Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Tag That Just Wouldn't...

Sometimes, an art project comes together easily, and sometimes it just refuses to. That's how it was with this tag. The side with the woman I painted quickly - her little face was done in a few minutes and I like how much it looks like a sketch. This side I love.
Then, there is the other side. Yikes! Can you say busy? Can you say cluttered? Can you say just not working? I started with some molding paste and stamped into it. So far so good. Then I thought I'd add a collage element ... and another ... and one more for good measure. Then, a stamp, another stamp, paint, more paint, and because it just wasn't working, I slapped on some more paint. AND outlined the big leaf stamp with a gold pen. I just couldn't help myself at that point!

Even now, as I look at the scan of it, I'm sort of stunned by what I did there... I almost didn't include it in this post, but when I first started this blog, I made the promise to show you the good, the bad AND the ugly, so here it is...
Sometimes I think it's funny that the portraits are so easy for me, but with collages or abstract forms, it can really take me a long time to have it all balanced and look cohesive. And sometimes it just doesn't happen at all.

I think I might just paint over that side and start again. If I do, I'll show you the results...

And now a great big thank you for all the good information on ATCs and ACEOs. Finally I know what they are all about!! And I know what goes on the backside. Not lovely thoughts, but information. Makes sense if you are collecting them! I'll have to check into the trading part of those cards. Do any of you do that?


  1. Ah Silke, I have one of those paintings, sitting there, looking at me, I feel its ruined, but so much work has gone into it...I think I will try and salvage the painting, for now tho, she sits against the wall and I try not to look at her whenever I go past my office - we all have those paintings that just 'kill' us mentally and physically...but its all about the learning process too -I am sure you will go back to you collage 'side' of the painting, with a fresh eye, and make magic :D

  2. That's almost a daily happening in my studio..... lol! It's all part of the process. I happen to really like your tag. I think you might be too hard on yourself. Put it away for a bit then come back and look at it!
    have a great day!!

  3. Oh boy if that's your "ugly" side then I really will never show my 'mistakes'. I like your ATC's and your experimentation. By the way, CONGRATS on the boating certificate.

  4. Hi Silke..beautiful..I like everything..I think you've done a fantastic job. Go with your heart and will become what it is meant to become! I have thought of doing art/trading cards..havent tried just yet!
    I love painting on a large small will be different for me...but i may give it a whirl. I love a challenge.

    You are wonderful at all you do!! Have a happy day!

  5. I like both sides a lot! I wouldn't change anything! Love your art!

  6. I actually LOVE the back...all the elements work for me in drawing me in, and the colors are soothing. I would love to trade a tag for this one, oh yes I would. **kisskiss** Deb

  7. Silke sweetheart, thanks so much for all your lovely supportive comments on my blog. I was so touched! You're first in the 'pot' for the giveaway!! I actually really like the 'wrong' side of this tag!! I like overlapped, slightly overloaded collage art. The great thing I think about art is that you can guarantee that somewhere, someone will love it and 'get' it. You're very talented and I'm loving sharing your discoveries! xoxoxo Rachel

  8. I envy you. You have so much fun. I wish I can spend the majority of my days making these "beautiful mistakes."

  9. Silke i love your honesty, it is so charming. although i think you can see that it was for nothing since your tag is still beautiful to everyone, including me! haha. i think manon has good advice, put it away for another day and you may change your mind!
    enjoy your day!

  10. I like the reverse side of the tag too! I love the composition of all those different things. I like a lot of layers. My thought - to sort of slow it down - would be to work with lighter colours or a bit more tone in tone. But that is just my personal opinion.
    Maybe you should really just lay it aside for a day or two and then look at it again.

  11. Sometimes what we dislike is exactly what someone else loves, and vice versa. Funny, isn't it? I like the back of your tag, too! And I really love how you keep trying new things.

    Lots of love and hugs, my creative friend,

  12. silke...
    funny but i really like the reverse side.
    isn.t it interesting that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
    keep it up...loving these!
    (p.s. thank you for your comments on friendship...i really liked them)

  13. oh wow Silke!!! I see both sides and they look fantastic to need to just not worry so much...I bet in a while when you look at it again you will love it....


  14. i like the tag too. it has a depth to it that pulls me in. i think the feedback here is adorable and hilarious, given your self assessment!

    it just might be that something you work on too much and too hard squeezes out the artistic joy, and it's hard to love something you've created without the joy.

    i have been working on three sentence for two hours this morning. i am taking 'word smithing' to a whole new meaning! but today i don't mind. i am happy.

    love to you silke,

  15. Amazing! Gorgeous! Stop by or go directly to to see my article. Art Saves. You show it everyday. Blessings friend.

  16. I like the back too Silke. It is really beautiful.

    I love the colors you use, front and back.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Love and hugs

  17. I like the back Silke.
    That being said, I understand how it may not be what YOU had in mind. I have had to leave pieces sometimes because I get too close to them and all I can see is my *mistake* (be it one or not.
    If there was only one thing I would do--and remember, I like the way it is!--I would get a Sharpie or something that could put a small black line around the edge, to give it a bit of containment. (try laying a sliver of black paper on the very edge and see what you think.)
    It might help, it might stink.
    But there is some really cool visuals going on there!


  18. I think both sides are lovely, Silke. I SO love that butterfly you included. Very pretty! Theresa

  19. Boy do I know how you feel. This is awesome!! really like how the whole thing came out. It's beautiful. I do it all the time. Happy mistakes. I know that the trickiest part of the whole thing is to know when to walk away and leave it alone. I think you have a of deliciousness going on in there. Great job!

  20. Hallo Silke, bis ich das mit den ATCs verstanden habe, hat es auch etwas gedauert,
    weist du wie man sie tauscht?
    Ich meine gibt es so ewas wie eine Tauschbörse?
    Deine ASTCs gefallen mir auf jeden Fall sehr gut.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch übrigens zu deinem Boating- exam und deinen zahlreichen tollen áwards, da siehst du mal wie viele Menschen dich mögen, und zu recht!!!
    Ich wünsch dir einen tollen Tag

  21. love the lady side... maybe the other side has too many different colours? But it is nice to see other peoples mistakes as well as their masterpieces. x

  22. I happen to like both sides! I don't collect or trade the little cards, but I know there are a lot of people that do.

  23. well my dear Silke....I only wish my mistakes looked like THAT!!! I really really like it!!!

    i love the butterfly....i love seeing little things peaking through and when I was in Kelly Rae's class she always said "there are no mistakes" that is what i try to remember when i am painting and think "oh my goodness....what did i just do?!?!"

    loves to you,

  24. I agree, I love it. I'm thinking "wow, how come my mistakes don't look like that!"

  25. Hi sweet Silke, I like both sides of your ATC, but I so know ,what you mean, I too, have things that,I`m filling on to, and that will not end up ,the way I wish-only way is to start all over.
    Hugs, and love Dorthe

  26. Love the front. The back is a tad dark, but not bad at all. And as we can see from the comments, many people loved the back. ☺

  27. Silke, she is gorgeous! The black and red are dramatic, and I like how she is tilting in, like she's peeking.

    And I do really like the back side, too! I don't think it's too cluttered at all.

    You wanna see ugly, you should look at MY backside. Hahahaha