Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Moments...

Yesterday, I chatted with two dear friends and with both of them I got to talking about being at the beach. So, when Daniel came home from work and said he felt like going for a swim, the decision was made and off we went.
I had just dug my very happy feet into the warm sand, when Daniel came back to where I was sitting, saying that the water was filled with these:
Yuck! What were we to do? Go on a treasure hunt, of course! What else?!?

We found two olive shells,
then one more,
some electric pink coral,
and a real, honest-to-goodness castle!! We briefly thought about moving in, but somehow we couldn't quite fit. Note to self: find bigger castle!
And then we came across preparations for a young couple's very happy moment.
Here's to happy moments, because in the end, those are all that matter... Thank you for making so many of my moments happy ones!


  1. That pink coral is incredible! We don't have thing like that here (at least I've never found any!) It sounds so blissful to have toes in warm sand. Not much chance of that here either at the moment, but I look forward to the summer months when we should get at least a bit of sun-shine! Thanks for sharing this wonderful warm day. :o) xx

  2. Would I love to dig my toes into the warm sand and then go on a treasure hunt with you!!!
    Wishing you happy moments!

  3. I love to go on treasure hunts. But to have the possibilities to do it on the beach - that is unbeatable. Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Inge

  4. Oh, Silke, what a lovely post - I love digging my feet in the warm sand!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and glad you didn't step on that mean ole jelly fish.

    Happy weekend, my friend :-)

  5. What a happy day!! I miss the beach so much!
    Have a great weekend and I'm so happy you love your earrings!!

  6. Wunderschön, da wäre ich jetzt auch gerne.
    Ich kann den Sand zwischen meinen Zehen spüren (träume noch ein bischen weiter....)

    Grüße Carmen

  7. What a wonderful place to spend the day. It makes me want to go to the beach-except our beaches will not have nice warm sand.

  8. like lilylovekin our beaches aren't warm and toasty... not yet anyways..... can't wait for that!!! do you know what kind of jellyfish was that?

  9. Right now, our beach is perfect: the sand is warm and the water refreshing. Ask me again in the summer when the sand is hot and the water as well...

    I dont' know what kind of jellyfish those were, but even if they weren't the stinging kind (which we get a lot of in August), there were so many in the water that it wasn't enjoyable to swim in... They usually disappear when the current changes a little.

    Love, Silke

  10. oh, one does not want to get stung by a jelly fish. Lovely finds and a wonderful peak into your time at the beach!

  11. What beautiful shells!!! And such gorgeous coral. :) Beaches can be an amazing source of serenity. Theresa :)

  12. Ahhh, a beach wedding! I once came across a middle-aged bride and groom strolling the beach in the setting sun. Magical moments.

    Let the good times roll!

  13. Oh how wonderful! Love the pictures. What was that that the water was full of???

    A wedding on the cool would that be?

  14. What a beautiful day at the beach. That's such a nice sensation, digging your toes into warm sand. And those shells! I had to smile at the obvious source of their names.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend is well underway. xoxo

  15. thank you for sharing your day Silke!!!

    and big big big CHEERS to happy moments!!!

    sending you a big hug and smooch!!!


  16. I do my best thinking and my best appreciating at the beach. Your feet were no doubt jubilant! That you and Daniel switched from bobbing to shelling made me at your resourcefulness.

    Here's to a great rest of the weekend, silke


  17. That should be 'made me grin'

    I got too excited...

  18. What a wonderful beach walk you had! Oh - how Imiss our Florida beach house - wish I was there right now! So wonderful that you can just be at the beach whenever you want (I am jealous!).

    Have a great weekend!


  19. Sounds like a perfect day! We are having alot of jellyfish too, they seem to come this time of year. I am glad you saw them before getting stung! ouch!
    ♥ lori

  20. What a great post! I just love the is by far my fav thing to do and the place where I feel most at peace. I have not been there for quite a long while but now I really feel I need to get there...thanks you!

  21. Oh what a delightful post! Scrumpdiddlyuptious!
    Glad I scrolled down further on my blog list!
    WHEW, almost missed this! **kisses** Deb