Saturday, January 12, 2013

Show & Tell

It has been a busy and full week. Daniel started teaching again, which always takes us a week or so to adjust to. And someone close to us passed away last weekend. It wasn't entirely unexpected, but still it occupies my mind a good bit. What soothes me in times of upheaval are my busy knitting needles, my paint brushes, my sewing machine and my kitchen.
Here just a few results of this week's creative outpouring. The oh-so-soft-and-warm pink scarf above is going to Vicki for the Pink Scarf Project she is so kindly organizing. You can click on the Pink Scarf Project image on my sidebar to get more information if you want to participate.
I made another scarf from my new favorite yarn, this time with larger needles, which makes it much more lacy. It's beautiful!
I've been wanting to put some applique free-form flowers on my little clutches, so yesterday I tried it. So cute!! Even if I say so myself... (The last two are in my Etsy shop)
And here's what's currently on the needles ~ and my trusty helper in the background...

Wishing you a wonderfully restful weekend filled with sunshine and happiness!



  1. Die Meeresfarbtöne sind ganz nach meinem Geschmack, liebe Silke.

    ALlerbeste Grüße


  2. Ooooo.....I am really loving the yarn in that last photo, and the *helper* too! ;-)
    Hope things are settling in for you both.


  3. Beautiful projects, Silke!...And I love, love, love that yarn you're showing in the last photo!! What is it? I'd love to make some of my crochet flowers out of it!

  4. Lovely...soft, soothing healing, colorful powers of creativity!! I'm glad you have this, Silke, & thank you for sharing it here...Rita

  5. Tolle Schals. Du bist immer so produktiv, toll. Dir eine schöne Woche, Inge

  6. Liebe Silke,

    ich freue mich, dich hier zu
    Alles Liebe

  7. Hi Silke..these are all such pretty colors.. and gorgeous of course to wear! Beautiful work! Must be very meditative! I love everything you create!