Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Felted Slippers and Banana Bread

Do you remember the giant socks from yesterday's post? Well here's the before
...and the after picture. I included the shell in both photos so you can get an idea of the size change when they are washed and felted and warm and fluffy.
The perfect fit and so nice and toasty! If you are interested, there's a link to the pattern in my last post.   I bought it on Etsy some years ago and it's still being offered.
Now, let's talk about Pinterest. I know many of you who are on Pinterest all the time and are pinning away happily. I am hardly ever on it and this is why: it gets me to start new projects every time. I hadn't been on Pinterest yesterday for more than five minutes before I found this recipe for Greek yogurt banana bread.
I realized I had all the ingredients on hand and started making it immediately. Big success!! I used coconut palm sugar instead of the white sugar because I thought the caramel flavor would go well with the rest of the ingredients and it does!

Also, I baked it in a normal-sized loaf pan instead of the mini pans from the recipe and baked it for about 65 minutes. I'm going to slice it all up and freeze it for a convenient and delicious snack when I need one.

And right now, there's a soup in the crockpot - also a Pinterest recipe I found yesterday. It's all good, but Pinterest certainly has the ability to start me on projects I hadn't planned for...

Wishing you a delicious day. With much warmth. And bright colors. And maybe a slice of banana bread...

P.S. I had originally linked to the wrong banana bread recipe, so if you get this post via e-mail, you'll need to go to my blog to find the correct link.



  1. Silke, you cracked me up with your comment about Pinterest getting you started on new projects. Well, it sounds like they turned out very well. That bread looks amazing!! I wish I had your cooking skills. Soup in the Crock-pot also sounds like a good idea. I picked up some veggies today and plan to make soup tomorrow. I'm glad you made more slipper-socks. I love mine! So cozy.

  2. Ooooohhh I so love homemade slippers. I don't knit or crochet but my mom always makes me slippers. check out this post: http://myplvl.blogspot.com/2013/12/happy-feet.html I'd be glad to share the booty slipper pattern if ya want it. So glad we met through the GYB event...BTW...with your creative spirit I can see you getting into quilting!!! Val from myplvl.blogspot.

  3. Pinterest is something I read about often, but won't go to; I already spend much time online as it is :-) I like the balance I have between my offline and online activities and don't want to upset it.

    Yellow is my favourite colour, so your felted socks are very much my cup of tea - in fact, I am wearing yellow socks hand-knitted by my mother as I am typing this, using them as slippers at home.

  4. I spend way too much time on Pinterest myself. I have a timer that is set for gulp 15 mins now so I don't wander and waste my time. Anyway that banana bread looks very yummy! I plan to make some today but will be adding some walnuts. I also like the slippers you made. A bit of sunshine eh!

  5. More colorful photos, here... :-)

    And a yummy looking bread.

    Mmmmmm, I hardly ever go to Pinterest. I'm afraid of sinking in and never "coming up for air." ,-)


  6. Love how your large socks have turned into lovely felt slippers, They look so warm & comfy.
    I don't use Pinterest. I only tried it once and realised how much time I wasted, mainly seeing things I wasn't interested in.