Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living in the Now

It is early morning and the world around me is still dark and sleeping. Winslow woke me up at 4:30 a.m. because he needed to chase a raccoon from our backyard. So, I decided to just stay up and read and visit some blogs.
Many of the blog posts a came across this morning talked about living more in the moment, which is such a big theme with me as well. So, I thought I'd write a little about that while showing you more pictures from our recent cruise - these from beautiful Grand Turk. 
Living in the moment has become such a challenge for me as the world around me seems to be speeding up. My mind is constantly engaged and flitting about, and I am sure much of that is due to the wonders of the internet. I love the internet and how it is allowing me to be connected to the world.
And at the same time, I crave the quiet times, when I can just sit with my knitting, a good book, stare at the fish tank or into the trees outside, listen to the birds singing, or paint in my studio. 
However, the trick for me is not being able to be in the moment when all is peaceful. That's easy! The trick for me is to practice it well enough during those quiet times that I can find that same inner peace when life is going crazy. 
And life always goes crazy at some point. Stuff happens. In everyone's life. Mine included. And that's when I want to be able to remember that the present moment, the NOW is all there is. Ever.
The past has passed and the future is still becoming. But right now is when life is happening - and I want to be more present for that. I believe that how I live each moment shapes my past and creates my future.
I also noticed that when I live more in the present moment, fear pretty much has no room there, as I am usually fearful about stuff that hasn't happened yet (oh, the imagination I have!) or feeling regretful about events that have already passed. Such a waste of precious time! 
So, a few days ago I went to my rather extensive personal library of inspiring books and pulled out two that I really connected with when I first read them a few years ago:
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are by Byron Katie. When I first read them, I knew I wanted to read and study them again and NOW it that time.
And because I am a sharer, you'll probably hear tidbits along the way...
Right now, I am sitting on a comfortable chair in Daniel's studio upstairs, the computer is humming, the only light in here is from a Christmas light in the window, everyone else is still asleep, outside an owl is hooting and I can sense the beginning of dawn.
It is a perfect moment!

Wishing many of those for you today and every day! 



  1. Yes, "now" is hard to hold onto. Even in a quiet moment I find myself thinking ahead to everything that I can get done and organizing my To Do list. Working in the barn or the garden is my favorite place to focus on "now" because you become really aware that humans are the only things on this planet not living in "now"! Stevie @

  2. Great pictures and some very good thoughts in there, Silke.
    May you have many such perfect moments throughout this year!

  3. You hit the nail on the head; when it's calm, living in the NOW is so easy.
    When the waters ruffle, that's when it is hard to get settled back (at least for me). I have to find work to keep my hands busy, then the head follows and that seems to help a lot. Maybe that's how I get so much knit! LOL!
    I was having anxiety moments during the holidays over nothing I could put a finger on, but I think having had that all my life, it's nothing new~~I just find something to DO.
    And then there is shutting off the computer, which seems to help too, other than the blogs....
    Challenges for us in 2013!


  4. a wise and reflective sharing here, silke xo

    we get tripped up either trying to correct the past or plan the future. neither is possible. now is really all there is. for me, i complicate matters when i try to 'spin' how i actually feel. feelings change on their own. they don't need to be prettied up or given pep talks :^)

    i can almost feel the stillness around you as you wrote this. stillness that allows the now to be all there is

    i am rambling.....


  5. Fear has no place when we live in the present -- I LOVE that insight!

    Your morning sounds absolutely perfect to me --- what a lovely way to start the day.

  6. Silke,
    I found a few moments of quiet and peace just while reading your lovely post. One thing I would love to let go of is "worry". Mr. Magic always tells me that worry is a waste of time because it can't change anything. He is so right, but it is hard. Fear and the imagination can be real trouble. I, too, have always had an overactive imagination.
    Your words are thought provoking, as always. I hope to search for some inner peace this new year.
    audrey xxoo

  7. It's very hard to think only in "now", but not imposible :-)
    How beautiful pics! You're so lucky and blessed. Congrats, friend. Kisses!!!

  8. Ooooo, such great comments!! I love everything you have said and you have inspired another blog post soon, maybe even tomorrow... That's what I love about this community ~ I'm always inspired and always learning more! Thank you!

    Love, Silke

  9. Hi Silke,

    Wouldn't you know, I'm just finishing up a post about this, tho a bit more indirectly. And I realized I hadn't been by in way too long, so I decided to do it NOW, tee hee!

    Anyway, beautiful photos, beautiful words, and beautiful YOU! :-)

    Have a wonderful and beautiful 2013!

  10. A few years ago, we had a beautiful snowfall in Atlanta, My son and I made a "snowlady" and we spent a LONG time over it, but the time just FLEW and there was no thought of the past or what was to come, but just the pure JOY of that sparkling snow and being with my son. I wish that same joy for you!