Friday, May 14, 2010

The First Tomato!

We picked our first perfect tomato from our garden a couple of days ago. There are many more ripening, but the first tomato every year is such an event for me.

So, I baked a yummy loaf of bread this morning and made BLTs (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches) for us - with lettuce also from the garden. Delicious!! In fact, I was so focused on making and then eating the sandwiches that I completely forgot to take pictures for this post as I had planned to...

What are some of your favorite meals to make with fresh, from-the-vine tomatoes?

P.S. Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. I'm happy to know that in my many little worries I am in the company of so many beautiful, kind and creative friends!


  1. I usually use ours in a nice fresh salad with lettuce and this year spinach from our garden. I can't wait. We are a long way from ripe tomatoes....our garden isn't planted yet. It's too early here. Enjoy!

  2. Yummy! It will be another month for us. Home grown makes the best BLTs!
    Enjoy your creative weekend!
    Hugs and love,

  3. Yay..what a beautiful tomatoe!I love them cute up with avocado..... or my mom always made lovely and fresh!
    have a happy wkd!

  4. I love bacon and tomato sandwiches! Yum! If I am very lucky and have lots of tomatoes ripe at the same time, I love to cook tomato sauce for pasta. It is sooooo good with fresh tomatoes! But the store bought kind just don't cut it. Unfortunately, I don't often have that many tomatoes. Maybe this year.

  5. Sorry, I cannot let a typo error mar the scene...

    Like a Martian rock on a bed of lava rocks, that's how it looks on my thumbnail. Ah yes, tomatoes. My son loves growing tomatoes and he has many varieties. They have not even grown over a foot and already are laden with fruits. Oh they are beautiful.

    Look at your perfect specimen!

    How are you going to eat it? Slice it into several pieces and close your eyes as you bring it to your mouth. Let your lips touch the shiny skin and your palette feel the delicate parts. Let it stay in your mouth inside for a few second before you start gesticulating and slowly bring your palette down to gently crush the delicate slice. Chew very slowly, in fact, do not chew at all, just let it crush under the weight of your palette. Then inhale and swallow.

    There you go!

  6. oh jeez, to each his/her own! i love the image of the tomato on the cutting board and the tomato in my satisfied stomach, but not the in between!!!

    silke, this tomato is perfect. the color is perfect, the shape, thr reflection. the first tomato is a yearly ritual for me too. but i can't say mine--which are orgasmically satisfying!--ever look like this one. i wonder if your southern temperature creates a perfection.

    it's friday and the weekend begins. here's wishing you and everyone a fine one!


  7. Good for you, The first one is always the best. I can't wait for my first one, I'm tired of dried and canned tomatoes and very much looking forward to fresh. I love BLT's to, especially with a little bit of avocado good.

  8. Congrats! I love capresi salads best! When there are more, I love salsa chutney style! Blessings.

  9. I love a fresh, sliced tomato with cheese. Either cheddar or mozzarella -- yum!

  10. It is moments like this that make me wish I lived in a warmer climate, our first tomato usually arrives around the 4th of July.

  11. Oh what a proud little Earth Mother you are, and rightly so! That is (was) a beauty!!! AND your own home grown lettuce too! OOooo, I'm feeling a little garden envy coming on. Happy Friday, my most beautiful sisterfriend. **blows kisses** and sings a happy little song ♫♪♫ Deb

  12. OMG my mouth is watering. Fresh bread and homegrown tomatoes, talk about yum!! You are torturing me.
    I love to make bruschetta and I have a wonderful recipe my dad taught me called a fresh sauce.
    Dice up tomatoes very small (2)
    Dice up a bunch of basil (I like a lot)
    2 or 3 cloves of garlic minced
    teaspoon of salt and toss with 3 tablespoons of EVOO in a large bowl.
    Add a pound of cooked and drained angel hair pasta(don't rinse)
    Toss again with Parmesan cheese.
    Oh this is my favorite thing to eat and I could it for breakfast lunch and dinner.
    And it is heavenly if all the fresh ingredients are home grown.

  13. i love your tomato silke! you are so darn cute posting a photo of it and feeling excited, it IS so exciting! your sandwichs sound so good, i know my family would love them. i like a caprise salad, with a little pesto and a beautiful pinot noir.
    have a wonderful weekend sweet silke and daniel!
    xo lori

  14. I'm not sure I'll ever ask again about food... You are making me so HUNGRY!!

    And my perfect tomato is gone already... I, too, love caprese salad and Marie, your recipe sounds divine. I shall try that with the next batch!! As warm as it is here right now, that shouldn't be long...

    Thank you all!! Guten Appetit! Love, Silke

  15. I love BLT's and just plain ole tomatoe sandwiches or eat the tomato just plain, like an apple...I LOVE tomatoes fresh the best!

    I won't be able to see any tomatoes on my vine because I sowed them late and the seedlings are only about an 1" high - I might have some for Thanksgiving if I'm lucky ;-)

    Guess I'll have to go out to the fields and pick those!

  16. Congratulations! It is a tomato very very... hummm.... ¿lordly?, ha ha, sorry for my, always, bad English.

    You are very sweet. Kisses

  17. Silke, I read your comment which was sad but then had a happy ending. I am so happy for you! You are so beautiful. You deserve all the happiness!

  18. Oh wow - does that look delicious!!! I usually like to slice fresh tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella, and shredded fresh basil leaves and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over them. Yum!!! Nice side dish for grilled chicken. Enjoy your weekend! Theresa

  19. Fresh tomatoes - pure heaven! I love to make fresh salsa - have a great recipe for that. People kill for this salsa. the recipe is on my blog - just click on the "recipe" label in the label cloud. But you know - you just can't go wrong with a BLT!


  20. I had to take my husband over the airport in Savannah yesterday and I thought about you and wondering what you were up to.....I see you were gardening....beautiful tomato...I love making BLT's with fresh tomatoes......nothing better in the summer time other than fresh veggies...
    Hugs and Blessings

  21. marie's recipe has my mouth watering. now i can't wait for august so i can make this from my own garden!!!

  22. Ah, nothing better than a warm tomato fresh from the vine - love that aroma too. Tomatoes are perfect on rye bread with a little olive oil and basil leaves or grilled with sesame seeds. YUM!

  23. Tomatoes already...I want to live in Savannah! We had a frost 2 nights ago here in NY.

    I made brushetta tonight for part of our good!

  24. Du ziehst die Menschen mit deinen Blogtexten und Bildern in den Bann. Es ist schön, dass du dich bei ihnen für die Reaktionen bedankst. Du hast ein wirkliches "Verhältnis" zum Leser.
    Grüße, D.

  25. Wow, look at the COLOR on that beauty! We grow a lot of cherry tomatoes, and I like to cut them up, marinade them in lots of garlic and EVOO and balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, spices...and then pop them under the broiler to roast. It makes a yummy spread for bread!

  26. Lucky you! We wont be as lucky until harvest time in the fall. So for now its just canned tomatoes from last years harvest. Enjoy!