Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I Miss Most About Münster!

Aside from my family and friends, that is. It's the biweekly outdoor market on the big plaza in front of the beautiful cathedral. Münster has one of the biggest and most beautiful markets I have ever seen.

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, rain or shine, year round, vendors come from near and far, even from Holland, and set up their stands bright and early to be ready for the early birds.
My dad knows how much we love this place, and yesterday he went shopping at the market and took all these photos for you and us. I think he's trying to make us homesick so we visit soon... He's definitely starting to keep my blog in mind when he takes pictures! Danke, Papa!!

This is not a market where you can get just a few things. No, here you can do your entire grocery shopping. Now, come with me on a tour of just a few thing you can see there:

Many stands with the most delectable baked goods from grainy breads to delicious pastries,
fresh juices at a juice bar (I don't remember seeing this last time I was there - it must be new),
any vegetable or fruit you can think of from the local organic produce
to those imported from warmer climates,
all fresh,
and all arranged so beautifully,
many different kinds of potatoes (don't you just love how my dad got some of the vendors to smile for the pictures?!),
freshly picked strawberries and green and white asparagus (oh, how I miss the white asparagus),
chicken eggs, goose eggs, and those laid by the Easter bunny,
Mediterranean fare of any kind,
olives, garlic, lavender,
and many kinds of olive oils and vingears,
savory preserves,
and sweet ones,
fresh tulips from Holland,
any cut flower you'd want to bring home,
but also potted plants,
and herbs for your herb garden.
And that's not all. You can buy dairy products, cheeses, meats, fresh and smoked fish, arts and crafts, yarn for knitting, even some small animals like rabbits or little chicks. During the one year that Daniel and I lived in Münster, that is where did all our grocery shopping. We lived close, so we were able to ride our bikes there. An experience like nothing else!

When we go to Germany, we make sure to plan our flights to allow the maximum market visits. Daniel and I, my dad and sometimes my sister or a friend will slowly amble up and down the aisles, chat, take it all in and always (always!) have a coffee and breakfast at our favorite coffee stand. (This was taken one early morning on our last visit to Germany - the coffee obviously hadn't kicked in yet.)
Oh, I feel a visit coming on...

I wanted to thank you all for your heartfelt comments on my anniversary post. You all are the best!!


  1. Wow..what a super thrilling and beautiful post! I love it all..Id be grazing with awe for hours..buying everything ha ha! Love the table with lavender..woah!

    What a beautiful place..and your dad is so sweet (and clever)...great way to make you long to go home! Wow..what a treat..I feel like I just went on an adventure!! Yay!!I have family in Germany and I hope to visit one day! This was inspiring!

  2. Oh my gosh....that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I can't believe the beautiful displays and how much pride the people obviously take in their arrangements. How I wish we had something like that around here. I was doing my own shopping in my head while I was looking at the pictures. How sweet of your dad to take pictures like that for you and for us to enjoy. Thanks dad! :)

  3. One of the things I always remember about Germany were the fresh markets, though this one is absolutely amazing!
    I have never understood why, here in farm country, we do not have these. All out produce, unless we grow it ourselve, is imported from heaven only knows where and you can certainly tell it!
    The photo of the breads and pasteries was absolutely CRUEL!!!! LOL!!!! What I would not GIVE...oh! Yes, I do remember all those quite fondly!
    Thanks for the virtual tour. ♥♥♥


  4. I love shopping at outdoor markets where the produce is local and fresh. Nice photos. I think your dad is trying to tempt you in to coming for a visit ;-)
    Have a great day!

  5. That was so terrific of your dad to take all these lovely photos! He did a wonderful job. And thanks for filling us in on everything - great tour! :) Hope your day is a good one! Theresa

  6. Everything looks delectable and delicious...and sooo fresh as well..I would love to visit...I can see why you miss it...Thanks for folloing..this is my newest blog for you know I lost my other in the blogosphere..lolol..!

  7. oh Silke! that was so much fun! yes, danke to your Dad for all these photos, what a sweet thing to do.
    i love germany, and would love to go to munster again, defintely to spend time at this beautiful market. i have never seen such artful displays! it looks amazing, every single photo. and i do not think you look like your coffee didn't kick in, you are so pretty!
    thank you again papa and you for sharing this!

    xxx lori
    p.s. do you have a european keyboard to make the doubledots above the u in munster?

  8. Oh wow Silke. That was a great tour. I sure do wish we had something like that over here. Just about everything you need and all fresh. Very nice of your DAD to send you the photos and I agree that he is trying to make you homesick so that you could visit. Thank you very much, I loved this post. I felt like I was there.

  9. I'm especially taken by all the stripey backgrounds- every stand has layers of beautiful presentation!

  10. Ohhh this would be lovely. I love outdoor markets. In Madison we have a Saturday market in Summer. It is gorgeous with many joys.Thanks for this little walk. I had a moment of escape and it was beautiful. Blessings.

  11. Hallo Silke, was für schöne Bilder. Ich gehe auch gerne auf unseren Wochenmarkt. Aber dieser hat ungefähr 4 bis 5 Stände:-) Ich liebe es im Sommer durch die Märkte zu schlendern. All diese wunderbaren Düfte, die traumhaften Fraben und nicht zu vergessen die Genüsse, die man dort sehen und genießen kann. Alles Liebe, Inge

  12. Tolle Bilder Silke,
    ja solche Märkte sind was wunderbares, in meine Heimat ist dienstags markt, zwar nur ca.10 Stände, aber ich vermisse es hier auch.

    frohe Ostern, Rein.

  13. Liebe Silke,
    eine schöne Erinnerung an die alte Heimat. Wir waren zuletzt vor genau einem Jahr in Münster auf dem Wochenmarkt.In Augsburg sind wir allerdings auch verwöhnt, weil es dort einen ständigen Stadtmarkt mit riesigem Angebot gibt ... allerdings nicht vor der schönen Kulisse des Doms.

  14. Silke, now this is art!! It's all beautiful!!

  15. Hi Silke, Wow, please thank your dad for the wonderful pictures, he took the most fantastic pictures to, I absolutely loved them! Now I can say I've been to Münster! To be honest though, I think your dad is wanting you and Daniel to come for a visit by these wonderful pictures he sent. Fantastic and very awesome post Silke...I applaud you, (and your dad of course)!
    Hope your evening is a wonderful one.
    Hugs and much love...

  16. Tha was fabulous. I would love to go and take my camera it would be heaven. Your father captured the essense of it and I want to go, how do you stay away?

  17. Oh Silke! Where've I been? I almost missed some amazing posts.

    Danke,Papa for such beautiful photos of an amazing place. I can see why you're homesick.

    Great Wordless Wednesday.

    Happy Anniversary. I loved your story. And love the passion with which you embraced your artistry. I also started blogging a year ago in May but have hardly any work to show for it. But great great artwork dearest Silke.

  18. Hello beautiful! Yes, I would definitely miss this. Everything looks so good. Oh look at those asparagus stalks. They make your urine smell. Hahahah! I love asparagus Oh my, I can eat it everyday. Certain thiols and mercaptan make a person's urine smell after ingesting asparagus but only if they have the gene that breaks it down and also detect the smell. There is an unverified correlation between one's intelligence and the disagreeable smell of urine after ingesting asparagus. Anyway, that's not exactly why you miss Munster. Hahahah!

    BTW I have not said this yet but your new avatar is so pretty.

    Okay back to the photos, Very lovely. I like the bricks or cobble stones.

  19. Now we know where you got your photographic talent. Great pictures.

  20. Münster, you say??? I'm THERE! I've never seen anything like this here. Certainly not this extensive and diverse. Goose eggs! Wow! Do they taste goosey? Your father takes fantastic photos!

  21. Hi Silke,
    I just found your blog, from watching the vlog of Kelly and Kolleen! Wow! Your photos are just wonderful! These market pics are really charming and full and rich...I love them! So happy to have found your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Kelly Lish