Thursday, February 28, 2013

This 'n' That

Life is moving at quite a nice clip and I am getting behind with my blogging. I snap pictures here and there and with this painting challenge haven't shown you any. So, this will be a mishmash sort of post.

The other day when it was so rainy and gray out, I loved this little spot of indoor sunshine on our table. Candles go such a long way in making me feel cozy inside.
This was my painting for yesterday, day 6 of the challenge. I picked out four colors and that's what came from it. I had fun just letting my imagination run wild. Can you spy the red alligator that appeared in the lower left?
Alligator Dreams
Acrylic painting on 8 x 10 inch canvas board
SOLD! Thank you!!

And then, lest you think I haven't been knitting, a few photos of scarves I finished lately and put in my knitting Etsy shop. Actually, the first one I haven't listed yet, but I will today. It's such fun yarn and great color!

And these two are nice and long and warm!

Now, this was fun. I knitted and then felted a pair of slipper socks for a friend of mine. The process of felting just fascinates me. They were so huge when I was done knitting and then the perfect size after the wash.  (Don't you love that little house candle holder? A friend gave that to us years ago and I think it's so pretty.)
And, last but not least, my painting for today. It's such a totally different style and I just adore it! I limited my color palette to cerulean blue deep, raw sienna, black and white. And I just started with the black marks and went from there. It was fun! Fun!
The Dance
Acrylic painting on 8 x 10 inch canvas
The Dance is available here.

I have so much more to share - lots of it revolving around food and recipes - you know me, always cooking and baking and especially in the winter! That'll have to wait for another post.

In the meantime, I hope you are all doing well and staying cozy and warm!!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    das ist eine Fundgrube mit

    In Liebe

  2. Lots of lovely projects to look at Silke, every one of them a gem. Hugs Annette x

  3. WOW! How busy you've been!!...I love the socks and that last painting especially...but I can see your hard work in everything! :-) Keep at it, Silke!

  4. Beautiful paintings! Love the movement in the second one! And those scarves look very cozy and warm ....

  5. Oh how I love mishmash and candle light. Is there anything more perfect? Ahhh, your post suggests NOT! **blows kisses** Deb

  6. Beautiful scarves and slipper socks!

  7. a ton of creativity going on at your house, ms. silke.

    your most recent painting is very fabulous. birds gotta fly and so do we.



  8. Hi Silke, endlich mal wieder etwas Zeit in Blogland einzutauchen. Und was du inzwischen alles geschafft hast. Unglaublich. Aber dein Bild "Dance.." ist unglaublich schön!!! Toll. Liebe Grüße, Inge