Saturday, January 5, 2013

After such a long time...

... I am finally working on a portrait again! This image has been in my mind since early December and it won't let me go, so now it is in progress. I'm hoping to finish it next week and show you all. I have to say though, I love how these faces always reflect my very own style. I never thought I'd have a style, but I guess I do!
Also, before the Holiday Season and knitted up a storm and sold most of it. However, here are a few beauties that are still in my Etsy shop along with other pretty things - actually I finished two of them after Christmas. 
This yarn is from Italy and not just beautiful with the silver sparkle, but also incredibly soft! I also made one for myself to keep...of course! After all, that kind of blue is my color.
These little scarflettes were just the most fun to make and they look great! I made a few and have two of them left. 
Here's my absolute favorite for now. Again, Italian yarn that has these wonderful knots all over. And those colors... 
It was a joy to knit and is gorgeous to look at and I'm making one for myself as well!! 
Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I've been feeling much more settled again and have been spending time being creative and just relaxing. I hadn't thought about what Anne said in her comment - the time after the holidays is always a little unsettling as is the beginning of a new year.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!!



  1. I just had an epiphany when I looked at your portrait. I was looking at the nostrils and I realized that if the nostrils I make were more rounded like yours, it might be easier to achieve a nose that was more turned up at the end. I realize that you aren't finished and maybe yours won't turn out to have a turned up nose--but it made me think that my nostrils are always the same and are much thinner and flatter--okay-way more info than you need, but see you never know how something you post can get someone thinking!!

  2. i think janet's comment is adorable :^)

    gonna be a year, silke; gonna be.

    and yes, i too would recognize your women anywhere anytime.

    please hope for me that i somehow manage to finish my novel from hell. i shouldn't refer to it that way, but it has me in its slow grasp and i can't seem to get it to move any faster. that is art, yes? we allow it to happen and then we see what surprises it has in store. :^)

    take care!

  3. Wunderschöne Farben und ich liebe die Stimmung, die es ausstrahlt. Ach ja, da war doch noch was stricken. Was hatte ich alles vor zu stricken - nun eine Mütze ist es geworden - thats it:-) Liebe Grüße, Inge