Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Overdue...

Ok, so I know that this long list of awards looks like I am just the most popular person, but actually the list is so long because I have been so remiss in honoring these *bows her head in shame*. I keep thinking that I'll do it when I have more time, but that doesn't seem to happen these days.

So, let me just take a few minutes and introduce you to these generous bloggers, because it is really is about them, not the awards:

This pretty Sunshine award I received from the uber-talented calligrapher and artist, Lisa Holtzman. If you haven't yet visited her blog, you must do so immediately. Check out her latest post on a hand-lettered genealogy book she created - AMAZING!! Click here and then return... Not only is she talented though, but also the sweetest person - her comments always are like sunshine to my soul! Thank you, Lisa!!
Rachel of the beautiful blog, Mozart's Girl bestowed the coveted Kreativ Blogger award on me. I so appreciate it! As Rachel's blog name says, she loves all things Mozart and although she lives in the UK, her spiritual home, of course, is beautiful Salzburg. Click here and head on over to her blog (but make sure to come back) - she could really use some blog love right now!
Well, doesn't this look like the coolest award ever?! And I received it from a just the coolest blogger, Zlatica of Pupa Art. Thank you!! Zlatica lives in Slovakia and is one of those super creative people - she paints the sweetest paintings and makes beautiful little folk art dolls. Make sure to go and admire her work before reading on. Click here!
My blog is over the top - can you believe it?! I couldn't, but the most talented Jamie of Dancing Down Serendipity Street thought so! Jamie is an author and an artist and simply a lover of all things creative! Recently, she has ignited once again the writing of her book - what an inspiration. Thank you, Jamie!! Visit her here (but come back)!
Now, here's something a little different. The super talented bead artist and all around wonderful woman, Bobbi of The Bead Goes On, tagged me a while ago. I guess the rules were to go into my first picture folder, pick the 10th photo and tell you about it. Well, needless to say, I was nervous. That photo could have been quite embarrassing.

However, it turned out to be alright. This was taken in October of 2006, the year we moved to Savannah. My cousin, Britta, was visiting us with a friend and we all went on our first kayaking trip. Here we are on Little Tybee Island, exploring the beach. It was an incredible day!! Thank you, Bobbi, for reminding me of that!!

Be certain to go visit her blog by clicking here. She makes the most exquisite beaded creations.
Then, today (and this is when I finally got my act together to post these), the talented, hilarious, inspiring and lovely Anne of El Milagro Studio: Little Miracles of Art, honored me with the Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you so much, Anne! If you haven't yet been to Anne's blog, make sure you visit. She is an incredible textile and mixed media artist. And her blog posts will always make you smile and often laugh out loud!
And, finally, a different kind of award both Daniel and I received today! We passed our boating exam!!
What a relief and how exciting!!

And whom do I pass these awards on to? Well, of course, ALL OF YOU!! You all deserve every award in the book, so pick the one (or two or three) you like best and share the love!


  1. Well, Silke, I figured you and Ces were fighting it out in a big vat of jello for who was the most popular----and dang it! I would have paid good money to SEE that!
    Instead, I have to comment that I am very happy for you on all the awards you have been blessed with and congrats on the boating certificate as well!
    You could really make a lot of art money jello-wrestling Ces for most popular should give it some consideration.... :D LOL!!!


  2. Congratulations, Silke and ship ahoi :-)

  3. Congratulations, my sweet friend..well deserved...

    leaving tomorrow to go and get excited i can hardly sleep....

    i'll take lots of pictures !

    sending love,

  4. Congratulations,beautiful! And all the awards are well deserved! Lots of hugs and love, Annika ;)

  5. Oh I LOVE the I give good blog award! Too funny. I think I shall award it to myself just to pass on to Ces and Anne! And not Pam...teehee. Okay, Pam too. And I don't believe there could ever be a bad picture taken of you. **kisskiss** Deb

  6. Congratulations on all your awards you deserve them all :)


    Micki x

  7. Congratulations on all your blog awards, they are well deserved. And the boating certificate that is great.

  8. Hi Silke, Oh my goodness such wonderful awards for such a loving and kind person! Congrats to you Silke on all these fantastic awards, you very much deserve them all!
    Also, thank you so much for all your kind and sweet words, I appreciate them so!
    Congrats to you and to Daniel for your boating certificate, how proud you both must be!
    I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening.
    Giant hugs and much love to you my dear friend...

  9. Congratulations....all well deserved!

    I know exactly what you mean about the awards. I had a bunch last year and kept thinking I would remember who sent it and that I would get around to it....nope, never idea who sent them.

    Now I have 2 sitting here and I swear I will do it some time this week!

  10. OOOOOH, Silke! Congratulations on all these cool awards. Well deserved, most definitely. And YAY, the boating certificate! Oh, the adventures you and Daniel will have on the boat. I hope you have a waterproof camera!

  11. enjoy it all, silke. to me it's like being in sixth grade and getting a special award for a drawing or a story. which is kind of what it is, really...


  12. Ein Bootsführerschein, wow! I am impressed, also by your list of awards! I will have to look up your friends, they all sound interesting. But you are apparently the center! Cheers from Germany under ashes.

  13. Congratulations and safe boating!

  14. Congratulations on all your lovely awards! And most especially, your boating certificate. Hurray for you!!! :) I am sure you and Daniel will spend many wonderful hours exploring the beautiful waters together. :) Theresa