Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art 'n' More

I've been busy painting and have a few more ladies to share with you. Today, this lovely woman. Painting her just flowed with ease - no revisions, no touch-ups and love at first sight. I did the texture with heavy gel medium, which was very different to work with and paint on than light molding paste - less porous, smoother and more defined. She's available in my Etsy store, so make sure you visit if she speaks to you!

Now, to something else... I noticed that I have over 100 followers. How is that possible?!? I remember when I had my first three followers. I felt ecstatic that there were three people who liked what I had to say. And now more than 100. To think that five months ago I was neither painting nor blogging... I am amazed and and my heart is overflowing with gratitude and appreciation for you all!

Well, add this milestone to my upcoming birthday next week (we Leos are never shy about announcing our birthdays, are we?) and I feel a big giveaway coming on. I am thinking of either a print of one of my existing pieces (i.e. the Summer Maiden) or creating a painting especially for the occasion. What do you all think?

Last, but not least, I baked another one of those wonderful loaves of the no-knead, slow-rise bread. I again used the recipe you can find here, but increased it by half to make a higher loaf. I also, again used half whole wheat flour. Excellent!!
I'm feeling chatty, but I know you are all busy people, so I'll sign off for now. I must leave some time to visit your blogs after all...


  1. Wonderful texture in the painting (and your new loaf of bread!). I really like the flecks of gold, too. (I'm not seeing things, am I??)

    Here's to the next 100 followers, I know you'll have them in no time.

    Early happy birthday wishes and hugs,

  2. Beautiful painting Silke! Congrats on 101 followers! You deserve them~

    The bread looks fantastic!! YUM!

  3. I love it when it flows, that is an incredible space, isn't it?
    She is a lovely woman and the colors are just gorgeous... but the glint in her eyes is perfect! Well done!
    Happy Birthday Silke. May you have many many more.

    Thank you so much Silke!! Renee gives so much to all of us and she has changed my life and my attitude.
    "when we are ready the teacher comes"
    Thank you for playing and commenting on the giveaway.
    Good luck!!!

  4. The bread looks like a pot of gold.

    Congratulations on the blog.

    I think an original would be the thing.


  5. I too think an original picked by you would be lovely. I love today's woman. The colours are great. I really must try that bread.

  6. Hi Silke, Wow, she's gorgeous Silke, I just love her! She's so beautiful! You're a very talented Artist!
    So, it's going to be your birthday next week, hmmm I wonder what day? Happy almost Birthday to you Silke! I hope that on your birthday and everyday that you have a wonderful day filled with love all the things and people that you love!
    Oh...a Giveaway with one of your paintings...oh my goodness, I think it's a great idea! Congrats to you on your over 100 followers! I know I'm tickled that I met you!
    Wow..more great bread, yummm! I really must give your bread a try it looks fantastic!
    Thanks so much Silke for all your kind words you always leave me at my blog! I very much appreciate all of them, thank you so much! The last couple of days has been a lil hard for me but I'm hanging in there. The 2 surgeries last week were just a lil bit rough but I'm trying to get use to this nephrostomy bag and still waiting to hear something from my Dr.'s about what they're going to be doing next. I'm blessed with a good family and friends and that really helps me! I hope that your day is a good one!

  7. Came to visit after seeing your comment on hairballs over at Suburb Sanity (I do NOT understand how mine can shed this much and still have any hair left. Jesus's loaves and fishes trick had nothing on these two dogs.)

    Anyway, LOVE your paintings!

  8. i love her expression - such wonderful paintings! and thanks for the comment on my blog - i look forward to seeing more of your work!

  9. I see that both the bread and the painting turned out fabulous! Will be mailing your b'day card tomorrow, so keep an eye out. :]

  10. beautiful painting and i would LOVE a piece of that bread right about now!

    CONGRATS, CONGRATS on the 100 followers - that is awesome!

    i look forward to your giveaway as well!

  11. I'm not surprised you have 100 followers - you deserve every one of them! Pity you can't use the bread as a giveaway!!

  12. I like the idea of the bread as giveaway! I love bread and here's they're not very good at making it. Congrats on the 100 followers and your lady is very lovely!

  13. She is lovely and to think you haven't been blogging and painting that long! Can I have a thick slice of that amazing bread???
    Love ya!

  14. Congratulations! And thank you for the follow.

    Your art is wonderful, I can see some Modigliani in it... some Gauguin too. And that loaf of bread... well you know me, anything FOOD wins my heart.

    Lola xx

  15. oh that is so wonderful about your last 5 months - there is really something special to how this thing called blogging can tap into and release some powerful creative impulses
    i love it
    and it has helped me to explore things i have longed to get my hand into for years