Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can you say HAPPY?!?

One of Daniel's brothers is here for a visit and look what he brought us.
He is a carpenter by trade, but now retired and builds the most beautiful boats.
How did we get so lucky?!
So, if you suddenly find me missing from blogland, you'll know where I am - sailing into the sunset with my honey!

P.S. If you'd like to see some fun (and one slightly scary) older photos of me, visit Verena's blog. She wrote a really sweet post about me yesterday! Simply click here.

P.P.S. Thank you all so much for all your fun and loving comments lately (and always). I look forward to your visits every day!!! My very early morning routine: let Winslow out, make breakfast, eat breakfast with Daniel, read your comments! And then, of course, I check if there are more comments several times a day. You all are addictive...


  1. LOL!!! Silke, you are like me! The comments are addictive indeed!
    What an exceptional boat---that is a skill that, well, it's disappearing fast and one I hold in the highest regard. A part of our proud past as humans, that is going to synthetics and machinery.
    I salute Daniels brother for his skill!
    Now I ahve to go see that pic of YOU..... :D


  2. Hi Silke! I am stopping by to officially introduce myself. I see you all the time on Renee's blog, and Ces' and Anne's, so Howdy! I love your boat, although I know nothing about sailing, or boats. My Dad had a little fishing boat that he took out on the lake. I went with him sometimes. Nice memories! xo Pam

  3. Beautiful boat! Congratulations! We have just been offered a boatplace here in our town. It takes about five years to get one. So now my husband really wants to buy a boat! Love, Annika ;)

  4. What a luxurious and fabulous gift!!! Oh my goodness. There is certainly adventure on your horizon. :)
    Talk about handmade. He could sell these boats on etsy, haha!
    It reminds me of an old man in my hometown when I was growing up. After he retired he spent years building a boat so that he and his beloved wife could sail around the world. A few days before he finished she died. That boat just sat there til the end of his days.
    Oh, I'm sorry...that's actually a very sad story. But every time I see a boat I think of it. The story has haunted me for many years.
    Wishing you and your darling husband many delightful trips on your new boat!

  5. Beautiful boat!! Wow!! What a gift! I wouldn't blame you one bit if you go missing for a while!!

  6. Nice boat, a little sailing adventure sounds like fun. And yes I can say HAPPY because life's to short not to be happy...which is why we visit this blog of yours for our daily dose of joy.:) Speaking of which, I am happy that you have such a great friend and while far away are still able to remain connected with her. I liked that last picture.:)

  7. Hi Silke! love this post & your gorgeous new boat! Looks like a storybook boat to me, just lovely. I'm just like you - get so depressed if no new comments, so silly really! Enjoy your day & your new comments!! Much love, Rachel xox

  8. I foresee many carefree lazy days in your future...enjoying time with Daniel and all of God's wonderful creations!

  9. What a gift and what a giver....Girl, you are going to have some serious fun in your and Daniel out on the water...I see "water girls" coming......
    I like you love comments and can't wait to read each of them.....what fun blogging is.... all the new friends..
    Hugs and Blessings,

  10. Holy Moly how fantastic is that! And to think when Brawny Man's family visits from Minnesota, they bring the gift of meat. Yes, meat. Some sort of midwestern thing I don't understand, but a sailboat! Now THAT I get.
    Off to check out your old pics! **happy sailing** Deb

  11. How lovely! Well, if you sail into the sunset long enough, I might even spot you on the horizon...

  12. how fun!!!!! love the pic of you and your honey....i've said it before and i will say it again...YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE!!!

    the color of the boat is fabulous!!! enjoy your time with Daniel's brother. Drink it Up!

    i am heading to check out the post your friend put up!!!

    happy thursday friend!


  13. what a fabulous surprise!!! here's to many happy, wonderful, relaxing moments spent floating towards the sunset with your sweet daniel!! enjoy your visit with his brother!! :)))

  14. A real boat! I only get salt boats and Lego boats. Wow! What a beautiful boat.

    Your picture at Verena's blog:
    Der ist mein lieber Freund Silke!
    Das ist nicht an allen furchtsam!

  15. Oh Silke! I did very well before blogging and now I too am addicted to comments...a bit like 'you've got mail'! Sneaking around and surreptitiously checking!
    Lucky, lucky you with that little sail boat. They too are addictive.

    Love, Arija

  16. Hi Silke! Congrats to you on your new boat! What a great surprise treat to receive! You guys are really lucky to have a talented brother. Thanks so much for your lovely visit! Have a sweet day!

    Lisa :)

  17. I LOVE your new boat, how romantic and it is truly a well made and crafted boat. Look at the beautiful woodwork.
    I love those pictures of you too, you are so beautiful!!!
    Thank you for your kind kind words when you came over to my blog, it really helped.
    Love you bunches!!
    Have fun with your new boat.

  18. We are all adictive, thats true (lol).
    This boat looks wonderful, you will have a great time I am sure.
    On your first trip you and Daniel must sing "True love" like Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly (hihi)
    Today is my 1. blogaversary.
    I am having a giveaway, and I would like you and Daniel to join it.
    Happy weekend

  19. Is this one of the brothers Daniel talked about in the the tree house? He is a good brother after all!

  20. What a beautiful boat and an incredible gift. It is cool seeing you in your younger days too - beautiful as ever!
    I love the comments about Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly - I was thinking the same thing!

  21. BTW, if you have phone mail, you can go sailing and still get your emails. Ooops! I am an enabler! HAHAHAHAHA! Guess who got me addicted to email. I use to hate email. In fact I told someone before to stop sending me so many emails.

  22. OmG! You have so many linked blogs! It's like a Rolodex!

  23. Wow! how exciting! it is such a pretty boat too, what a sweetie brother~in~law you have.
    Oh the places you'll go! do you have a dry bag for your camera Silke? (you can get one at an outdoor store for around ten dollars, good insurance!) we will hope you have your camera on your boating adventures!
    love the photos too!

  24. Silke , what a fantastic gift, he must be a very sweet man....
    wishing you many wonderfull houers spend in that with your Daniel.
    Hugs and love Dorthe

  25. WHOAAAAAA! That is an incredibly beautiful boat! I love the rich color of that wood. What are you going to name it??? You have to christen it with champagne and all that, remember! Love that photo of you two by the boat at sunset. Aaaaah, warms my heart. Happy sailing!