Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Heart

I am calling her "All Heart" because I painted her on our anniversary and I had love and hearts on my mind... It was a little experiment with the cuteness factor - the eyes are a little bigger, the face a little broader, the nose a bit shorter. It's not really my usual style (if I have such a thing), but she was fun to paint.

Again, she has lots of great texture from using the light molding paste before painting. I really like working that way. The background took me a little while. First it was really dark and then really light and finally, I found a color combination I love.

If you feel "All Heart" about her, you can find her in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for all your comments on my last piece, the advance birthday wishes, and the input for the giveaway. I've decided - because it'll be difficult to mail a loaf of bread like some of you had suggested - to create a painting instead just for this giveaway - so stay tuned...


  1. Hi Silke, I like very much the painting, is really cute!! I like those modifications you've done to make it more cute, and the hearts forms are very original. I love it!.

  2. Anything you put your heart into turns out well! Love your series of ladies.

  3. Very cute! She looks like Angelina Jolie - or a soap opera actress from a daytime soap. I can't remember the name of the soap and I don't know the name of the actress right now, but she's very pretty.
    I love the hearts, too. I just made a batch of egg-carton papier mache hearts a few days ago, myself (they've been drying on an old cookie sheet).
    Your art is fabulous!

  4. Love her bright eyes! She is a beauty with that heart shaped head of her's!

  5. it's beautiful, silke! she is definitely all heart, just like the artist who created her!! :)

  6. she is wonderful Silke and just like you!!! ALL Heart!!!


  7. I like this painting a lot. I really liked the last two as well, especially the one with the dog. I'm really curious, how long does it take you, on average, to paint like this? Really neat Silke.:)

    Well the thunder and lightning show has started and I had better put the chickens to bed, talk to you later.

  8. Your lady is lovely - I love hearts :)

  9. I love how her head is a love heart also, she is full of love! Big lush lips and big loving eyes.
    Thank you so much Silke for you're caring message. I have just been reading them over again and so many of us have turned to art through illnesses or accidents. Such a wonderful place we have come too. A place where art becomes a gift of healing to our souls and bodies.
    How much we need each other and our dedication to create beautiful creatures through pictures or words.
    Your girls are dreamy and i can see so much loving in their personalities. You shine through them so much!

  10. Hi Silke, gosh, I just love her! She really is All Heart!