Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping Watch

When we leave on our road trip, we've left him in charge of the back yard to make sure that
these furry friends
don't eat too much bird food away from our feathered families,
that our our pretty flowers
keep blooming
and growing ...
even the most bizarre looking voodoo lily!
While we are gone, I have scheduled some posts for you of this and that - quite a bit of art, some garden pictures and some recipes. I am sure I will check in whenever I can find an Internet connection, but for part of the trip, we'll be out in the Appalachian mountains camping and away from everything...

I cannot wait to share some of our travel photos with you!! And, of course, to find out what you all have been up to! Until soon!


  1. yes, until soon, silke.

    that is a beautiful expression.

    have a wonderful trip. i know you both will.


  2. I've yet to learn how to "schedule" future postings. That gnome looks like he's a good watchman.

    I bet your animals will miss you. Just be careful and don't get lost. Bring a first aid kit. (oops, I think I said that already, didn't I?)

    Have fun and I'll be thinking of you!

    Doris :-)

  3. Have a wonderful time, Silke! Bis bald!

  4. May the road rise up to meet you!
    Travel safe, be well, and love to you on your journey!!

  5. Eine schöne Reise, ich freue mich schon auf deine Bilder!
    Bis Bald

    Grüße Carmen

  6. Great pictures and I can't wait to see the ones from your trip!

  7. Yay...have a wonderful time away..enjoy all your new adventures!!What a sweet gnome..and yoru post is so lovely!
    have a gorgeous day!

  8. Oh Silke, that Voodoo Lily has caught my attention and I absolutely NEED to know what it will bloom out to. Is that the botanical name for it or a local name?
    Mom used to have a lot of the little gnomes we brought back from Germany. I do wonder where they went.....
    Have a great time!


  9. I hope you have a wonderful trip!! I remember those little gnomes; I think my Opa had a few of them! The bread recipe in the other post looks very yummy so I will add it to my book to come back. Ah, Savannah, how I love that city!! When we were there in November we finally took one of those tours after all of these years. We are talking about going again soon, it is just one of those places that draws me back!

  10. Enjoy your trip, Silke. Can't wait to see all the lovely photos I'm sure you will take. Mr. Gnome will protect your home...and I think I see him winking! LOL Have a wonderful time! Theresa

  11. Have a wonderful road trip! I'll miss you while you're gone! ♥♥♥

  12. OOoooo that naughty little squirrel! So cute though. Your garden is looking mighty fine. Happy traveling and camping! **blows kisses** Deb

  13. Silke, it is so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your angels, mermaids and dolphins. All in connection with the universe.
    I believe so much in these are what God is talking faith as small as a mustard seed. In believing it can come to you and be.
    Have a great time away. I was in a shop with my mum on the way home today and we saw a special bird feeding hanger that had an extra cage around it to stop squirrels. But think it will only allow the very smallest birds through. You have a post about your lovely visitors to your garden. Connection!
    :D Huge smile!


  14. Sweet, I wish you a wonderfull tour,--take care out there, and enjoy.
    I hope your--"nisse" danish for gnome are taking care of your beautifull garden and its birds.
    Hugs and love to you Silke.

  15. You are so thoughtful, keeping us from going through Silke withdrawal. :) Hope you and Daniel have a fantastic trip! Looking forward to seeing all the great photos. HUGS

  16. until soon....i just LOVE that!
    can i steal it?!?!? ; )

    i hope you and your darling hubby have the most spectacular time together....i am sure you will!!

    i cannot wait to see pics and hear of your travels

    best wishes for safe travels!!
    sending loads of love and hugs.


  17. Eine schöne Reise und komm gesund wieder. Und Dein Wächter ist zum Brüllen:-) LG Stefanie

  18. I hope you guys have a safe and happy trip. Am looking forward to seeing all the photos. x

  19. Have a wonderful time Silke and Daniel! oooh, camping and getting away from it all, fantastic!!
    i'm looking forward to your photos when you return,
    safe travels!
    ♥ lori

  20. i am sure that mr. blue hat is very competent about keeping away the fluffy tails from the bird buffet....
    did i ever tell you that kolleen and i spoke of you often as we were together last weekend and talked of what a beautiful spirit you have and how blessed we both feel to have had our friendship paths cross with yours?
    well, if i didn.t....
    let it be known.
    we DO feel every bit that way.


  21. Have fun! When you return I will have a welcome post for you! Tsup!

  22. Have fun camping, Silke. That is always fun!