Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Food

We both love to eat roasted or grilled veggies and these just looked so pretty I had to take before and after pictures. We tossed sweet peppers (yellow, orange and red), red onion and sliced portobello mushrooms with garlic, lemon rind, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper and grilled them in a grill basket. Delicious!!
Ever since I started blogging and taking pictures for you all, I notice things I never saw before. A few days ago, I had to roast a whole head of garlic for a dish and when I was finished squeezing out the soft, roasted garlic, I was left with this beautiful "flower."
There truly is beauty wherever we choose to look for it...

P.S. This is the last day to enter my giveaway here!! (The two winners will be announced tomorrow.)


  1. Hmmm lecker...und wie es duftet!

  2. That sounds delicious, what could possibly be better than a plate of such colorful grilled veggies. The garlic does look like a flower, I will pay more attention next time I use some.

  3. Oh Silke, I don't know which I like better---the luscious food pics or that beautiful, creative garlic flower! When I first glanced at it, I thought it was some form of anemone ot tree peony.....and then you fess up that it is the glorious remains of the spent garlic!!!
    Creativity at it's best!


  4. those veggies are gor-juss!!!! one of my absolute favorite things to eat...grilled veggies full of flavA and color!!

    loving your sweet garlic flower too....wishing you a happy happy Friday!!

    i am off to paint!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  5. Hi Silke. Those veggies look ready to eat and awesome. I love veggies like that. The garlic, it's beautiful. Great photo. Have a great weekend. Take care.

  6. cool photo Silke :D and yes the veggies do look delicious!!!

  7. yes dear friend, beauty is everywhere. i know what you mean about looking. i love to see.

    i am making the same thing with veggies tonite, i could eat that everyday. i'm lucky chuck loves them too!

    have a beautiful friday!
    ♥ love,

  8. Oh I so understand what you mean about taking photos for your blog making you see more beauty in life. You begin to SEE every day life through the lens. When I first started my blog I had no idea where to go next in life, and I looked back on my posts, and thought, hmmmm, I'm a gardener. The garlic flower is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Let us live splendidly. Happy weekend, Oh Beautiful One! **kisskiss** Deb

  9. Hey Silke,
    Can I come over for dinner! My guess is that I'd eat very well at your house. The *garlic flower* is beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. The colors of your veggies are beautiful!
    And the garlic flower, it is amazing how there is beauty everywhere, we just have to open our eyes. Question: why do I often leave your blog and head straight for my kitchen?! xo Lisa

  11. Oooh goodness! Pure goodness, especially with the genus Piper family Piperaceae. Hahahahah! Ever since I started blogging I know the genus, family and species of plants, vegetables, trees and leaves that I draw. Hehehehe. I take my drawing an opportunity to research more information and review the scientific facts about them. I such a nerd! HAHAHAHA!.

    Dear dear dear Silke. Sometimes I realize all of my sisterfriends and how wonderful they are and I panic. I panic because it can't be true, but they are true, you are and I am most blessed.

    Same here. Your blog is an everyday fix for me, actually several times a day. You might think I am stalking or spamming. Hah!

  12. What a truly delightful post. Love the colors of your food and especially your garlic flower picture. Well done. T

  13. Silke, what a delicius meal, looks so yummi,love that kind of food too.
    I posted your beautifull painting today, sweetie, it is on my shelf here, and makes me happy to see, every day.

    Love and wishes for a happy week-end, dear.


  14. YUM...I love roasted Veggies and the Garlic looks so pretty.

  15. I've missed coming to read! What beautiful photos and garlic 'flower'. Also loved your thrift store treasures and that beautiful face resting on the hand piece. Just great. I wish I could paint like that.. or had you close to teach me!

  16. Wow, that's what was left of the garlic? Beautiful! You have quite the eye.

    Darn you. My stomach is growling.

  17. Your girls, I have two of them in my office are looking at me! They gigled when Bella's alter ego ran away with the mental ninja band aid guy on Hello Kitty's car.

  18. you can even make grilled veggies and a head of garlic look gorgeous!! :))

  19. Love your comments!! I especially have to laugh at those of you feeling hungry after reading this. Actually, I am starving as I write this. Time for dinner!! Can you tell I love food?!? Guten Appetit! Love, Silke

  20. Mmmmmm, something smells yummy here.

    teeheee! Little mental ninja guys do it in the dark. teeheeheee!

  21. Hahahahaha! I was going to say about the food but I read Bella's comment and it made me laugh. Hahahahah! I have to make dinner. Salmon, again! Hahaha!

  22. There will be a lot of cuchi cuchi in the Love Float for sure. Hehehehehe!

  23. I think the cruising is on the Love Float but the cuchi cuchi is in the Love Float. HAHAHAHA! Okay I have to set dinner.

  24. those look beautiful, my friend....

    have a wonderful weekend

    sending hugs to all

    kary and buddy

  25. Yum, Silke. Looks so delicious. I love garlic. I've never roasted a whole head before, but I hear its wonderful. That garlic flower is so pretty - and I bet it's VERY aromatic!!! :)
    Talk to you soon! Theresa

  26. I love roasted vegetables and these look scrumptious!! I even love them in a tortilla with goat cheese (or any kind of cheese)...mmmm.

    Your garlic looks like a painting!! Just think of the possibilities with this! :)