Monday, August 3, 2009

Art and More Awards

Finally, I have finished some more art and am working on another piece. My temporary creative ebb seems to be over. I am entering this piece into Illustration Friday for this week's theme of modify.

You won't believe how many times I had to modify this little painting before it worked for me. Not the young woman - her I liked right away, but the color scheme of the background and then the dog. First is was brown, then blue, then big and cuddly, then skinny. Finally, now, I like it ... a lot! She is now available in my Etsy make sure and check if you like her!

In other I made my own homemade concentrated laundry powder, which was incredibly easy and so inexpensive compared to the brand name detergents you can buy at the store. I found the "recipe" for it here. I intend to make some of the other cleaners as well. Also, hopefully soon, I'll try making some soap, which seems to be a little more complicated undertaking, but looks like so much fun and would make for great gifts! Have any of you ever tried it?

And, finally, I would like to thank the fabulous Shelly, the BlueRidgeLady, for giving me these two much appreciated awards. I am so very touched, Shelly!!

Make sure you visit Shelly's blog - she makes the most incredible collages and her posts are simply inspiring! Plus, she lives in a part of Georgia that intrigues me...

I know I am supposed to make a list and pick out blogs I'd like to give these to, but you don't know how hard that is for me. I am an includer, so I am going to pass this on to all of you who so regularly visit my blog and leave me such encouraging comments! I consider you my friends and you all make me smile. If you feel so inspired take these awards and pass them on to make someone else smile...


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog :-) Love your picture - nice colours and the dog looks great! Checked out your Etsy shop too; you have some lovely paintings.

  2. Congrats on your awards, Silke! The painting of the woman is wonderful and I truly love the colors you finally chose. Just Beautiful.
    I love the laundry soap recipe, thank you so much for turning us all on to it and the blog, I love it. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I like the colors that you've chosen for this lovely lady & her canine companion. And I see you've included some of your trademark circles. Very cool piece!!

  4. an "includer" - what a cute little phrase to say that your heart is big enough for everyone

  5. the colours of this new piece are so lovely, very rich. Can be hard getting the backgrounds just right. And congrats on the awards!

  6. Hi Silke, I love your new painting, especially how the background match with the woman and the dog, very well done! it has been hard, no? but you got it. I really like it.
    Thanks very much for your awards!! so much time I didn't receive one, and this one is in english, so much more! hehehe,
    Well, kisses and see you.

  7. I forgot! congratulations for your awards! that you have also just received it.

  8. Hi Silke, so good to see you! I had 2 surgeries last week and now have a Nephrostomy Bag in/on my left kidney. I may have to have one also on my right. But I'm doing alright considering. Thank you for all your prayers!
    I love your panting, but then again, I love all of your paintings! On this one though I do especially love the background and the colors that you used, very beautiful!
    Congrats to you on all your awards! You so deserved all of them and even more!
    Thank you to for passing the Awards on! You're very sweet and thank you so much!

  9. special awards for a special lady! your new artwork is beautiful, silke!! :)

  10. Hi Silke!!! I love your latest piece and you so deserve these wonderful awards!!! congrats!!!


  11. Hi Silke,
    I`m back in blogging, after my little family left ,to go to their home again. And it`s a little bit sad, I will soo miss them, especially the kids.....

    But then it is good to visit you, and getting in good mood ,seing this wonderfull painting.
    It is so great colors together- sparkling, I love it.
    And congrats with your awards dear.

    Hugs-xx -Dorthe

  12. Oh Silke, that lovely lady and her companion make such a beautiful twosome. I think the colours are absolute perfection and I love the lady's gentle grace.

    Congratulations on those two awards - so richly deserved. You are a very special lady.

    PS. I have made soap...and still do occasionally. I found some wonderful moulds which are normally used for chocolate in the shape of butterflies and bees which were perfect for soap shapes. They look very pretty when put together on a little white china bowl in the guest bathroom....and smell gorgeous when scented with Lavender and/or Bergamot oil.

  13. Love this one, Silke! Glad you kept experimenting with the background, it came out delightfully! And making your own laundry detergent? I'm going to have to check it out.
    PS -- It's good to be back with friends like you!

  14. Congrats on more awards - so well deserved!! And how busy you've been - I've always wanted to have a go at soap making - you'll have to report back on your experiments! Another lovely lady Silke - you're building a big beautiful family of them!

  15. Very nice painting! When I first saw it I thought it looked a bit like you. Maybe it is the short hair. I don't know, but I like it.


  16. I wonder what that lovely little dog is saying :)

  17. Thank you for your lovely comments on my 'Betty' painting.
    I love the sweet dog you painted, so cute!

    Micki x

  18. I like your picture a lot too.