Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comment Moderation

Hi all! I've just been the recipient of a tidal wave of spam from Taiwan, which is just so annoying! Until that subsides, I've turned on comment moderation. As soon as this person (or computer program) moves on, I will turn off moderation again. Do you know if there is any way to report this to Blogger?

Please don't let that deter you from commenting away freely - your comments are my favorite part of blogging!!

P.S. I did report it, so we'll see... For now, it has stopped. If there is no more after tomorrow, I'll turn moderation off again.


  1. sorry you are experinecing is quite annoying! hope it resolves itself soon :)

  2. Hi Silke, Unfortunate, isn't it? I had to resort to the same thing due to spammers. It is annoying for sure because we want to make it as easy as possible to comment. I won't let that stop me commenting, though! Hugs, Diane

  3. well, hello silke. i've been absent, as you know, tending to stella and fitting work around that. so here i am to see this inspiring photo of you and your mug! are you drinking coffee? i think so, because you and the mug are in communicon together!!!

    those damn spammers. i've been getting emails from some british colony announcing i've won a million dollars. the fantasy is lost on me for a quick moment, and i imagine sir richard squire handing me a cashier's check. hee hee

    i'll be back to catch up. meanwhile, thanks for your well wishes. please give winslow a lick.


  4. I can uderstand you very well. That happened in my blog too. Don't worry! :-)

    I send you a big hug, sweetie

  5. Yuck! How not fun.
    I don't mind comment moderation at all :)
    See? I'm not scared!
    Commenting away!!!!

  6. I turn the buggers in to Bloggers page that deals with reporting abuse. After the last one that was UNBELIEVABLY VULGAR (and on an old post about the liturgical stole I did to boot!) I decided I was not playing nice anymore.
    Everyone I get, I get their Blogger ID and off it goes.
    I must admit, I am now getting less.....
    I guess I am JUST NOT NICE or I am fed up with good people being harrassed. We should have the option of accepting comments from certain global areas, and shut the rest off.
    Okay, off my soapbox.
    You an *reject* publishing this Silke--it won't hurt my feelings at all!


  7. Just report it to Blogger Silke. There is a lot of that going on including comments with weird signs and nothing but letters and if you click on one of the letters, it takes you to a horrible site. Report it right away. Take care.

  8. Hi dear Silke,
    how lousy is all that, happy you reportet it ,sweet, -we should realy be allowed to travel safe ,with each other here, I hope for you it will soon end.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, friend.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  9. i'm so sorry you have to deal with this, i didn't know you could report it.
    i haven't had this problem, i may have to ask for help if i do!!
    enjoy your new clean organized spaces!

  10. How annoying!!! I must say it has been fun catching up with a few of your recent posts, I have gotten a bit behind. x

  11. Was ein Mist. Ich habe deswegen auch die Kommentarfunktion angeschaltet. Hoffentlich lassen sie Dich bald in Ruhe. LG Stefanie

  12. How terrible!!! I hope the admins discover the source of this soon. I can imagine it must be completing agitating. :(
    Hope you are having a great week, otherwise. Theresa :)

  13. I do get some unwanted comments at times. It is annoying.

  14. Silke,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and all your kind words. It means the world to me because you are so talented!
    Much love to you and I love your new photo!

  15. Silke - doen't that just make you so mad! Won't keep me from coming to see a good friend - I actually don't mind the moderation -I get a kick out of the stupid words!


  16. I have had some questionable asian comments, as well, is that where it is coming from? Taiwan? When I go to see who they are, there is no profile, a blog with one post with one word or something or something worse like pin-up girls etc. Sorry you are having troubles. Blessings friend.