Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad dog!

Well, my last post was all sweet and cuddly about our pets, which is how it is most of the time. But today, I was confronted with the other side of living with a rambunctious three-year-old puppy. Actually, he should be a mature dog by now and mostly is, but once in a while he's up to no good (isn't that true for most of us?) and does something like this:

After being shocked, yelling "Bad Dog!" repeatedly and marveling at the innocent look in his eyes (I think he was trying to blame this on the poor cat!), I realized how this had happened. He loves to hide his biscuits and chew toys, especially if he can make a nest around them with a blanket or something soft. My guess is that he tried to do that upstairs, when the bedspread tore and stuffing beckoned him - he loves NOTHING more than pulling stuffing from things. I bet he had a wonderful time with this...

And I was left wondering what to do with this guest bed cover. I thought of having to get a new one, but then it occurred to me that I am connected to some of the most creative minds in the blogging world!

So, I am putting it out there for you. Do you have any creative ideas of how I might fix this? I have a sewing machine and rudimentary sewing skills, so it is possible that I might actually be able to salvage this. I'd like that, because I really love the colors in this quilt.

Any suggestions you might have would be very much appreciated. In the meantime, Winslow and I have made up and I still think he's the most adorable dog ever!

P.S. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and creative suggestions!! I sure appreciate it. I think what I am going to do is take one of the matching pillow shams to make a patch to fix it and get fun new colorful shams to add to the mix. Oh, yes, and keep that door closed...


  1. Oh my, how I can relate! I had a 1 year old 'pup' do this on my bed but he didn't quit until he got through to the pillow top mattress and destsroyed my bed!
    As much as we love them, they can sure be stinkers huh?
    I don't sew much but I sure hope somebody can help you with a great suggestion♥

  2. Oh dear! Yes, that is the "other side" of pets. No matter how adorable, they all have their moments.
    I would try to find some fabric in a matching colour and just sew some patches on top of the (smoothed out) wreckage. Maybe in the shape of flowers?

  3. Quilting Arts magazine is my go to for anything like this, but, I have an aquaintance that is so dear, named Ewa Christine and I will write her to write you, if she can. She has been published for her glorius quilting and needlecraft and is amazing with sewing art. I will let you know. And yes, here here, we must save it because ohhh those colors and it looks so soft. Blessings and luck.

  4. Winslow!!!! I am shocked too you cheeky boy! ;)

    No advice here, sorry! I will leave that to the experts!

    re: your comment, That photo is in far north west of Australia,,, x

  5. Oh no! Must have tasted so good. I hope there is a way to patch over it. Good luck!

  6. Raina said...
    Yes indeed bad boy Winslow. I am shocked:-) Then again, this is a good exercise in letting go and to be open to creative ideas. It shouldn't be hard to find a piece of fabric with a similar pattern.
    Good luck!!!

  7. oh no! that comforter must have looked delicious ;)

  8. Oh no, that was no good.
    But it would be possible to sew a new square on the hole.

  9. oh bad poo poo. Well I guess keep that door shut and give him lots of chewy toys right. Ceasar always says walk those dogs. But i never walk my pup, Bad momma.
    That could be an easy fix, just do a fabric collage with nice edges you know and then take some iron on fabric and that will probably work.
    Let it be free, it doesnt have to be perfect. Just pull in some of the colors.

  10. oh no!!! I am sorry but your story made me laugh a little... I guess I would just cut off the ragged bits and then sew a few patched over the gaps of similar coloured fabric?

  11. I would put a patch on it and sign Winslows name,with the date that he put the hole in it. Sort of like the patch was his creative idea. My sister did that once with a rug that her little dog chewed up it turned out really cute and was a conversation piece.

  12. Hello, and yes you never know! But, you can do something nice and happy with this.
    Try to take a picture of you dog, and take it over to fabric and make a collage!!
    (Amy told me the problem)
    Have a great day!!

  13. They must be trying to show you that they want your companionship and a walk around the block. I love animals but not when they tear things up.

  14. I think that sounds like a great idea for the patch! You could always get some very pretty solid color (or white) shams to match the quilt :)

  15. I couldn't help but chuckle at this. Sorry! But it seems as soon as you praise anything or anyone, they will find a way to get you for it. That quilt stuffing must have been so tempting. Poor Winslow. Human boys and dog boys have much in common, I've noticed.

    Bis bald!

  16. LOL...poor doggy! It must be related to my lab! giggle giggle. Try not to cry too hard, make lemonade out of the lemon!

  17. Ha! I can't begin to count how many quilts, blankets, etc, my dogs chewed their way through as puppies.

  18. I'm just seeing this post today, since you wrote it while I was out of town. Winston Churchill, you devil dog! He made quite a mess of your bedspread, but I know that he is the kind of dog who is easy to forgive, thanks to his lovable ways. :]