A little spring bling - so different for me!!
Click here if you want some, too! 
I feel like I need a style makeover. I keep having little glimpses of how I want to look, how I want to decorate the house around me, how I want my studio to look, how I want for my Etsy packages to look, the kind of detail I want to pay attention to with everything I do, etc. A true heart and soul wish to reflect my true self also on the outside. Do any of you know what I mean?
And look at some of the other goodies she sent along.
You are wonderful, Diane!! I'm so glad we became blog friends... 
It sounds sort of silly to me, but lately every time I get dressed I can't find anything I feel like "myself" in. It's not about getting new stuff (I wear my clothes for a long time if I love them), it's about being as creative with everything external as I feel on the inside.

It used to be that I was trying to figure out who I was. I now know who I am, but somehow the "rest of me" has yet to catch up.

And somehow this wish has reached critical mass. Not in a dramatic way. I am just noticing how that voice is getting louder and louder. And because I am totally open to fully listen to my authentic voice - in every part of my life - I have a feeling that the next few weeks or months are going to be quite interesting! Maybe a little transformational. And definitely fun!

And you know there'll be plenty of pictures to share this part of my journey with you as well...


  1. silke, i feel this way too and i understand what you are saying.

    for starts, may i say: time for a major shopping trip for new clothes and accessories. for me, when i do that, it makes a shining difference.

    since your transforming anyway, why not have a few new outfits that 'fit' the stretch? :^)

    love, happy for you,

  2. Today was a glorious day in Newfoundland, March is usually the most beautiful month of winter here, but in the south it is the beginning of spring and newness, so it is not surprising that you are looking for new leaves. It sounds like it will be a beautiful time for you.

  3. I find that what I wear can affect not only how look but also how I feel about myself and even my whole approach to the down. If I'm in more pain than usual a smartening up of what I'm wearing can make me feel a new man. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the new Silke!

  4. Seems you've known for quite some time that a change was coming, deep down in your subconscious - after all, this blog is named 'metamorphosis'. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your coming into your own...

  5. Liebe Silke,

    einen guten Tag und liebe Grüße


  6. More beautiful than you already are?! Woohoo! Love that you are heeding the call dearest girl.