Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another ATC

I enjoyed creating this little trading card. At the very beginning, I colored some molding paste with a dark yellow and slathered it on part of the ATC. I then stamped an ivy foam stamp into the wet molding past and couldn't be more pleased with the result. Can you see all the little raised veins in the leaves? After it dried, I painted, stamped and stenciled some more.

And then, for good measure, I painted the back side as well and added a little saying.
Here's a question for you (as I am confused about this). What is the difference between an ATC and an ACEO?


  1. You made a beautiful ATC again Silke!

  2. ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards, representing the original method of collecting such cards by swapping them between artists. ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals, which is the term used for the same types of cards that are available for sale. These can either be original works, commanding more money, or prints, which can be limited edition or an open series.

  3. I'm glad you ask the question and got the answer. I always wanted to know that also. Great card by the way and I love the quote.

  4. p.s.
    Silke, I wanted to add that I enjoyed the image on your card. The textured look adds a sort of whimsical quality. Very nicely done!

    p.s. I was checking out your celebrity husbands blog/work - I would imagine he is a good influence and confidant concerning your art. His drawings/paintings are awesome!!!

  5. Another lovely ATC or ACEO, just as you decide.
    Just some further information - usually on the backside of the ATC, the artist will have their name, the name of the ATC or ACEO (with edition no. if this applies) and how to contact the artist. So that, if traded or sold, the person will later know from whom that particular card was acquired.

  6. This ATC is wonderful. I love the texture.

  7. ATC or ACEO...no help here...I'm too ADHD XYZ!
    But I must say, I enjoyed looking at this even more than you enjoyed painting it! Now I am off to the scrapping store for supplies for LETTERS!
    **happy smiles** Deb

  8. Dear Silke,
    i'm afraid i've been so busy i've not spent any time online! i loved your Sapelo post, the day looked completly wonderful and something Chuck and I would love to do too!
    And all the awards! congratulations on them all, of course they are all so well deserved!! and the boating one! how exciting, that is a good feeling to know you and Daniel have some confidence (lots of confidence!) well done!
    And then this little card which is perfect, it's so full of love and happiness, a person only has to glance at it to see that!
    have a great day today!!

  9. Silke....I am laughing at Deb's comment! I think that sums it up!
    Of course, I didn't follow any set rules with my ATC...good Lord, Anne follow rules??? HA!
    I love the texture and color on this and of course, knowing the size, it makes it all the more delightful.
    I am still amazed at what can go into such a small space and stand up firmly as good design and art.


  10. Depending on the Artist:

    Silke Powers's ATC - ARTIST TRADING CARD

    Some others may be A TRASHY CARD

    Others still A THANKYOU CARD (That would be mine. I give them to thank people)


  11. Oh by the way, just for you I posted something special so you can comment away! TSUP!

  12. Don't know the answer, but what I know your card is beautiful:-) regards Stefanie

  13. The colors on this ATC totally knock me out! I love it! Can I have it? ☺ It would make a great b'day gift come summer...

  14. Gorgeous Silke...what a beauty! Everything you create has a magical essence of beauty to it!

  15. Hi Silke...these are beautiful...I especially love the textured leaves on that first one...wow!!! and I hope you do make the jewelry organizer frame...it is easy and looks great...and now I can find my earrings without tangling everything up in my jewelry box!!!


  16. Aaaw dearest Silke, just let me take care of this problem I have at the moment then everything will be alright again, okay? I promise you can comment as much as you want.

  17. Hi Silke!

    I love art!
    Some years ago I've experienced oil on canvas, watercolours, even painting on glass, and managed to have some of my paintings exhibited and bought, but not anymore.

    One thing is certain, I have never seen am ATC in my whole life.
    I was taught a lesson today.Thanks.

    I simply love it, the texture as well as the beautiful mixture of colours.

    Let me know if I can use the images of your paintings, with the full credits in my Blog, please.


  18. Thanks for asking that question... I'll leave here better informed.

    This card of yours is beautiful and I love what you have written on the reverse.

    best wishes
    Robyn :)

  19. Lovely work, Silke! I adore the deep rich colors and like all the added texture. Really adds to the dimension of the piece! :) Theresa

  20. Oh, you make me want to go buy tubes of paint and stamps and just get crazy with them! And molding paste, of course! I don't think I'd have the discipline to work on ATC size paper, though. I may have to go BIG. Really BIG. Like taking a sheet of wallpaper and slathering on the paste and then rolling around in it!