Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Art again!

Whew! It's been a busy day running errands and now I feel like I want to take a nap! But instead, I thought I'd show you my latest painting.

My last few paintings have felt very "finished" to me and I wanted to paint a woman sort of fast, focusing more on her emotions than how pretty she is. So, I gave the painting some great texture with light molding paste (can you tell I love molding paste?) and then painted her without sketching her out first.

It took 10 minutes and then I let her sit for a while looking at what was working and what wasn't. Then another 10 minutes and I love the outcome! I like that she's sort of "raw" and not all perfectly colored in.

I want to work more like that - less thinking and more feeling and just flowing with the process! I'm such a careful person (something I've talked about before), often overthinking things, that this is very satisfying for me and such good practice. It teaches me to trust my instincts!

If you like her, click here to see her in my shop!

P.S. I forgot to say that this is an acrylic painting on 5 x 7 inch watercolor paper.


  1. Hi Silke! Is a fast painting, I can see it, but must be a good lesson for you, to trust in your instincts, thats good...although I prefer to think a little of what I am doing...But you've done it right.

  2. That is very fast! How big are the paintings and what medium do you use? When I paint, my oil paintings take a month or two.

  3. Silke, I wanted to say that I find her beautiful!

  4. Hi Amalia and Ces,

    I should have mentioned that the painting is small - 5 x 7 inches and painted with acrylics. Ces, I've not yet painted in oils...

    I'm glad you like her!! Hugs, Silke

  5. The less thinking/more intuitive approach is working, because this is one of my favorites!

  6. She is lovely!
    Trust your instinct!

  7. I see what you mean about not thinking too much about it, it's really good especially considering you didn't sketch it out first...I overthink about overthinking...and use so much time and energy...I need to practice this!

  8. you inspire me. full stop.
    must buy molding paste
    your etsy shop is filling up and it is amazing looking - vibrant women full of emotions and texture
    full of silke power

  9. Hey Silke- thanks so much for the well wishes. I am coming around the recovery wheel. :)

    Your painting is just lovely! I hope that you are well.

  10. Hi Silke!!! your lady is lovely !!!! I am impressed with all your paintings!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and keep creating!!!


  11. Lovely lady again Silke. I know what you mean about painting without too much thought - I also tend to 'overthink' and work too 'tightly'! That's why I liked the process of the IF painting I did this week - glad you did too, by the way! Yes, I had seen the angel - but funnily, she was the last to be spotted, I was so excited by the smaller figures!!

  12. She's lovely and I am a HUGE fan of molding paste too.
    I love that we are on the same wave length at the moment, just being free'r with our art and letting it flow is so much better than all the pre planning I used to do.

    Micki x

  13. Hi Silke, she looks awesome, love the texture.
    I cannot believe how fast you painted her, she's amazing!
    Love the colours you use also, so autumn and warm.
    No mummy rising out of the flower. I only realized that she looked like this yesterday when my son came to visit. Would be a great mistake though.
    The best time for idea's can be just before you drop of to sleep and first waking up in the morning. Not really sure why but maybe inspiration comes when relaxed more and the spiritual you can talk with the angels? Quite a few of my idea's just pop in my head from no-where, they must be given?
    Have a great day Silke, many beautiful colours and textures. Look forward in seeing your next painting.

  14. Another very nice painting Silke. In looking through some of your paintings I think one of my favorite things about your work is how you do the backgrounds. Anyway, she is very lovely.

  15. This one is really good! The colors as so vibrant and I love how you paint your backgrounds.

  16. very lovely...she has a sureness about her!

  17. She's lovely! I just love seeing what you create, how you grow and explore and experiment more with each new painting. You go, girl! You're such an inspiration to me.

  18. hi silke! i love how you're challenging yourself in your process of painting these beautiful pieces of art! i tend to overthink things, too. so often that i will sometimes talk myself right out of finishing something because i've thought about it too much! good for you for coming up with a better way of doing things! :)

  19. Hi dear! Great work! I thank-you for you amazing words! I love all the ladies in your gallery! You are so gifted. Blessings.

  20. Silke this painting is great. I love the halo of light around her head.
    Just an idea. I really like your green eyed beauty picture. I like her face and the shape of her mouth, (like a cat mouth turned up at the corners). She looks similar to me. I'm not saying I'm a beauty but I have green eyes.
    Do you do commissions? Because if she was a yellow/orange redhead I would buy a painting like her from you and maybe if you could add a cat (head and shoulders) with stripes?
    Let me know what you think?
    No worries if you feel it is not ok to do a commission!:)

    Love Jo.x
    P.S. Would an original painting cost $35?

  21. Hi Again Silke,
    If you want to discuss doing a commission for me privately, please contact me through my website so I can email you back.
    Like I said I would love you to do a painting but it depends on how you feel about it.
    I will understand if you are not sure!:)
    Best wishes. Jo.x