Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Painting Update...

I've been working on the painting all afternoon and it's gone through some stages. I was telling a friend earlier that there's always a phase with every painting where I just know I've ruined it.

But early on in my painting endeavors, Daniel told me of an artist friend of ours who always said to keep ruining it until you like it again. So, that's what I do. I just keep going and I'm starting to like how it is coming together.

I'm hoping to have her finished by Thursday! In the meantime, thank you for all your visits and encouragement!!


  1. What a lovely blog! Glad you came by mine. I've been looking for some new blogs to visit. Cute pets. Your work is wonderful!

  2. I love Daniel's advice! She looks like she's going to be another beauty, too.

    Hugs and love,

  3. Silke,

    We ALL go through that stage! That is part of art---the moments when a painting or other work feels it should be left *undone* and that is the precise point that you know you have to push ahead!
    Sometimes I will take a breather.....piddle with something else, cook, God forbid I clean...LOL!!! But just something to let my brain wander subconsciously and then there is the Ah-Ha! moment and I run back and continue on.
    I think this painting is just going to be FINE!!!! (trust me....)


  4. HAHAHHA! Girl do I know that! Do you know that my current painting of Chartreuse is actually the sixth image on the canvas? At one point the entire canvas was black because of all th mixtures of the paint. I was thinking of someone and out came the hag, the beldam and the crone. Then I looked at each transformation and I thought to myself, why settle for an ugly woman when I can settle for a good, beautiful and kind Chartreuse and VIOLA! I reset my mind and there she was. I am happy and she makes me happy.

  5. You keep going - it will work out...

  6. I love Daniels advice, how nice it must be to work with another artist in your house.

  7. great advice from your hubby!!!

    i think she is gorgeous Silke...and one thing Kelly Rae told us in the class i took from her..."there are no mistakes"! She also mentioned every painting entering and passing through an "ugly phase"!

    sending love and hugs!!


  8. I just did that with a still life. yikes. But, you are right, just keep looking at it and it will tell its story. She seems lovely. I love the papers she was on in the earlier shots. Blessings friend.

  9. Beautiful art. Keep creating..she will Become whatever she is meant to be..and she will guide your hand there. Lovely post!

  10. Silke, she just lovely! you have such a way with faces, they do come alive under your paintbrush. I love the soft colors and her even softer gaze, this is so beautiful.
    i hope you are enjoying your tuesday dear!
    ♥ lori

  11. oops, i meant to say she's! was i in a hurry to comment?,i guess so, heehee!

  12. I love that advice...keep ruining it until you like it again. Creation, destruction, rebirth...this is the way of all things.

  13. Hello dear Silke, i use a recycle paper, i love using them, they have natural textures! :))
    dont tell anyone else this little secret ok ;)))

    ps: "keep ruining it until you like it again"??? oh i so much agree!!! i always mess around with all my drawings, hehe... :D

  14. lol...
    i just published my comment about my little secret on your blog...

  15. and btw, you can call me mita ^____^

    have a creative day Silke!


  16. That's exactly what happens to me. Sometimes I think that I have painted a monster then I just keep messing around with it until it works. Thanks for this post and letting me know that it's ok to do that!!!

  17. silke, i am going to remember daniel's advice forever more. what a great way to look at "mistakes".

    i like the depth she seems to have: in the background, sort of, holding back abit.

    and btw, great photo of you :)

  18. Hi Silke!!! I love her.....that is the wonderful part about art...it can be so much to so many!!! I love your work!!!

  19. What an absolutely fabulous sentence! What a boost to keep going with your art. You can do as much as you like until you like it! She looks soulful and caring of all your girls.



  20. I love that! I am quite new to painting (or rather I have just come back to it after a LONG break) and I completely 'ruined' a canvas the other day. I wanted to throw it away but came back to it a week later and just added more and more layers and now it's transformed again!
    Nice to find your blog :-)

  21. I go through the same thing with my Spirit Figures...after the high of initial gathering and enjoying that first rush of creative joy...putting things loosely together...then I need to ground to do the finishing, it's during that grounding that I think, 'what was I thinking?'....sometimes that's when I need to step away for awhile and come back with new eyes...and more faith in my muse. Otherwise I'd have piles of unfinished works...!!!
    your painting is wonderful

  22. That happened to me last week when I was painting. I had to put her away for awhile- your painting is lovely.