Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Experiment

This was simply an experiment in using heavy gel medium over an already painted background. I wanted to see if the gel medium dries clear and you can see the background color through it. Well, it doesn't. It was opaque and so I had to paint over it.

The colors I chose aren't my usual candidates, but I wanted to experiment to the end. The resulting 5 x 7 piece is actually not as bad as I had first feared. In some strange way, it reminds me of all the cacti we used to have in our garden in New Mexico that would get the most gorgeous red flowers in the spring. The bees would dive into them and take a long bath in the ample pollen - so fun to watch!

Oh, I love living by the ocean and I will always crave the desert. They both feed my soul! What are some of the places that make your heart sing?

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  1. I think this might be my favorite of all your work. There is just something about it that draws me in. Your so creative.

  2. Hi Silke!

    I really like the colors and textures of your experiment!

    Some places that make my heart sing are: New Mexico, the Rockie Mountains, the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota, any quiet beach on an ocean or lake, forests where lots of birds are singing, the part of the Rhine River in Germany where there are castle ruins at every turn. I could go on and on, but I'll stop there!


  3. My heart sings going over the Sonora Pass, watching clouds float over Mono Lake and climbing over rocks in the Alabama Hills. These are just afew of the places I have to many to list. Your painting is lovely by the way, as you said it reminds me of the cactus around my sisters condo.

  4. Great texture in this picture!
    My absolute favorite place is at the beach - I love to hear the water whispering to my soul.

  5. This piece is amazing. I found out too that if the gel medium was to thick it will would not dry clear ,even when I waited for 5 days!!! But I still love working with it and hope you will continue to do so too, as this piece is really wonderful and I can not wait to see more like it.

  6. The sea in all it's many moods and guises and a deep old forest full of life and mystery. These are two places that absolutely feed my soul.
    I live in the Hudson Valley of New York; so I actually have access to both...and the Hudson River is a tidal river and very ocean like.
    New hubby went to college in N.M. in Soccorro...I've been there once.It stole my heart. What light. What beauty.

  7. Raina said...
    What an interesting painting. It has a Chinese feel to it. I see all kinds of wild animals in it: a tiger, an elephant, a dragon, etc. My favorite places?
    I love the sea, the mountains, the forest, a river or stream, farms in Holland and the old inner city of Amsterdam seen from my favorite library. I don't have an all time favorite place. Everything about nature is magical to me:-)

  8. You have talent! You gave me an idea to paint postcards -it's cute and what would be better than "homemade!"

  9. Ha! I forgot to comment, how much I love the idea of a postcard exchange, with someone. I probably will get mine done at the end of the month. I am such a procratinator.

  10. This has such lovely texture and the colors are amazing! A very successful experiment!!

  11. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! It's funny how you think a piece is just ok and others really like it. That's what happened with this one. I like that it appeals to so many of you - I'll have to experiment some more... And hearing about all the places you love to visit to feed your soul has been an extra treat for me! Thank you! :) Silke