Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Maiden

I am so very proud of this painting (actually, it almost seems immodest to me how proud I really am). Three months ago, I had never painted anything and now this is flowing from my paint brush. Where is it coming from?!? I cannot believe I created something that looks this beautiful to me (hence the shameless pride)! I call her Summer Maiden because I painted her on the solstice and the first day of summer.
I painted her with acrylics on 15 x 22 inch, 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. There is some paper collage in the background, but none of the paper shines through. It does give it some texture though. And then I did lots of layering under and on top of my summer maiden and her flower garlands with various household stamps (q-tips, non-stick shelf liner, bubble wrap).

Now, here's the background I had posted earlier:
When I looked at it, she sort of "jumped out" at me. Can you see her now as well?

All my painting lately has brought up a question for me, something I had not considered before. I am wondering about offering some of my prints and paintings on Etsy. What do you all think? Do you think they have general appeal? Believe me, I am not fishing for compliments - just wondering about something that had not been in my conscious thought before, not knowing if I had talent at all...

Ok, you lovely people, I am off now to visit your inspiring blogs!


  1. Noo! Not immodest at all. You should be proud sweet Silke because the inspiration from within is the most difficult thing to achieve of all, so you are blessed and celebrate that blessing because your heart is signing and it is prodding your lovely hands to paint! Bravo!

    I love it when that happens!

  2. Silke! You have every right to be completely puffed up with pride, because she is beautiful! I love watching you grow as an artist. You're inspiring me to get going and see what I can do, too!

  3. Hi Silke, you've surprise me too, you are painting only three months, incredible! I understand how proud you can be... I like how you do backgrounds and then the figure jump up to your eyes, that inspiration is very good. Congratulations for your art. I think you could put it on etsy. I can see you have a future in this. Hugs.

  4. It is funny to think she was perhaps hiding there on the canvas, waiting for you to bring out into the light!

  5. Ehrlich? erst seit drei Monaten? Congratulations! Of course, you should try to sell your work, why ever not. It's very pretty.

  6. I can't believe you've only been painting 3 months that is amazing. I am totally amazed how your backgrounds always seem to "tell" you what to paint.

  7. You are SO talented! Just painting 3 months, wow. Your painting has such a lovely quality to it and I'm sure many people would love to own a piece of your art. I love all the layers and textures that give your summer maiden such depth.

  8. Now THIS ONE is my favorite!! No really, this is the one! She kind of reminds me of a geisha, or maybe someone from the early part of the 20th century. Whoever she is, I like her a lot! And of course, I absolutely think you should sell your stuff on etsy. Your could sell prints and original paintings (if you can bear to part with them). Also, if you could turn your art into note cards that would be really great too. And maybe also pendants??

  9. Yes, Silke! I absolutely think you should sell on Etsy! You do such beautiful work and you have only been painting for 3 months! You amaze me! Imagine what you will be like 3 years from now! Etsy? Yes, do it!

  10. I am honored to have received my print from your drawing today!!
    Now to this amazing piece! You have something here that has a unique and happy presence! It is absolutely your own creation, as is the one we traded! You are letting your soul sing, I think. I love how much joy and peace they give off and your textures and colors are amazing. Thank goodness you have started this path.

  11. Hi Silke!!!

    wow this is wonderful...I love the 140 lb watercolour paper but haven't tried it with acrylics....

    great work!!!!


  12. That is really amazing Silke. Don't be suprised at how talented you have become as it is pretty hard not to excel at those things that we truly love. As a non-artist I am so enjoying watching you transform. I must say that all of your artwork is more than deserving of compliments and you should be proud of your works!

  13. Silke, you have every reason to be proud! When we see that our skills grow with each piece, that is a reason to be proud. Your Summer Maiden is very beautiful!

  14. It is good and perfect to feel proud...look at your very pretty. Sure go ahead and sell...I am sure you'll do fine.
    Thank you so much for buying my print. Hope you like it!

  15. Raina said...
    This painting is one of my favorites. I like the q tip effect. It works well around her face. I fantasize about what/who she's looking at:-) Isn't it wonderful to feel proud of what you've created? Great job Silke!

  16. I am not a creative person. I have tried all my life, but never could get beond, "Lame."

    I can only try to imagine what it must feel like to have something so wonderful come out of hiding, or maybe even bondage to be free. What a gift.


  17. Good Morning Silke!
    I LOVE your Summer Maiden, she is absolutely beautiful... you do have talent, and why not put your works up on ETSY!? I will be doing the same very soon, and we will be in this together!
    I can obviously see her in that previous background now that I know... but don't laugh, you promise, I actually saw a dancing dog, a very silly one off to the right side. Guess that shows my psychology, huh! I know, I'm twisted in a comical way.
    Loved this post... it satisfied my curiosity.
    Thanks so much for sharing your delight...

  18. Not a bit of immodesty! She is gorgeous...Flora was my first thought. I love how she is looking away to some mysterious something just out of our view.

    My father always told me that we are all artists; that everyone has it in them to create...but that various influences in our lives can cause us to ignore or repress that urge until we truly believe that we can't do it.
    I think it's wonderful that you've been doing this only these few months and your work is so lovely and heartfelt.

    Absolutely, you should give Etsy a try.

  19. Hi, you all - you make me blush with your very sweet comments!

    Ces - Thank you! That's how I feel - it's all coming from inside somewhere and if feels a bit like magic...

    Angela - Go for it - make some art! I think you'd love it and I'd love to see it!!

    Amalia - You are so sweet - I like that process, too!

    Jessi - :) Thanks!

    Pamela - I appreciate your comment - yes, it's a surprising process to work that way...

    Friko - Vielen Dank!!

    Lorrie - Thanks so much - and isn't it fun with those backgrounds? Don't know how I got started painting that way, but I am thoroughly enjoying it (somewhat strange for a "former" control freak)...

    Lisa - You are so sweet - I love all those layers as well!

    Beth - dear friend - you are so wonderfully supportive in everything I do - and an entrepreneur at heart!

    Annette - thank you so much! Three years from now...who knows, but right now it all looks wonderful to me... :)

    Amy - you sweet lady! I so appreciate your comment - that's what I feel like - I've finally given in to what my soul has been whispering to me for many years. Feels wonderful!

    Diana - Thanks! Yes, try the watercolor paper with acrylics. Actually, I used it because I also glued the paper and needed some firm and thick paper. It worked well!

    Mr. H. - You are so kind and I truly appreciate your words! Now, I wouldn't call you a non-artist - you may not paint, but the life and amazing garden you create for your family are definitely works of art! :)

    Renate - Thanks so much! I so appreciate your wonderful comments on my work! Danke!!

    Flor - You are so sweet!! Thank you!

    Raina - my sweet friend - yes, I wonder about the same thing - what or who caught her eye?!

    Joy - I just looked at your blog and would definitely call you creative! You may not paint, but there are many ways to create in our lives and create our lives! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :)

    David - You made me laugh out loud (sorry!) - a dancing dog! I wish I had seen it - that would be made a fun painting as well! Thanks for your kind words of support - I appreciate it!! And I'm glad you are going to be selling your work on Etsy! :)

    Kelly - Thanks so much! I love what your father told you and I'm starting to think it's true! It all depends on what we allow and how we see ourselves, doesn't it? He is a wise man...

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) Silke

  20. Wonderful background. Love it all! Her eyes are magical. You should have a gallery showing. So much beauty.

  21. She's lovely, great job! Something about her seems almost Japanese, perhaps the hair? She's very exotic!~

  22. Oh, isn't she just amazing! the lady in the painting obviously wanted to ebe birthed by you and your very impressive burgeoning painting skills. I think a definite "yes" on selling on etsy, and just keep doing what you are doing!
    thanks for coming round to the blog today - glad I stopped by as well
    things are definitely "percolating" over here

  23. Isn't she just gorgeous! You have every right to be proud of her. Who knew you had a painter just underneath. Apparently your muse has found you so don't stop. Happy creating! How fun to find out you have a hidden talent.

  24. she is just so wonderful!!! I would be proud of her too. Can't wait to see more now.

  25. I agree with Beth. This lovely lady reminds me of a geisha as well. She almost looks very demure. She is wonderful and you should absolutely offer prints!

  26. Oh, you guys, you are all so wonderful! Thanks for those heartfelt comments!

    Kara - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Heather - I thought the same thing - she looked somehow exotic to me - probably the hair...

    Lady P - Thank you! I know, I love it when something "shows itself" on the canvas and I can actually manage to bring it out...

    Tammy - Yes, who knew! I certainly didn't and am still amazed with every piece of art I make!

    justagirl - Thank you! Hopefully, I'll have more to show soon!

    Thank you all!! :) Silke

  27. Denise, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I agree, there's something exotic and a little Asian about her... And thanks for the encouragement for offering my art! :) Silke

  28. I like her--she has a very mischievous look about her!

  29. So nice Silke! You should be proud!
    Maybe everyone has "it" inside themselves. And some of us can paint it out, someone do it with music and some write. And a lot of people is too scared to try I think...

  30. Oh Silke Now I see her ,at first a saw fireflys HMM what you saw was so right and You should be proud.

  31. Silke -it is wonderfull, and you are fantastic.
    I love the colors and everything about it.
    Hugs-xoxo -Dorthe

  32. OH! What a wonderful way to start a Thursday! I've just popped over from Angela's lovely blog, only to discover another filled with wondrous delights. Your painting is perfection and you absolutely have every right to be proud - it is beautiful. And yes, Etsy is a great site, beautifully laid out and such fun to visit...I've bought many gorgeous art works from there. I do think you should have a shop - I'd definitely be a customer!

  33. Silke,

    If I were you I would beam over with pride of making this beautiful painting! It makes me associate to Klimt as well as characters of the jazz era and also mystical folklore. However, the work is indeed unique in itself.

    Your blog is very interesting and lovely!

  34. Wait a've only been painting for three months? WHAT?! You must have been painting in your heart and head for much longer, and it's only now flowing out through your fingers. :) You are immensely talented.

    I adore the layers here, and how her sweet face peeks out through them all.

    Absolutely, yes, Etsy would be a wonderful place for you. I've learned so much there--patience being one of the most important lessons. :) There is a lot of work involved in running a shop, but I've loved (nearly) every moment of it.

  35. Hi Silke!
    This is absolutely incredible! I am amazed at the short time you've been painting. I love everything about this piece. Please, let us see some more!!
    Hugs, Diane

  36. Silke your painting is gorgeous. You have talent girl!

  37. Silke, I love this painting - you are so creative!!! The blues and greens with the black hair looks excellent - your 'little miss' is gorgeously painted - love her heaps!

    Glad to hear the painting has finally arrived - got worried there for a while, wondering if it hadn't been lost in the post - cheers Val xoxo

  38. Wow, I can't get over all the comments and encouragement! You are all so amazing!!

    Cris - I am glad you mentioned the mischievous look - I can see it, too...

    Maria - I am starting to think that's right - fear keeps us from many things we might enjoy if we just tried. Hmmm...can think of a few things where that's true for me!

    Julie - Thank you! I have to tell you, I loved the idea of fire flies...

    Dorthe - Thanks for your sweet comments - they are so appreciated!

    Tessa - wow, what a great encouragement. I am glad we found each others blogs!

    Jenny - Thank you for the compliments - you made me blush...:)

    Amanda - you sweet woman - I think you are right, I was so ready to paint when I started, it's all just pouring out now... I love it, but it mystifies me at the same time! Good advice about Etsy!!

    Diane - Thank you, thank you!! There will be more...

    paperbird - I so appreciate it!!

    Vania - Val, you are so wonderful! Thank you! And I love your little painting - she'll be on my blog today...

    You have no idea how much I appreciate you all! Hugs, Silke

  39. Silke, I think she's beautiful too! I can't wait to see what the next canvas turns into!