Friday, February 7, 2014


I have a somewhat weird relationship with water. I'm not a water person in that I don't like to be in the water all the time. I am perfectly fine going to the beach without swimming. I also don't enjoy drinking plain water. I have to make myself do so.
However, I find nothing as inspiring as being by the water. I love living so close to streams and rivers and the ocean. This morning, it was extra beautiful by the Savannah River. Even a couple of dolphins were swimming by us (unfortunately they didn't pose for the camera).
When we lived in New Mexico for 10 years before moving out here I loved the high desert (and still do), but I always craved being by the water. I remember being at work and having the Monterrey Bay Aquarium webcam open on the computer. I wouldn't watch it since I actually had work to do, but I loved listening to the seagulls and the other sounds of the ocean. There's not much else that feeds my soul in the same way... 

We are having some rare sunshine today after a night of rain. The weather sure has been strange around here, but the world looks fresh and clean this morning. 

Wishing you an equally beautiful and sunny day!



  1. How beautiful, sweet words, dear, I feel like I am with you, beside the river... xxx

  2. I was never one, for swimming. But do love the ocean... Sitting on a beach, walking along a beach, listening to the sounds, etc., in Autumn... That kind of ocean love.

    For many years, we always spent some time, on Cape Cod. Being unable to drive that far, any more... We really miss it.

    I have CD's of ocean sounds... Lovely for nap time. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  3. I don't think there's anything more calming for the soul than water...says the girl who is landlocked in Las Vegas! Happy Friday - Tanya

  4. Especially love that second shot, and i too love being by the water, especially the ocean

  5. Breathtaking photos!
    I'm from St. Augustine, Fla and our home was on the sea wall in downtown. LOVE being on water!! So much life and happenings. I'd much rather be on the inter coastal water way and not the ocean. You watch the boats, porpoise, sea cows, birds, a whole different world at low tide and you can throw your kayak in and do more exploring!! So much life on and around water!!

  6. What a beautiful view! Absolutely amazing! Must be wonderful to live there!