Friday, February 12, 2010

A Double Giveaway

I had announced a giveaway some time ago to celebrate my 200+ readers and my 200+ posts and the joy of blogging in general. The first painting I am giving away to a lucky winner is this new one I just painted yesterday.
And because it is Valentine's Day soon and so many people commented on the heart shape of my first pastel painting, I decided to give her away also to another winner.
Both paintings will be matted and framed.

So, if you would like to participate, simply leave a comment on this post - if for some reason comments don't work for you on my blog (I know a couple of people where that is the case), just send me an e-mail. Anyone can enter, you don't have to be a follower of my blog. And if you have a strong preference as to which painting you'd like, let me know in your comment.

I will close the giveaway by end of day Friday, February 19th and announce the two winners on the 20th. Both ladies are excited to go to their new homes...

Thank you so much for all the joy you bring into my life!! And good luck!

P.S. We are visiting beautiful Charleston for a couple of days, but I hope to visit your blogs again soon!


  1. Wowowowowowow! Giveaways, they always make the blog so busy! You are most generous and thoughtful!

    Do you know that Valentines Day is also Chinese New Year? I am celebrating both!

    Yes, her face is shaped like a heart - beatiful. But wait, is hear heart shaped like a head?

    Silke I notice a softening of your illustrations. You women are becoming mellow as if they know a secret and they are wise to keep it. I like that. Of course that's my personal interpretation. Maybe my wish for I always think that women who tattle are trash. Your women and my women can be friends. They won't publish each other's emails for example or one will write about the other using their conversation...hahahahaha! Don't blame me. This grey weather is turning my head to mush.

    But seriously, your women and my women can be friends. Let's ask Manon is her women want to join us and Bella's Girls.

  2. I heard that a new laptop makes one so excited to create typographical errors all over the place.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Silke! What a wonderful giveaway!! Oh... just read Ces's idea!! I'll join in!! My women need some friend!! lol
    Have a great time in Charleston!!

  4. Hi Silke! Happy valentines day and the giveaway is awesome,count me in!~~Becky

  5. Silke have a great trip and enjoy. I'm glad I've joined your blog...always love what I find here. And I admire you all for the faces you create. I tried yesterday and it became a tree instead (and not a really good one either). HA!

  6. Silke, you are SO generous to give away both of these works!!! I would so love to win something that you have made so I'm crossing my fingers and toes!!!

    Charleston -- one of my favourite cities. Enjoy your time away and Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxoxox

  7. Oh Beautiful One, I would LoVe to win. PICK ME!!!! I keep your little notecard up on my bullitin board by my desk...I am surrounded by the amazing art work of all of my beloved sisterfriends as I work. I even keep your scarf hanging close by my desk. And I agree with Ces about your ladies becoming softer and mellow. And I like it. Happy Valentine's Day, Silke. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. What a fabulous and generous giveaway, Silke! Enjoy your trip to Charleston. Much love and magic to you and a wonderful Valentine's. xx

  9. Wow, that is for sure a great giveaway. Please count me in and do enjoy your trip to Charleston. Stay safe and Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. Hi Silke! You are so sweet to do this giveaway, and what lovely paintings you are offering. Hope you and your hubby have a great Valentine weekend. :)

  11. Thank you for offering this give away Silke, and congratulations on your 200th post and followers, 221!
    I love the heart shape, love hearts very much, but both the paintings are so very lovely.
    Have a wonderful time in Charleston, and Happy Romantic Valentines Day! ♥

  12. Silke dear,
    so sweet and generous of you,I`m so happy for your card ,and would love to own a real big piece of yours, please let me enter, friend.

    Sending you very many snow greetings, and a warm hug..
    The island is closed because of snow...


  13. Hi Silke, Happy Valentine's day.
    I would love to own some of your art work, please count me in. That is generous of you.
    Have an awesome weekend.
    Love and hugs

  14. Wow! What fabulous art you are offering up to the world. I would love to have either on of your lovely ladies...And I think they would be happy hanging out (no pun) with my Spirit Figures in my little studio here in Coarsegold...we have lot's of visitors during the day and when I turn out the lights and close the door at night the girls have their own little spiritual circle...I can feel the energy when I open the door in the morning.
    So please through my bid in the hat...enjoy your weekend and may your heart open even further to all the love available to are a gift..
    hug, hug

  15. Hi! i love the heart shape face on the second painting. Have a wonderful time in Charleston.

  16. Oh Silke I would love them both because they are made by you ;)

  17. Sooo lovely. I send you love this holiday weekend friend. Blessings and wishes.

  18. Dear Silke,

    I adore both your paintings and would love to be part of your giveaway.

    Love, Catherine

  19. I can't believe you're giving away such beautiful ladies, SO generous! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend full of love & laughter. Thank you for brightening up the lives of all who read you! Rachel xox

  20. AAHH! Yes, my girls would love to play with your women! They could teach my girls a thing or two about playing with rich colors. Oooooh, you are too generous and talented!

  21. Oh my gosh Silke - you are actually giving away 2 paintings - that is the most generous thing ever!
    I absolutely love the second girl in the green (my favorite color) and I'm drawn to her beautiful auburn short hair and gorgeous green eyes - she is a beauty!
    Hugs Silke......

  22. I discovered your blog fairly recently and have been reading it faithfully ever since. I even leave a comment now and then! I love to watch your progress and read about your process.
    Your celebration give aways are very generous. I would be honored to own either one of them if I win!
    Congratulations on your lovely blog!

  23. Since I already have one of your works (which I cherish), please do not enter me in this give away. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful trip; have a great time and return home safely!

  24. Silke!
    I have not visited yourblog for a while and amso inspired by all the work youare doing!!! Awesome. And so funny that I am just learning pastel in my Drawing II Class, our home assignment is a landscape!!! I have not started it yet, intimidated...but must have it completed by Wed!

    Have a great trip and Happy Valentine's

  25. OH yes please Silke - would love to win one of your beautiful painted girls :D - fingers crossed!!!

  26. Absolutely my dear---enter me!
    It figures the one day I was off blog and computer something wonderful like this goes up.....such is my life!
    But I didn't miss it!
    I am loving the pastels, though I also love the paintings. It is apparent you are having a delightful time and growing in your expression; GO FOR IT!!!!!


  27. How could I resist entering a giveaway for such beautiful artwork...I like them both so much. I hope you have a wonderful time in Charleston. Thank you Silke!

  28. It would be an honour to win one of your originals!
    THANKS and have a SWEET weekend my friend.

  29. Hi Silke,

    I would love to own one of your paintings, so please count me into your giveaway! Very kind of you! Thanks! :-)

  30. Congratulations Silke!
    Wonderful give away.

    Happy Valentine's day!

  31. Oh wow I'm so glad I saw this giveaway, I absolutely adore the second pastel one, that orangey red background is gorgeous!! Count me in!

  32. so cool to share your work with others... a little late to comment.. but hey.. i'm a little slow sometimes!!! both are very good... it's like you can see their Auras :D thanks for sharing!!!

  33. hi silke,
    i love the heart shaped girl! just darling!

  34. Liebe Silke, da nutzen wir doch die letzte Chance und versuchen unser Glück!! An unseren Wänden wäre noch Platz für so eine hübsche Dame! Alles Gute, Verena

  35. Silke, I love your work and have been a follower for a while now. Good luck to all thank you for the chance to win one of your beautiful pieces.

  36. Please include me in the drawing! I especially like the heart shape face;D Linda R