Sunday, February 9, 2014

I feel inspired!

I almost didn't bring the camera on our walk this morning, but am I glad I did. It was another foggy morning, but the sun was shining through the fog and starting to burn it off.
The light was so beautifully golden.
I couldn't stop taking pictures.
It was so perfect.
I tried to catch all the dew drops with the sun shining through them.

The fort still in the fog.
The sun making everything sparkle.
If you click on the photo below to see it bigger, I bet you can see the beautiful stag watching us.
Winslow saw him, too, and was contemplating briefly if he felt like a chase. He didn't. I'm so glad he's not a hunting dog!
Just look at that light and the fog!

Some grazing...
...and more grazing.

 Wishing you an equally inspired Sunday!!



  1. Ohhhhhhh, you would have sat right down and cried, if you did not bring your camera with you! How could you have missed such lovely, lovely photography? You couldn't!

    Oh I am also so glad that Winslow is not a hunting dog! I don't think he would want to tangle with a stag! Mmmmmmm, nooooooooooo....

    Thank you for lovely photos, this morning!


  2. Spectacular photography..inspiring and all so very beautiful Silke! Visually mesmerizing with all of that hazy dreamy atmosphere!I am so glad you had your camera too! A magical adventure..!!

  3. My walks inspire that same sense of peace and awe that you just want to capture. Thanks for sharing your morning.

  4. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! So glad you decided to take the camera - LOVE the fog photos - especially the one of Winslow and his shadow! Thanks for starting off my morning so beautifully - Happy Sunday - Tanya

  5. Another set of beautiful pictures with that magic quality about them!
    The stag is clearly visible even without enlarging the picture, but all the photos are so good it is well worth taking the time to enlarge them for a closer look.

  6. Beautiful sightings! We are all snowed in here and all we see is white! So glad to see some nature around your side of the world!

  7. The old rail road track out to the beach!! I've always wondered why they don't pave that strip for EVERYONE to walk and ride bikes on.

  8. I just love foggy mornings... there is something about them! I am glad you did take your camera with you so we could have a glimpse of Mr. Stag. You have a lovely place for taking morning walks... I am jealous! :D
    Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P