Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Valentine's Day Giveaway

First of all a big thank you for all your sweet comments on my last painting. It does my heart good to read all the kind things you had to say!

As I was just sitting down to knit some more on this pretty scarf in shades of pink, red, and lavender, it made me think of Valentine's Day. And then I thought I want to give it away because I appreciate all the love and affection you send my way!

Simply leave me a comment and I'll announce the winner on Valentine's Day. If you feel like spreading the word, let me know for an extra entry. And I will mail anywhere in the world. 

P.S. I should say that while this yarn looks soft, it is wool boucle, which means that it is a warm winter scarf that you'll probably (if you are sensitive to wool at all) want to wear on top of your coat or a sweater. It is so pretty though! 



  1. Liebe Silke,

    das ist sehr schön von dir,
    und ich bin jetzt mit dir auf
    das Ergebnis gespannt.

    In Liebe

  2. I have not been around for awhile. Not feeling well and hubby going through a lot of testing and such with his heart. I would love that scarf. I did one for my daughter using that type yarn. I found it hard to work with at first but loved by the time I got it finished. It was so soft and fluffy. Scrolling down to look at posts I missed. Love that painting. I just finished a blue bird. As soon as I varnish it I will post it.

  3. Oh, it is a lovely scarf, I would love to win it.
    You are sweet to have this as a giveaway.
    Hope you are feeling a little more like yourself these days!! xx

  4. Silke,
    It's beautiful! How generous of you to give away your lovely creation! What type of yarn are you using? It looks so soft!

  5. Silke, that is beautiful and I love your Skeechers too.
    That is very generous of you to give that away. Love your blog and the recipes and the pictures of your beautiful knitted items.

  6. It is very beautiful, Silke!! These colors, at this time of year just sing!

  7. Silke,
    It is a lovely scarf! Don't worry about putting my name in the drawing, I just wanted to tell you how pretty I think it is. I love knitting scarves and your yarn and pattern look wonderful together! I don't wear pink....ever.....but I still love the look of your scarf! Happy Valentines Day!