Monday, May 17, 2010

Savannah Wildlife Refuge (Part 2)

If you remember from yesterday's post, we visited the Savannah Wildlife Refuge and finally arrived at our favorite pond. This is quite small, but not water I'd like to fall into. (You can click on any of the photos to see them larger!)
First, we saw an anhinga drying his wings,
then a turtle on the side of the road,
and several sunning themselves on logs on the pond.
And what have we here? A curious alligator, swimming straight toward us when he saw us standing by the side of the pond. We could have been worried, but he wasn't that big.
When he got close, he stopped and stayed there for his photo opp. Do you see the plants hanging out of his mouth? He was probably vegetarian...
Now, these are always exciting to spot - alligator babies. This one was really small - smaller than the turtles we saw.
But this one was already a little bit bigger, although it still had the stripes on the tail.
Finally it was time to leave and we made our way out of the refuge, but not without stopping to take a picture of this magnificent creature!
I think they will forever fascinate me!

I'm hoping to get some studio time today. But in any case, I wish you a great start to this week!


  1. I have really gotten to like aligators since I've been living here Silke. With me having Bank's Lake Natonal Wildlife Refuge so close by, I see them all the time - big ones, litte ones, you name it. I once got to touch a baby aligator - they feel like tire rubber. It was squawking for its mother. I'm surprised she didn't rush over. Those are very nice pictures. Those Anghingas are really neat too. There's one that sits smack dab in the middle of Lake Irma every morning on a rock and dries his wings. He reminds me of a sun worshipper. Treat wildlife pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. That's what makes life interesting, doesn't it?
    Have a wonderful day and happy painting :-)

  2. Beautiful photos Silke!
    Alligators are the most interesting creatures...they seem to be one of those animals that has not changed since the stone age. Maybe that is the fascination.
    So much to capture in the camera....wonderful!


  3. Alligator babies are so adorable, but I think I'd be frightened to be anywhere close to them!
    Hope you find time for studio and painting today!! I'm off a couple of days of work and loving catching up and painting! I just did my first 3/4 face and will post about it soon!
    Hugs and love,

  4. Oh he's no vegetarian! He's just flossing his teeth!!! Beautiful shots of a most beautiful place. It is so wonderful being able to see the world this way. **blows kisses** Deb

  5. Thanks for posting these wonderful photos! I love those turtles and I think I might have run after seeing that alligator! LOL But he is very majestic. Have a wonderful day, Silke! Theresa

  6. i like your profile pic.
    i think i need coffee too.

  7. These pictures are amazing!! Would love to visit! I remember Ramses, such a cute picture. Miss you guys

  8. How exciting, I loved seeing these photos Silke. Alligators are so facinating, i think because they are so prehistoric looking. And they are just cool. This was fun, thank you for sharing.
    ♥ lori

  9. what amazing photos Silke!!!
    thank you for sharing with all of us....and i completely agree...very fascinating!!

    i love the pic of the sweet turtle sunning himself on the log!!!

    so fun!!

    happy monday sweetness!

  10. How wonderful to see all that wild life. I spent hours just trying to photograph some silly chipmunk this weekend. It wasn't very exciting or successful!

  11. i would totally freak if i saw anything like that swimming up to me....even if it is a vegetarian! lol ya right!

    great photos though!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. I remember seeing alligators when I was with you at Fort Pulaski. It was exciting, but I wouldn't want to be too close to them. The best was when we were way up on the fort looking down at them. That was cool!

  13. Hi Silke! Wow, your refuge trip was amazing! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos! I think I would be trembling next to that vegetarian alligator though. lol. Have a beautiful week! :)

  14. Oh my gosh..I love the turtle...what a sweet creature!!! Gorgeous!! what a fun adventurous post...I so enjoy taking your tours of the wild!!

  15. Ack! Good heavens, girl. Why are you standing so close to that alligator! I think Deborah was right. He was flossing.

    Love that turtle on the log. He looks like he's floating!