Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little face...

So, I had a different photo all picked out to participate in Wordless Wednesday when I realized it's only Tuesday. It's been a busy day... 
Still, this afternoon I painted a little bit on this sweet face. I was fretting over how the eyes aren't quite symmetrical, when I remembered that neither are mine... In fact I think most faces are a little uneven. Hopefully I'll get her painted "in color" tomorrow.
This morning I was quite busy trying to create new banners for my two Etsy shops. I am not well versed in Photoshop, which I used for this, but I think they are good enough to last until Daniel can help me create new ones this summer.
If you haven't yet, be sure to enter my giveaway (if you like the painting, that is), even if you have entered and won a giveaway before. There really are no restrictions! The more the merrier... To enter just click on the photo in my right sidebar.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday evening! I'll be back tomorrow with more photos from our recent road trip!


  1. Good luck with the banners, Silke. :) It is always such a hard thing to do. :) Such a cute face you created here. I love the soft palette. :)

  2. Je suis nulle en informatique et il est vrai surtout que je me refuse à quelques part de m'y intéresser car je suis certaine que je vais encore y passer un temps fou alors que je veux peindre, peindre et peindre... Pourtant, il est juste que ce serait formidable de changer moi aussi ma bannière (qui n'en est pas une!)... En revanche la vôtre est déjà très jolie et j'ai hâte de voir la prochaine.
    Les regards de vos visages sont très mystérieux et profonds.
    Gros bisous

  3. Liebe Silke,

    es ist eine Freude, deine Kunst zu betrachten.

    Sonnige Grüße


  4. Hi Silke..wow..this new face is so beautiful and i am super drawn to it..there is a vintage-y feel..just wonderful!and your banners are so terrific and beautiful..I hope to learn one day how to do all that cool stuff!
    I have just scrolled through your recent posts..all wonderful! and i am so thrilled you are having a giveaway..!