Thursday, February 7, 2013

Girls, we need to talk!

Ok, this is going to be a girly post and for those of you not interested, I've posted some photos we took on a recent trip to Denver, Colorado. Daniel's dear aunt passed away, to whom we were both very close. So, it definitely was a bittersweet visit.
The sweet part was seeing family and friends and being in beautiful Colorado. We miss living out West so much!
Now to my post. I know some of you are too young for this, but some of you have already gone through it and I am hoping for some of your humor and wisdom.
I seem to be entering peri-menopause (yes, The Change is happening) and feel like I am traveling through a strange and confusing land.
Actually, I am reminded of the strangeness of my teenage years, when everything seemed so dramatic and out of proportion. Now that I am older I know that it's only my hormones messing with me ~ back then I really thought my world was ending about five times a day.
Here's the strange part for me. I suddenly feel so emotional and actually fragile. I had to miss the last two episodes of Downton Abbey (a show I love) because it was just too sad for me.
I just want to hole up at home where it's cozy and quiet with some tea and my knitting. Everything else seems too much for me at the moment. It's bizarre! I've always been the strong one. The one to whom everyone tells their problems.
What is happening?! Ok, I know what's happening... But how long will this last?!
The weird part is - I know it's shifting hormones and not the "real" me, but still it's happening.
Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy - I just have to be way more cautious of what I do and read and watch. Right now, I cannot watch the news at all and so I don't. I can't drink caffeine (it makes me anxious), so I don't. It seems to take more effort to maintain my equilibrium.
All in all, it's not bad, just totally unsettling.
As to painting, I haven't painted in days, but know I'll get back to it. I am knitting a lot and cooking quite a bit. And reading. And spending time with Daniel and our pets.
It's also a little explanation of why I am blogging so haphazardly these days. Life seems sort of haphazard at the moment.

Still, I love blogging and am so appreciative of you all!! Being connected to you makes my journey so much more joyful!



  1. Yes, Girls! You need to talk!

    I love my wife, but she's been -- um -- a little out of sorts lately. So any advice or recommendations you can offer (to either or both of us) would be great! HUGS!

  2. Hahaha! You are so in trouble, Daniel!! :)

  3. Just enjoy knitting and drinking tea and being cozy. You will get back to painting when you will get back to it. As for the crying thing--it may be here to stay-altho I was always a crying (over Hallmark card ads and the like).I still am a crier. Fingers crossed that you can sleep all night--for me that was the worst-it is rare that I am able to sleep all night and I am well past all the hot flashes (which I luckily didn't have many of). That's my two cents for what it's worth!

  4. All I can say is Good Luck.
    I went through what the Drs. said was Peri Menopause for years before starting into Menopause itself.
    I am still having hot flashes after 10 yrs. of full menopause so I have no advice.
    Some say that drinking Soy milk helps them with the hot flashes; but it didn't help me. Look for natural products with natural estrogen in them in the health food stores or talk to a homeopathic Dr. if there is one in your area. They are very helpful. Some of their products helped me for a while and then would quit working. I am not taking anything now. I gave up trying new stuff.
    By the way I still cry at the drop of a hat. My husband loves to watch the news and I find that all the sadness on it just overwhelms me.
    Take care.

  5. Dear Silke,
    I am in agreement with the last person who commented here.
    I think all of my 40's were a blur, not sure what I was doing most of the time. I am still very emotional even though I am through the big MENOPAUSE!
    I don't suffer from hot flashes myself, is it because I try to go on long walks? I don't know, but I will cry at the drop of a hat too, just like the last commenter.
    I hope someone can give you better advice than I can. I just try to find things to laugh about as much as possible, that seemed to help me the most. Take care of yourself!

  6. Hmmm, sorry to say I know where you are at since I am going through it myself. It is amazing how our mood can change from one minute to the next. It is considered normal during menopause. I would say it is one day at a time. Get as much Rest as you can. The other thing that has helped me was to take Estroven. You can get it at Walmart. It will take a few days to work, but it is natural. I personally decided I didn't want to take doctor perscribed Hormones.Sometimes Menopause feels like being a Teenager again, as some of the symthomes are similar, except the hot flashes part.

    Sorry that is all I can tell you at this time, but know you are not alone.

    Hugs, Erika

  7. Hi Silke, I could be here all day telling you my story, but it wouldn't help you probably. Except to know that all women are different, and your symptoms are indeed 'normal'..whatever that is! LOL My husband has become used to me crying over nice bowls of soup and seeing children ride horses on tv...*shaking my head* LOL He just goes with the flow now...which is what i prescribe for you AND Daniel! :-) Don't try to be like you normally are. that'll be like trying to snatch an unbalanced car wheel back to the road all day long! just give yourself a break...I crochet for calmness and take LOTS of naps! it seems to be working! :-) and oh yeah, I have two fans in strategic places in my room, on low at all times. That seems to have regulated my hot flashes for the most part. But wait until you get the night sweats and leg cramps. Oh Joy!!!!....NOT! LOL...Just be patient with yourself, and enjoy the new you that's coming!!

  8. Liebe Silke,

    das ist sehr gut gemacht.

    Alles Liebe


  9. Well, thank you, all for your helpful comments. Basically, it's go with the flow and find out who that new me is. I guess the problem I sometimes have is that I want to get back to how I was before and that seems to not be possible, except for some brief moments.

    Luckily, some of the symptoms I already know. I've had night sweats all my life and am used to them. And I'm hoping I'll bypass the hot flashes... ;-)

    It's just nice to hear about others' experiences. Thank you!!!

  10. muddleheadedness?

    intense feelings?

    no time for bs?


    so much great advice here. i would only add a good gyn doctor ( a woman) who can outline some management options (including hormone replacement, meds) (I'm not a fan of meds but i'm also not a fan of eyeglasses: sometimes, our brain and body needs an oomph)

    this post is the best part of blogging!


  11. Liebe Silke,
    ich bin erst jetzt dazu gekommen, deinen Post u lesen. Diesmal habe ich mir den Text in den Übersetzer gepackt. so perfekt ist mein Englisch leider nicht mehr. Irgendwie müssen wir "Weiber" alle da durch. Mir hat ein Präparat gut dabei geholfen (Orthomol femin) mit Vitaminen, Mineralien und vor allem Soja - kannst du hier lesen:

    Dein neues Bild finde ich übrigens ganz zauberhaft.
    LG Sabine

  12. This year is for change and then, centering, dear. It is actually a painful time for most of my most creative friends. Women,friends, that is. We are about to bring forth such passion, emotion, creation, and glorious energy that I feel we are in a state of almost delicate hibernation. Therefore, if we ask right now too much of ourselves (too much stress, emotion, feeling) we won't have it for the birth of all we can do. I know this may sound hokey to some and maybe it is just hormones, but, then, why are so many light beings feeling so much right now? We must be gentle, move slow, have quiet, even embrace some dark. Have you ever noticed the most beautiful pictures are those of new fresh green sprouts coming from cold, wet, dark, ground? That is the picture I use to get me through, right now. Verdant green, water blue, pink and white. Those are my "go to's." Find what is right for you and know you are loved even on dark days, my friend for life! You are loved as my best gal friend reminds me and now I tell you! Blessings, Amy

  13. Daniel.....
    Hugs need to go to your wife, even if she isn't huggy....
    and tell her she is beautiful and you are happy to have here every day still....
    That is what I will need my hubby to do when I get there. I ahve been the way you describe, Silke, for MOST of my life...I was hoping it would all go away when I hit menopause....hmmm....not going to hold my breath!
    I am glad you enjoyed your trip, even though it was a bitter sweet one...
    Hugs, to you both,