Monday, February 15, 2010

Impressions of Charleston, Part 2

or Things That Make Me Smile...

Spring is coming!!


  1. Deine Photos sind wunderschön.
    Ich wünsch dir noch viel Spaß in Charleston.

  2. Fun!! Next time you go, would you buy me that caviar & bananas bag? That's a riot. I also am crazy about the flowers - orange & purply-blue, what a spectacular color combo.

  3. Oh beautiful!!!!
    And how I wish I was somewhere with flowers in bloom!!!!
    That grocery makes me smile....I could do some very serious damage to the checking account there. I miss all the foods we had when my folks and I were stationed overseas....sigh!


  4. OOOOOOH! The two of you in that window picture!!!! Now that is a fave and so darling! Blessings.

  5. Beautiful pics Silke! (Except for the green swamp one, those scare me! LOL)
    Looks like you've had a wonderful time!

  6. So fun! And you are so lovely, Silke. Enjoy your week...:)

  7. Beautiful! With this snow on the ground your pictures remind me that spring is not far! HOpe....

  8. How lovely it was to join you both on your wonderful trip - I've always wanted to see Charleston since Gone with the Wind! Love the one of you with the gorgeous camellias...I adore those flowers! xoxo Happy Monday xox Rachel

  9. A visual delight! What a charming grocery store. Love the clever photo of you and Daniel in the reflection. One question,Oh Beautiful One, why are you not a model????
    **kisskiss** Deb

  10. I love your paintings and so glad you have found your new passion....I love your name and so identify as mine is Butterfly....Love Charleston and Savannah..We have a house at St. Simons Island and love going through Savannah and lingering through all the beauties of your city......Enjoyed your blog and will definitely be returning soon.
    Stop by to see me; would love to have you.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  11. Aaaw Crud! I can only see half of the images but what I see is pure delight! YES! YES! Not only smile but probably shoot up your endorphins. They are things that make life beautiful and happy. I remember you once mentioned "I please myself so easily" Well! Me too! I am delighted with the smallest wonders. Once I spent an hour crouched on the deck watching the ants ferry pollens back and forth from the flower to their mound , then I saw a pile of dead ants like a cemetery. I was sprawled on the deck just watching in the middle of the day. The children wondered what I was doing or thought I was hurt at first and then my husband joined us. We just sat there watching but then it turned into a wrestling match between me and the kids.

    Anyway, I am rambling. I am deflating from an emotionally heavy art weekend with the babies and now I muct think clearly.

    I look forward to seeing the other images when I get home or maybe try again later.

    Silke you and Daniel look very happy, not just posed, your smiles are so genuine and you both look like grown up children, your smiles are so refreshing. May you remain in love with and crazy about each other forever.

  12. You make me want to go on a road trip!!!

  13. Darling photos! Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. i feel like i just had a wonderful trip somewhere. thank you so very much. these are wonderful.

  15. Hello Silke, it seems you had a really wonderful weekend. The pictures are very nice and I am think you are right - the spring will come more or less :-)

  16. Oh, it looks like you are having the GREATEST time. Such glorious flower photos. :) Can't wait to start seeing some here.

  17. What glorious photos! You really do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Now you have me drooling to visit Charleston again sometime soon.
    It's so nice to see evidence that Spring is sprouting somewhere!

    Hugs and love,

  18. So lovely! Your smile is the greatest!

  19. Oh wow! Such beautiful photos. You both are looking so happy!
    Glad to see you having a great time!



  20. These are great photos Silke! A vacation sounds so perfect right about now!! Big hugs!

  21. I had to go no further that the first few pics! Omg..... Heaven!!!! You are a lucky girl!!

  22. silke, i think you gallivant in the same way and the same places that i do. what fun. you and daniel look so gleeful together. what could be more fun than gallivanting with someone you adore and who is a kindred gallivanter?

    only yesterday did i realize that you live in savannah! when i left you a comment that that would be one of the places where i would want to start life over, if i had to, i didn't know you lived in savannah!!!

    so now i know why you are happy and how easily your creativity flows. your city is magnificent!

  23. Hallo Silke, ich bin wieder da! Hatte zeitlang keinen ISP, aber jetzt krabbel ich wieder weiter ;-)

    Very pretty photos. Savannah is a quaint little town, isn't it? (or is it a city?)

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I'm having a President's Day Giveaway on my blog in case you are interested in participating.

    Enjoy your day!
    Doris :-)

  24. I am doing ok Silke, How about you?
    What is in those jars?
    I love the picture of the swamp.
    Where is the swamp monster? Too cold?

  25. Oh my goodness! The first photo rocks! Oh that is a dangerous place. I may have spent a whole month's salary in there!

  26. the picture of the Kress bldg brings back memories. Some 70 years ago, when my mother would go shopping in Wichita, KS. the first thing she did was to take me to the basement flooor of the Kress' and let me buy a toy. that kept me entertained the wole day while she shopped.

  27. Oh these photos made me smile too! I LOVE cooking stores and could wander around there forever. And look at those pink blossoms! gorgeous.
    So glad you both had such a nice time, you are a beautiful couple ♥

  28. these snippets into your world!!

    you're the and your hubby....too cute!


  29. Beautiful photographs- I hope to visit there someday!

  30. What a beautiful post...with so mnay stories to tell in each photo...and such a fabulous fun captured..wonderful !

  31. Amazing photographs...makes me feel like I'm right there!