Monday, August 24, 2009

A Few Garden Pictures

As promised a few pictures Daniel took in our garden over the weekend. I wish we could accurately convey they regal magnificence of this ten-foot high sunflower. At first it stood tall and proud and now it is bowing down as the sunflower seeds grow bigger. Every day, I marvel at its perfection!
This was one of our smaller sunflowers with tiny little bees collecting pollen.
I love this close-up of a gorgeous zinnia - it looks like tiny flowers within a flower. Isn't nature amazing?!
Our castor beans are doing well - such interesting looking plants all around.
The pretty flowers of the Mexican petunia bloom for only one day, but new buds open every day during the warm season. The hotter and more direct the sunlight, the better!
Here a few pretty flowers of a butterfly vine, which seeded itself and is so pretty that we can't get rid of it.
A few pretty flowers around our fountain.
This is one of our planted flower pots and it's looking really pretty. It had some self-seeded Asian basil and we added a few things.
This is the time of year when our garden is starting to look really tired from the heat, although this year we are noticing that all the rain we've had has helped plants look better longer. How does your garden grow these days?

I hope you enjoyed this little amble through our yard with us! Now I'll amble on over to your blogs...


  1. Love the sunflowers. They are regal when they stand so tall soaking up every bit of sunshine they can. Hope you have a lovely week.

  2. Ah you have a colorful garden. I love sunflowers! I also have that Mexican petunia. You are right, it loves the heat! This year I am lucky all the plants and bushes did not wither from the drought. Your blog is one of my favorite stops everyday.

  3. OOOOhhhh I love your sunflower... I used to grow them when I was a teenager... so beautiful. You have reminded me to grow them again.

    The rest of the garden is so beautiful also.

  4. Loved being in your is lovely! We have had unusual coolness and rain so many of our potted plants have drowned. We had a frost in June which damaged all the impatiens although they are limping along. Nothing looks very healthy this year which is a shame. We are just getting sweet corn...very, very late this year. We've already had a fire in the fireplace. Had our heat on once last month. It's not been a good summer here and the leaves are already turning. Global warming has not visited our area! I so enjoyed seeing your healthy plants and flowers! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. i can never get enough of the sunflowers - the neighborhood "boys" are having a little growing contest - papa's garden down the street has them taller than his corn! this year i have shared in the wealth of not only mom's small garden but a few friends and i am loving every minute of it
    your's looks very very good!

  6. Your and Daniel's garden pictures are lovely. That is one big sunflower!

  7. L.O.V.E. the gigantic sunflower!!! beautiful pictures!

    thank you for popping by my blog today!!! xoxoxox

  8. Your garden looks absolutely wonderful!
    Have a beautiful day!

  9. Your sharing and positivity always bring a smile to my face, thank you for being you!

  10. Hi Silke, what a sweet new photo of you, on the sidebar.And your garden pictures,are so beautifull-the zinnia in particular.
    Here everything is dry, and brown,-no water for many,many weeks now, will take the end on many plants,-it is very bad, try to keep the ones in bowls alive.
    Wishing you a lovely day, sweet.

    xo Dorthe

  11. Thanks for sharing, thay are so amazing sunflowers aren't they, such bright colour and so tall!

  12. Mmm gorgeous pics Silke. Bram loved the sunflowers best as his was eaten by the slugs this year - it never stood a chance! The Asian basil & other bits & pieces at the end looked so pretty in the pot too. Hope you're well xxxx

  13. Great photo's Silke! Love sunflowers, they so magical. Thankyou for sharing the inner part so closely, I have never seen one so close and described little flowers in a flower. So cool!
    Thank you for your message also, I am so pleased you feel very similar things, There are some special spiritual happenings in and around us. Great to share with you.
    Our garden grass and weeds have grown double this year due to the amount of rain. The rain seems to come down alot faster.
    Guess what helps make the rain droplets?
    A dust particle. How cool is this!
    Have an awesome day!

  14. Lovely garden and pictures Silke - one of my favorite summer flowers is the Zinnia too.
    Lovely new profile picture!

  15. Silke can you make sure to give Daniel a big hug and kiss for me to thank him for the flowers.

    By the way, you are beautiful and I love your new picture.

    Love Renee xoxo

  16. Lovely to walk around your garden, Silke! I love the sunflowers! You've changed your profile pic too!

  17. What beautiful photos Silke! Thanks for sharing them!!
    Love, Darla♥

  18. Hi Silke, I love the flowers of your garden! they are so beautiful... I have save them for my own in my computer. I also like you new photo in your profile, you look diferent, I like to see diferente pictures of a person to know him better, thats good.
    Hugs, Amalia.

  19. Beautiful flowers and plants! You make me wish I had a garden! :]

  20. Beautiful pictures, love your sunflower!

  21. your garden is would be really easy to sit there all day soaking up the beauty!! :)

  22. Wonderful pictures of tropical flowers (?) Is the sky really as blue as in the photos? I probably wouldn't be able to bear the heat but I'd love to grow some of your flowers here. No chance. I shall e putting some late autumn pictures in soon, they'll be nothing like your beauties!
    Did you hear that Germany was sweltering in 37 C last week? I have German satellite TV and occasionally I watch the news from over there.

  23. The garden is so pretty. What a feast for the eyes to stroll through. Thanks for sharing.

  24. the sunflower is a beautiful opener! that is the state flower where i live (kansas) and your photo makes me want to drive out to the sunflower fields so i can see them in all their ten-foot glory!

  25. You are always welcome to amble through my blog. I'm just glad you're not ambling through my garden as yours is so gorgeous!

  26. Your flowers still look gorgeous! Zinnias are one of my absolute favorites, too.

    And sunflowers! A squirrel or bird must have "planted" some sunflower seeds in our veggie patch a few years ago, because we were delighted when a few gorgeous sunflowers grew there unexpectedly. It was so much fun to watch the squirrels climb up the plants in the Fall to eat the tasty new seeds, too. I was fortunate enough to see a field of sunflowers only once in my life, but it's a sight I'll never forget. Breathtakingly beautiful!