Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art Again - Finally!

Well, here's a collage that I can finally post! I had made it right after my friend's visit and mailed it to her. The package arrived yesterday and now I can show it to all of you. I did two image transfers on a collage/acrylic paint background, one picture of us when we were 10 and one from her visit a few weeks ago. I really like the way it looks! (And it really looked great framed - forgot to take a picture.)

I have to share something else with you that is so fun, especially if you are into unusual creatures and knitting! I first came across the octopus on Madly Creative and was in love! I clicked from there to the Etsy site with the patterns - just wonderful! I am trying to decide which one I'd like to knit first - the praying mantis is really beckoning to me... Wouldn't they make fun gifts?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Silkie, I love the knitted animals and it made me wish I knew how to knit better than I do. I love the praying mantis, but the little seahorse had a sweet little look at its face. Have fun with your new project.

  2. Hi Silke....this is great to see you enjoying your art!!! I also want to thank you for your kindness and support over the last week....we will never ever get over this tragedy...but with family and friends we never feel alone....


  3. Hi Silke...thank you so much...I think I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful blog friends like nice to have your support....thank you for popping by!!!


  4. What a lovely gift for your dear friend!

    I'm glad you liked the photo!
    Unfortunately, not a single one of our construction workers looked even remotely like this one!

    I hope you are having a good weekend.


  5. That is a really great collage. I am very impressed with it.
    Best wishes

  6. Silke! This is stunning! Just sooo beautiful...she will love it! xx

  7. Another wonderful piece, Silke! I am sure your friend will treasure it, especially after working on art together with you during her visit!!

  8. That is so beautiful! You are a friend, true blue. Great art dear! Blessings.

  9. Your friend will love this, it's outstanding Silke!

  10. Congratulations!!!
    You've just won third prize in my jewellery giveaway can you email me with your address and I will post your prize to you asap.


    Micki x

  11. what a fabulous gift! i love the way you collaged the photos from different times in your lives together. what a wonderful treasure! :)

  12. Raina said...
    I like this collage. What a nice and warm way of expressing your friendship.

  13. Hello Silke,
    thank you for stopping at my Blog.
    ....Mmh, zwei deutsche schreiben sich auf Englisch? Das ist schon irgendwie eigen.
    Also, danke für das reinschauen.
    Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Ich werde öfter mal reinschauen.
    Greetings from Aachen
    Liebe Grüße