Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Serenity ~ New Painting

Last week I was reading somewhere something about giving your soul wings and making your heart sing and I caught myself doing a little eye roll. Just because that isn't really the language I use. The sentiment I like a lot!
In fact, I am noticing more and more how important it is that we each allow ourselves to express what is uniquely ours. In ways that go beyond the goals we have set for ourselves and he things we want in life.
For me that has become painting. It is uniquely mine. I am not trying to imitate anyone, I'm not trying to live up to anyone, all I am trying to do is go inward and listen and allow myself to express whatever it is on canvas.
I was realizing the other day just how extremely personal that process and the result are. And I think that's why it feels so awful when I compare myself to others. I can never create their vision of life - and to try would be to deny my own vision.
I've often wondered how it is for people who, for example, put their soul and many years into writing a book and then have to submit it to critics and the public.
Anyway, enough deep thinking for today. I loved working on this painting. I took my time and it took many layers before it felt complete to me.
I call it Serenity because she looks so calm in the midst of all that movement around her.
Acrylic Painting on 12 x 24 inch canvas
Available here

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday! And thanks as always for visiting!



  1. Silke I can always relate so much to your feelings! I hate when I compare myself to others both in life and creatively with my work. Its hard not to. But you are right that when you let yourself go and open up your own style and energy come through on that canvas!! This is amazing!! I am really seeing quite an evolution in your paintings! I love the abstract style with the addition of faces.

    The colors are great on this piece! Is that phthalo turquoise I see???

  2. Liebe Silke.

    das ist wieder zauberhaft schön.

    In Liebe


  3. She's lovely, those colours are gorgeous Silke. I like what you say about painting what's inside our own mind and that is unique to us. I often feel that I can't paint like others but that doesn't matter! Thankyou for this reminder.xx

  4. she's lovely Silke... and I think you are quite right... comparing ourselves to others is always wrought with suffering... we can only be ourselves... and whatever we do or don't do... it is still our very best in that moment. So good to visit and to have heard from you today:-)

  5. I wish I could be serene like her more often, especially in the midst of chaos...it is important to keep with our centers & our souls, even though there is so much noise calling us away.

  6. Silke- I think you chose the perfect name for this beautiful painting- she does truly look so peaceful amongst all the busy colors-- I love this lovely piece!