Friday, April 9, 2010

Shimmering Goodness

Yesterday, I had some time to experiment with my paints. I wanted to try out some of my interference and iridescent acrylic paints. Sometimes painting one of "my" women gets in the way of simply experimenting, so I got out some stamps and made two little paintings on paper covered with black gesso.
The scans never quite show the shimmering colors right, but I really like some of the effects!

Do you work much with iridescent colors?

P.S. As I am preparing this post (last night), we are expecting some thunderstorms to move through here. It seems that spring storm season has begun and it's time for me to get out our weather radio again, which has been hibernating in a drawer...


  1. Sometimes it is good to experiment, without a plan. Love the colours you used in these!!

  2. oh meeeeh tooo! i like to experiment!!!
    you are so very nice to me :))
    wishing you a lovely weekend...


  3. oh meeeh toooo, i like to experiment!!!!
    you are so very nice to me :))
    wishing you a lovely weekend, Silke!


  4. :D
    that was me and me again :D lol
    this little witch was just being silly...

  5. Hi Silke..this is mesmerizing beauty..wonderful! I love the black backdrop too! is beautiful!

    I havent tried many....but...a divine accident...I was in a rush when buying some acrylic paint and reached for "grey"..when I got home and started using seemed different..almost airy and silvery..I looked at the tube and it said "Silver" has been a welcome surprise! It has a subtle sparkly and irredescant appeal to it.

    I also have used Liquid Gold Leaf..(which I bought to restore an antique gold frame)..but then..I couldnt help but use alittle on a painting at the was quite interesting! So I have it on hand for special little pieces here and there.

    I would love to experiment more ..thankyou for sharing your adventures... I LOVE it! It is so fun to talk-art-shop!!

    Yay! Wonderful post and a wonderful inspiring painting! It feels like a new vibe !
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. I love the irridescents. I like using them as a final wash on some parts of my work.
    Yes, doing one thing (like my box canvas series) sort of gets me out of the experimentational flow. Trying new ideas, new mediums is good.
    I'm off to tinker after groceries blog, just *stuff*.
    Have a good one!


  7. Hello Silke - those little pictures came out really nice. I bet they even look better in person with the shimmering colors.

    We had heavy rain all afternoon and a little thunder later in the evening, but not our usual ferocious electrical storms. It's sunny, wet and clean outside and I'm going to take my camera to the park when I take the boy this morning. I love mornings after the rain, don't you?
    Doris :-)

  8. Yes, I sometimes use interference and iridescent acrylics - although I am not keen on a shiny look on the type of work that I do. I try to make time to experiment - but have so many ideas percolating for paintings I find it hard to do!

    Very nice experiments!!

  9. oh wow these experiments!!! I have used some acrylic metalics and love working with them...I love these patterns and colours you used Silke....


  10. That's exactly what I'm doing right now with my journal. Just experimenting with figure I see come out of the paint when wet. Your experiment looks freat.

  11. Uhhhhh, excuse me for the mistakes.
    Figure = figures. Freat = Great! Sorry Silke, my mind is on my mom over there in San Jose. Take care.

  12. Hi Silke, I love the shimmer and shine of the interference and the iridesents, oh and metallics and pearls too.
    I love your experiments.
    Experimenting is life blood!!
    Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend.
    Love and hugs!

  13. Silke these are wonderful! The thumbnails caught my attention. Fantastic. These experiments prove to be a great mental exercise but one that gives the warm fuzzies. My dearest Silke, thank you very much for your comments, your visits, your support and caring. You have a good and loving heart. While our connections are limited to the blogs and letters, they are enough to tell me you are a beautiful soul. Your blog is a bright spot and a loving stop along my visit journeys. I thought of you as a sisterfriend the day Bella you and I talked about your avatar. We just clicked that day. I will never regret calling you a sisterfriend and I will work hard to make you feel the same way. Have a wonderful day sweet Silke.

  14. Oh Silke, this would be ever so lovely painted on a silk scarf. I just noticed how handsome Winslow looks in the photo with you! Happy Friday! **blows kisses** Deb

  15. I do not have experience with iridescent colors. But I think I should give it a tr, too. Your paintings came out real nice. I like them. Have a nice weekend, Inge

  16. Hi Silke, yes I do! In fact anything shiny or glittery gets me very excited! I've just been sprinkling glitter on the mermaid I've been painting and now I'm tempted to cover everything wth it, including myself, well, my nails maybe. I'm probably a bit too old for glittered skin! xx

  17. Sorry, I did not mean to make you hungry. I can't wait for peach season! I love peach pie, peach ice cream, peach cobbler, peach smoothie, peachie-o...

  18. this is brilliant..i love all shimmery colours on black, looks great!

    i have never actually painted with iridescents before, but I should really give it a try sometime...maybe the next time I'm at the art supply store.....hmm....i'll buy some

    thanks for the inspiration!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  19. how pretty these are, it must be so much fun to experiment with different colors and shapes. i am like you, i like to try so many different things, always something new!
    we had some april rain too, i wish we'd get more, we need it here so much. i hope your storm will be a gentle one.
    take care and enjoy your weekend,
    ♥ lori

  20. ohhh those are lovely!!!! i like to experiment too.. haven't done much because of lack of space and now spring has sprung and lots to do outside... when it gets hot i hope to have more time for 'playing'... the persuit of happiness in the cloth world is sooo fun :D

  21. I know there's no fox hiding in the brown in number two, but my eyes keep wanting to see one.

    Savannah. Such a different world from where I am in the Pacific Northwest. I well remember Fort Pulaski as being one of the last of the great brick forts because of the great damage inflicted by rifled cannon. I've never seen a more imposing fort.

  22. Oh Silke, I love this! Wow, your experimenting is fantastic! I love your colors, and all of the effects on this painting, it's just awesome!
    I hope that you have a great day!
    Hugs and much love...