Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gaga about Pottery...

I was going to do a post introducing you to the latest issue of my favorite German magazine "Landlust" (and it's another beautiful issue!), but my dad sent me some photos that I thought I'd share with you first. He is quickly becoming my foreign blog correspondent!

Last weekend, my dad met up with
his long-time friend from college and together
they explored a couple of gorgeous little towns along the river Lahn, a place where my dad vacationed with his parents when he was a young boy.
Isn't it just beautiful? (I think I'm feeling a visit coming on...)
Apparently, Goethe got off the boat and had lunch at this gorgeous old building in 1774!
Now...the pottery! Do you remember this beautiful pitcher that my dad brought for us from Germany when he visited in November?

Last weekend, he went back to the same pottery studio, Töpferei Giertz, and took pictures for all of us!
Even of the master potter himself...
and his workspace (so tidy!).
There are two potters working at the studio and they still fire all their pieces the traditional way in an open fire.

I made a loaf of wonderfully seedy and grainy German bread yesterday and would have loved that large bread crock ("Brottopf") to keep it fresh. Ok, I admit it, I just want it because it's pretty!

Isn't this blue just gorgeous?

I'd like one of everything, please! How about you?!

Tomorrow: Landlust and a few garden photos!


  1. I love pottery too, and so does my mum!!! So many lovely pieces to choose from!

  2. Magnificent pottery like that actually chokes me up and takes my breath away. Such amazing talent and such beauty. Thank dad for the wonderful photos...I enjoy them so much!

  3. Gorgeous pics. I also love pottery. I used to go to this place in Canada to watch them throw and it was just as clean. If it were my potter's studio I'm sure it would be a disaster!!

  4. My aunt would go nuts over that pottery, actually I know of two aunts that would. They are always buying the North Carolina pottery, but this one is absolutely gorgeous! Where exactly is the rive Lahn located? It looks like such a beautiful area! I've been saving my pennies to go back! I can't wait to see the Lanlust as I absolutely love Wohen and Garten!

  5. Silke,

    Your last photo, the pitcher on the top shelf, at the far left---I have one just like that! We used to have more pieces in that same pattern but somehow, over the years and moves, I am left with the pitcher. (I remember a covered soup tureen and platter to set it on and a condiment server...gone...SOB!!!)
    The pictures are beautiful and remind me how wonderful it was traveling out to the other areas of Germany!
    Thank you!!! :)


  6. silke, you are a wonderful daughter. i know your Father is beaming as he looks at these photos and comments.

    how easily you take me back to my days in germany. i miss the architecture. i feel a visit coming on too, but when is quite unknown.

    the all blue pottery is my favorite. gee, i seem to gravitate to all your blues! but this color, really, is stunning.

    have a good day. and the same to you, silke's Father. :)


  7. You have made me homesick for Germany again, dear friend! Such beautiful scenery and pottery. I adore anything with blue, too!

    My daughter will be attending a German University for a semester next Spring, and I think I need to go to Germany with her! I really do.
    I hope you are having a good week.

    Hugs and love,

  8. wonderful pottery Silke...what a beautiful place to visit, I hope you are able to make the trip soon!

  9. Thanks for sharing this international correspondent blog post....

  10. Good morning. Saw you on Coralie's blog and I was intriqued. Your Dad and his friend are certainly a dapper duo. That pottery. Oh my. That blue is so different. And that teal-y green in the second to the bottom photo is luscious, too.

    Thanks for a lovely trip this morning.

  11. Love the pottery, Silke. I was trained as a potter, but have had several diversions since then. I lived in Germany several years ago and bought some lovely pieces of potter and china. I went to Alsace one time to the potter factories and just wanted to buy everything. It was funny to see all the little towns with German names, but they were French though and through!! LOL I bought some snail plates that I still haven't used in all these years, but I promised my honey I'd make some this the ones in the can, not the ones that slither in our backyard!!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the wonderful photos.


  12. Yes please! Except I'm running ouit of space in my house. ;o) Lovely pictures and what a beautiful place!xx

  13. Love the pottery and Goethe as well! Thanks to you and your dad for sharing!

  14. Yes, one of everything, please and thank you, but I'm going to need a matching set of pitchers... what fun to see! I see now where you get your lean look...Dad passed on good genes!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  15. oh yes....yes E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!

    that blue is to die gor-juss!!!

    your dad is cute as can be and how sweet that he took all of these photos for you!!!

    sending big loves and hugs to you, beautiful Silke!!

  16. I love that assortment of blue pieces on the light wood table -- especially the teapot! So nice that your dad shared his trip with you this way. ☺

  17. what a beautiful place to visit! and that pottery is just so lovely :)

  18. Ah, your post brings back fond memories of travelling in Germany (actually I was born there but left when I was two!). My parents had lots of Steins! I have such admiration for potters - tried it myself and had to admit that it is definitely NOT my forte!!!!x

  19. I think it's great that you Dad sent you pix like he did. That is awesome pottery. I love them all, but the blues for me are the best.

  20. How sweet your Dad sent you photos for your blog! i've enjoyed every single one of them and now i really want that teapot on the warmer! it's completely lovely, the color, shape and so sensible. and the bread container is beautiful as well, it's so hard to choose! i would also love to see that pretty town, someday maybe.

    I love all your women portraits too Silke, I won't get tired of them i can assure you. It's only hard to choose a favorite!
    happy thursday!

  21. I so enjoyed seeing your father's photos.

  22. Thank you for sharing your dad's beautiful photos! What lovely pottery - such amazing treasures. I adore pottery and also enjoy looking at extremely well-made pieces like these. :) Theresa

  23. OOooooh, such beautiful photos. And look at all that amazing pottery! I wouldn't be able to pick just one, that's for sure. I'd have to bring empty luggage just to bring them all home.