Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Evolution of A Painting and "IF - Propagate"

Her attempt to propagate her favorite tree somehow went terribly wrong...

Ok, so the tree could be hugging her sweetly, but somehow my mind felt more sinister today...

Now to the evolution of this painting. A few days ago, I painted the very first version of her, which looked perfectly sweet and to me felt so boring.
It was lacking spirit! Then, Daniel suggested I look at a book by Odilon Redon who had lots of texture in his pastels. My ears perked up because (as you know) I love texture.

After looking at and admiring his work, I decided to leave my safety zone and get wild with my pastels. Enter version 2, which is less tame, but still leaves her pretty face sort of untouched by the craziness around her.
I wanted more.

And that's when I entered The Zone, where my mind sort of shuts off and my deep inner self takes over. It is something that is hard to explain in words, but the exhilaration I feel when I am painting like that tells me that I am expressing a very deep part of myself. It is purely emotional and that is when the whole process feels most satisfying to me! Do you ever get in that space?!

I have definitely left the Land of Pretty and have entered my own deep ocean of inspiration. Just wait until you see my next women! Maybe not pretty, but very expressive - at least I think so...

P.S. I will announce the winners of the giveaway later today!!

P.P.S. Thank you so much for your daily visits! You have no idea what a joyous part of my day reading your comments has become!!


  1. Silke, unglaublich in welcher Geschwindigkeit du dich und auch neue Fertigkeiten entwickelst. Das neue Pastell gefällt mit sehr, trotz der Bewegung und der lauten Farbigkeit, ist Sie doch ganz bei sich..Diesen Zustand wünsche ich mir auch des öfteren...Ein schönes und creatives Wochenende, Inge

  2. Oh I like it a lot!! I can see that you have moved a step deeper into the art world. Can´t wait to see more! Have a great and artistic weekend Beautiful. Love Annika ;)

  3. I really, really like the second one... I love the idea of the pretty face being surrounded by the craziness. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here :)

  4. Now you are really moving!! Love the colours and shading of the face. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  5. She looks so serene,no matter what is happening around her. I like all 3 but especially the 2nd one! Great job. :-)

  6. Hi Silke!

    You perfectly described being in the Zone; the body is in a state of relaxation, the creative brain has taken over, time stands still and WONDERFUL things happen! You cannot *make* the zone happen....but when it does...WOW!!!
    The color, motion and sense of exotic in the first photo is just amazing. That painting draws me in---it has a story to tell, it is not the perfect girl.
    It is a jump in your work and it is wonderful!!! Keep going!!!


  7. I love the second one~she has a magical glow like perhaps she's an earth angel or messenger.

    The tangled tree version is just as powerful, but to e this lady has deep secrets and inner angst. See what your paintings evoke?

    Wonderful Silke :)

  8. Oh my God! Silke. I am mesmerized by every version of her! It's like the evolution of a soul indeed. and I have to stop from associating myself with it for I have a tendency to do that with artwork. Yes, I know, I have to make it personal, just imagine me morphing from my women and babies to your women and Manon's women and finally, thank goodness --- Bella's mirthful girl. By the time I go through the cycle my heart had a full cycle of paroxysmal tachycardia!

    But your painting process. Congratulations for pushing yourself and going beyond the boundary of nice and pretty to deep and haunting. It is a brave soul to venture from something comfortable and pleasant to something evocative. I cannot do it most of the time. My heart stops at something that still soothes me but many a times I have been compelled to paint what I really feel or think and I am overcome and my hand slips and slides and the harmony of colors fail me and I only feel the anger, disdain and hatred. It happened only once and what I painted came out totally shocking to me yet I had no courage to tell exactly its meaning. I lied to protect the feelings of one who I portrayed in the painting as my saviour when in fact she was the cause of my suffering and helped me submerge into the abyss.

  9. Must be nice to have a hubbie who can give advice on ARTWORK...she's deep and interesting...lovely to see each stage.
    Make sure to go and enter.

  10. Oh my, Silke, SHE is now my favorite. Looking at the previous two paintings, it is so thrilling to see the final product and WOW is it a stunner. So different, so advanced, such a fantastic breakthrough. Almost as if you were timidly painting and now you are feeling BRAVE. I can't wait to see where you go from here. Fly High, Beautiful One!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  11. Hi Silke! Wow - this painting is great. All the additions you've made to it have really given it a lot of depth and interest. Great job! Miss you!

  12. You are so talented and a lover of what becomes. I am proud of you. These are beyond. I love love it all. You, too, morph the ordinary and time becomes more joyous knowing your spirit. Thanks for saying so on mine. Blessings dear friend.

  13. Of course every painting is YOU! It is your feelings, your thoughts and emotions that you infuse on those women. That is why they come out that way. Look at it this way. Why are these paintings and drawings so evocative? How many times have you stared into their faces, just stare? And then you say, "I think she will do."

  14. Absolutely love version 2. She is magnificent!
    Hugs, Diane

  15. Your comments are making me think...

    It's interesting to see which version(s) you all respond to. And even though versions one and two don't exist anymore (except digitally), they are still there, underneath the final version having contributed to what is now on the paper.

    It's the same for all of us, isn't it, as we go through life and change?! Those earlier versions of us still exist somewhere. And interesting how people come into our lives and leave depending on how our current "version" of ourselves resonates with where they are in life.


  16. Silke, you know that you gave Renee such a blessed gift...reassuring her about her children, as only you could. You helped her find her Peace. You are such a beautiful soul and I am so grateful for all of the women that Renee has brought into my life. All my love to you, Deb

  17. Hi Silke!!! this painting is fantastic!!! I love the additional colours and textures you!!

  18. Silke, as you know, I have not been present to the blogging world for over 3 weeks now so it is amazing to revisit your blog and see the progress you are making! The eyes in your women have really changed. And besides the tree idea, I at first thought the branches were veins from the heart, as if the emotions of her heart were taking her over. I love that you are taking risks with your takes us all to a new place. Bless you Silke! xo

  19. I always enjoy the way you take the different steps and that is what I need to learn to do. It's amazing how we can find hints here and there. Thanks for sharing Silke. I think it's a great paint. I like the way the branches seem to be coming from her emotions, very nice. Have a great weekend.

  20. love seeing how this changes... it is all so wonderful.....

    wishing you a wonderful weekend and sending love, my sweet

    kary and buddy

  21. Wow, it's amazing how much different she looks. I really like this darker persona and the background is amazing. Now I'm going to be a bit nervous when next I prune.:)

  22. This turned out beautifully! I love the colors. : )

  23. It's always a wonder to me what happens in the artist's mind upon approaching the moment of pure expression.

    Thank you for sharing the phases and development of this piece.

    The colors are gorgeous, and her poise is inspiring.

    ELe xx

  24. It is so good of you to share your process with us. I like knowing how your pictures evolve. The final rendition of this woman is a little spooky looking yet very compelling!

  25. Silke sweetheart, I am trying to correct an oversight. Please come to my blog.

  26. Sweet and sinister are a beautiful mix...she still has that sweetness but the more you added the more she changed...lovely!!

  27. Honey, I am sorry. I did not mean to undo your composure. I just thought it was not right that you did not have it. Bless you.

  28. love all 3 of the paintings and to see the evolution.
    love that your hubby gave you a a push in possibly a bit of a different direction.
    love hearing about your "zone"

    cannot wait to see your next series of women!!!

    happy rest of your weekend!

    ps. also loved hearing about what your friday looked like!! always love when you visit me!!! muah!!

  29. The ZONE baby, that's where your work comes alive with passion and is so fantastic! I love love love this! Pretty is overrated anyway : )

  30. Watching this transformation was like watching a woman grow into herself and become comfortable in her own skin. She is layered, like a well evolved woman should be. I adore the depth around her eyes, Silke. She is absolutely marvelous!

    Congratulations on the award, dear sisterfriend!

  31. Silke, what a beautiful process and thank you for sharing. That zone is pretty cool huh. Only felt it once and it makes a difference. Your hubby sounds so cool. By the way, I just love your outlook on life. Thank you for your comment on my blog about my stage in life (spring). Never saw it that way and thank you!

  32. What an awesome evolution!!! :D

  33. Wow Silke, she has become real dramatic, and powerfull, but I also love your version no. 2, very much.
    Congratulations to the two lucky winners of your paintings.
    And a wonderfull sunday to you, sweet friend.
    Her we have once more snow falling-----
    Love and hugs Dorthe

  34. Gorgeous painting! I know what you mean about the creative 'space' - a great place to be, I wish I could be there more often!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Becky :-)

  35. I absolutely know what you mean about that deep creative place. I think this girl is more beautiful with her shadows and wild detail... I just love all the colours you used and how you layered them. Wonderful.

  36. this is amazing, color saturated and beautiful! The zone? well, that usually comes with too little coffee and too much adoration of other's art. Like yours! :)