Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to Basics

The proud artist at the gallery opening last night 
It is easy for me to go from inspired, very inspired, incredibly inspired to a little overwhelmed, more overwhelmed and totally overwhelmed. Over the years I have (mostly) learned to catch myself before I get to the totally overwhelmed state. This time, too.

So - it's back to the basics for me this  morning, which always helps me find my center again:

:: Waking up to a glorious sunset.
:: Being quiet.
:: Sitting on the back porch with bare feet, it's so warm.
:: A cup of hot tea in my hand.
:: Blogging a little.
:: Closing my eyes and listening to the incredible bird concert - I think every bird in the neighborhood has something to say this morning.
:: Looking up into the tree tops and getting lost in the patterns of branches and leaves.
:: Hearing the cooing of the doves, which always reminds me of carefree summer days of my childhood.
:: Planning a trip to Michael's this morning for some supplies for the last print for my class.
:: Listening to the wind rustle the trees, the neighbor's dog barking, the crows cawing.
:: Enjoying the calm before the storms that are surely heading our way this afternoon.

On this Saturday morning, I wish you a peace- and joyful day!


  1. You look great standing next to your artwork. Pretty exciting! Can you believe how much your art has grown and changed in the past six months?

  2. Lifes to short not to take the time to center oneself from time to time...that's what I'll be doing today as well.:) Enjoy your day.

  3. Hello Silke!!!! I am so proud of all of your work!!!! you are amazing....and you look gorgeous at your Exhibition!!!!! I am loving your list of getting back to the basics....there is so much wonder around us

    and P.S. I love the earrings on you and I am so thrilled to see them on at this event!!! gorgeous and sparkly just like you!!!!!

    wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!!

  4. Sounds wonderful Silke! Enjoy-enjoy!!!
    Love the photo and your shirt is beautiful.
    I'm all for a quiet day here too. Too much excitement.
    Have a great weekend.


  5. Your smile says it all! I am truly happy for you. Hope you feel the good vibrations coming your way!
    Hugs to you!

  6. Did you see today's Abe quotation? It fits in perfectly, I think, with what you are living this morning. Have a glorious day!

  7. Fantastic - "the proud artist" and her artwork look amazing... Congratulations!



  8. You look fab standing so happily with your paintings. Brill. Annette x

  9. Ich schließe mich Netty an. Du siehst sehr glücklich aus mit deinen Bildern.
    LG Sabine

  10. Dein Samstag schein toll gewesen zu sein.
    Hier dauert es noch etwas bis man barfuss draussen sitzen kann.
    Du kannst stolz auf dich und die Ausstellung sein. das ist wirklich toll.
    Schönes Wochenende

  11. Thank you, everyone!!

    I had a great day yesterday with a fun outing to Michaels and then a quiet afternoon while the storms rolled in. It rained all afternoon and all night and this morning the world looks fresh and clean!

    I had a couple of comments here and on FB about the shirt I was wearing - that made me laugh because i was probably the only artist there not being dressed completely in black! I felt slightly unsophisticated ... and happy!! I love color. What can I say?!

    WIshing you all a beautiful Sunday! xoxo Silke

  12. Pretty boring of the others to wear black - you look great and so happy in your role.

  13. Congradulations Silke, your art looks amazing!

  14. Hi Sike, das ist ein tolles Bild! Wahnsinn! Glückwunsch!