Friday, May 7, 2010

As Promised, a New Art Tag

Another tag, painted on both sides. I love the colors I used here - they were sort of surprising, but I liked the woodsy feeling of the tag. The woman has a sort of stunned look on her face (lets call her serene), but I still love her. The face was a little difficult to paint because I had given the tag some wonderful texture with light molding paste.
The back, I painted with titan buff, then covered it with sap green hue and lifted the sap green out with stamps to reveal the titan buff underneath. I love that sort of weathered look. I then added some reddish and gold dots. What do you think?!

The tag is available in my little shop!


  1. Hi Silke
    She is wonderful..she looks like she is focussed on something important! and she looks powerful! I love the lush greenery..I am instantly transported to the powerful greeney of the forest. Lovely..fabulous job!

  2. Silke, she is absolutely perfect. You did a great job. The green is so powerful and calming...
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I love this one - how can I help it? You know I am crazy about green!

  4. I'm thinking I like it! The texture, to me, makes her look scarred, and proud to wear her scars, for she knows her beauty is just NieNie, the plane crash survivor. Oh Silke, have I told you that you inspire me, cuz you do!
    **happy Friday smiles** Deb

  5. How gorgeous, Silke! I LOVE all the woodsy textures you gave this piece. Very earthy and natural. Terrific job!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend...Theresa

  6. Oh Sike - youshould do a whole series of these beautiful tags. The ladies are so very beautiful - and the back of the tags are gorgeous also!

    Your creations are so wonderful! Have a fabulous weekend~~~


  7. Oh, Silke, I love these deep, rich colors. She is fantastic! The little leaves above her head even look like they have veins. How great! And that is a great technique you used for the back. It looks beautiful and perfectly weathered.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. to me she looks bewildered, silke, and it is an adorable bewilderment!

    you can paint leaves! the textures and colors remind me of what our angela is doing. annie coe is experimenting with textures and plaster. and anne. and probably pam. it seems this is the week for experimentation. me: i just finished 30 pages of second draft work and it's on its way. i feel accomplished!!

    happy weekend, dear friend.


  9. It looks like you are having fun, she is a wood nymph.

  10. Ooooh, how pretty! she's thoughtful to me. i agree you should do a whole series. you lovely talented Silke!

  11. Gorgeous colors on this one Silke. I love green and this green is a very nice one!
    Have a great weekend.
    Love and hugs.

  12. this is absolutely wonderful. the colors, textures, woman... wonderful~

  13. Another fun tag -- I like the rich colors! You are really on a roll here with the tags. Seems like lots of people are in an experimental mood lately! ☺

  14. These work very well - well, they do on me. Excellent.