Friday, May 28, 2010

Three Times...

... a mushroom!
I don't know what it is about finding mushrooms in our yard,
but it always makes me think that all is well, sort of a little good luck charm.
When I was a young girl, my parents had a mushroom guide, a green book, that I read from cover to cover. We often went mushroom hunting and I think the danger of it all fascinated me. You really had to know what you were looking for... Do you know what these are? I don't...

We are on the road - camping in the Smoky Mountains, which is why I'm not checking in with you. Tomorrow, I've scheduled some art for you!! A new series I am painting...


  1. I love mushrooms. We get a lot of them in our backyard. Of course we don't eat them. I have no idea what that red mushroom is. Be careful and don't eat it. :) Have a great camping trip.

  2. A beautiful mushroom, some sort of Russula perhaps, maybe a Gill Russula, that we also have growing around here. Some are very edible and others not so much...the danger thing. I have the hardest time telling those type of mushrooms apart and prefer to just look at them. They really are fascinating though. Now all you need is a little toad to perch atop it.:)

    Watch out for bears and I hope you are having a wonderful time.

  3. My dad was an expert mushroom hunter and he too had the book that described the minute differences between the edible and poisenous version - I love mushroom and I miss eating them (the ones we had in Germany, I mean.)

  4. visiting you via Ces, and am happy to meet you :)
    I remember one of my first 'science' reports as a child was done on mushrooms. The thing I recall, which obviously impressed me greatly, was learning that the spores can survive and thrive under the foundation of a concrete basement, only to grow and force their way through, causing cracks on finished homes and shaking their foundations. Somehow I felt inspired by the lowly little mushrooms, thriving in the darkness, overcoming and working it's way into the light!
    I don't know what these mushrooms are, but I sure do like their color. WIshing you a happy camping trip and wonderful weekend,

  5. When I was a little girl, I thought that mushrooms came from dog's urine. I know, I know. What can I say? I also believed in dwarfs and elves. It was my imagination running wild.

    Do you have 4G or 3G up there?

  6. Have a wonderful time on your trip dear Silke! Don't be feeding any bears!


  7. Yay..such a sweeet little darling..I love mushrooms too..very cool! Great shots..magical.

    Yay...a new series..looking forward to see whats in the next doorway of your artworld!!Kiki~

  8. Hope you are having a wonderful time! Cute and colorful mushroom!

  9. Mushrooms and toadstools whoo! I would love a book to know which are which. Guide to surviving kind of. So cool!
    Thank you for sharing them they look very steeped in wonder.
    Have a great time both of you!



  10. Beautiful little specimen.
    We mushroom hunted for years here; always knew there were a couple edibles and everything else you left alone. I remember in the woods of Germany finding Amanitas---and the White Death Angles. Both so poisonious there was no cure.
    One definitely needs to know their fungi before picking to EAT....


  11. Love those pretty little mushrooms! Hope you and your sweetheart have a wonderful time! I'll save you a seat in class for when you get back. ;)


  12. Silke, I grew up with a Mum who LOVED mushroom hunting...we went for walks with our dogs for hours in the woods. We found Chanterelles and then I spent many of my early 20's in Italy...and they're ALL big mushroom even have to have a license to pick Porchini!!!
    I don't recognise yours though...sorry!

  13. Oh, how lovely, the Smoky Mountains...they're lovely. As for the mushrooms, the only ones that grow out here are toadstools and ya know what those little darlins' can do. The only mushrooms I know about are the ones I buy in the grocery stores and they sell all varieties.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Oh so beautiful, but DO NOT EAT!! My Mombie worked on a mushroom farm when I was growing up in New Jersey. If I close my eyes, I can still feel the coolness of the air and the smell of earth in the darkened mushroom houses. **kisses** Deb

  15. Pretty mushrooms! I LOVE finding them, too. Every time we go hiking or walking, I'm always on the lookout for them. We'd never forage for them, however, even with a book. I think I will trust the experts instead! Hope you are enjoying your mini vacation! Theresa

  16. Ohhh, such a pretty little fungus! I love mushrooms. So cushy looking. When cooking, I know you're not supposed to wash them, but I can't help it.

  17. Yes, the luck is definitely with you and the faeries smile upon your world. Blessings friend.