Friday, June 19, 2009

A Thoughtful Day

I was going to write about more art, but I've had a thoughtful day - actually a couple of thoughtful days, so I thought I'd write about that.
Yesterday and today, I found out that two of my new blogging friends, Bella Sinclair and Diana Evans, suffered great personal and unexpected losses.
At the same time, there was an announcement at my husband's school that a young professor had lost his life in a hiking accident. Even though we didn't know him personally, it still made me really aware once again how life can change in an instant. And it doesn't have to be tragic - it can be a good surprise as well!
It made me really conscious of how precious the moments of our lives are. Truly not to be wasted - ever!
And it made me think about how good it is to practice going with the flow of life, as that is really all it is - the natural flow of life with all the changes, surprises, ups and downs.
Something else this made me realize is how connected I feel to all my new blogging friends. I may never meet you in person, and with some of you I don't even know what you look like, where you live or how old you are.
It seems that none of that matters though. Just through our visits to each others blogs and our comments of support, we have made a connection. I can tell by how heavy my heart is for Bella, Diana and their friends and families, and how I rejoice in all of your stories and successes on a daily basis, that you all are a part of my life now and I am truly grateful for that!


  1. Beautifully said, and how true.

  2. Raina said...
    The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to deal with.
    Your pictures beautifully reflect the cycle of life and death.
    And you are right about going with the flow of life and to live in the moment.
    My thoughts are with you and Dan.

  3. Thank you for the reminder of how precious life is. Your post really touched me. I am practicing at staying in the now and enjoying life as it comes to me bad and good each moment by moment. A practice that is difficult at times but is easier with the friends I feel I've made since I've started my blog. Thank you Silkie.

  4. Very true and very well put, Silke. It's always best if we appreciate what we have, because everyone has something to be thankful for. I'm thankful for friends like you, and I am proud that you have created this blog so that you can share your wonderful self with others.

    Here's a quote that ties in nicely with the topic of making the most of each day:

    "Every morning when we wake up, we have 24 brand-new hours. What a precious gift!" -- Thich Nhat Hanh

  5. So very true, dear Silke. I'm realizing that more and more, and I've been really trying to live every moment with awareness and gratefulness. This blogging that we do brings us together with people we would never otherwise meet, for whatever reason. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing.

    I'm so glad we've met this way!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. We are caught up in a rash of health problems with our extended families. It does make you realize how precious life is.

  7. What a beautiful and thoughtful post.... you are so appreciated! xx

  8. Your sincerity thoughtfulness & depth are a joy in the bloggosphere!
    Such a positive voice, Thanks :)

  9. Beautiful post... a quote I love in this domain is from the Australian film Breaker Morant "You should live each day as though it were your last, for one day, you are bound to be right."

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - each day is a gift and life is actually too short not to use each day to the fullest... I keep trying to live by this - but sometimes I get side tracked.

  11. This post touches on so many things that I've been thinking since my mother passed...
    You are so right about learning to just follow the flow of life...I think, in the past, when life was closer to and more wrapped in the cycles and struggles of nature we inately understood we've moved further away in our day-to-day lives we have lost touch with that knowing part of ourselves.
    Somehow,this technology that can isolate us from our surrounding lives can also bring us all together as a community and help us to remember how to truly live and be a part of life.
    Beautiful post Silke...
    Thank you

  12. What a beautifully written post, and a testament to how great blogging is! I hope I give you another reason to love blogging... You just won my giveaway! Please email me your address!

  13. Silke - that was beautifully put, I too am a follower of Dianas & was so saddened by this tragedy.

    Blogging is wonderful, sharing & taking part in others life. I love art, but I'm a very busy mum of 3, visiting galleries is kind of out of the question - so I am very grateful that you share your art with us - it fills a part of my life with much happiness - thank you xxx

  14. wonderfully written, silke, and so true. this is just how i feel about many of the bloggers that i may never have a chance to meet. my heart goes out to bella and diana for their losses.